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Can Can Old Time Photos

Do you like viewing old time photos? Love the historical aspect? Many people enjoy thinking of times past, what life was like. Old time photos are a valid way to document what happened, or visually contrast places from back when, to today.

It’s interesting to see what the town you lived in looked like 100 years ago! Don’t you think? Maybe even see the street where you were born, or the house where you lived!

Vintage photographs are quite popular, and researched often. Have you done that yourself? Have you dressed up and sat for your own vintage wild west photo?

Some Old Time Vintage Photos

Old Time Photo of the Eldorado Saloon in San Francisco
The Eldorado Saloon in San Francisco
Vintage Photo of Calamity Jane
Calamity Jane c.1890s
Gambling Hall in California in 1894
California Gambling Hall c.1894
A Helena MT Saloon with a horse inside
Helena MT Saloon c.1890

We know there are towns who publish their own booklets or pamphlets with vintage photos, along with with the town’s history. Does your town do that? Many municipalities value their history. And show that by providing walking or tram/trolley tours where you view restored buildings. They publish tour guides, some with old time photos showing the streets you walk, as they were back when. Like these Free Guides here:

There’s interest in going back to those “old days” vicariously. People love visiting historic areas. They can visit preserved buildings they’ve seen in old time photos. Then indirectly live it themselves, by dressing up in period clothing and paraphernalia to have their photograph taken.

Our town of Tombstone Arizona, has many historical areas. We love viewing old time photos, seeing how they compare to today. When our out-of-state relatives come to visit Arizona, they love going to Old Time Photo Shops to dress up and get those iconic Old timey photos taken.

Love to do that yourself? Where can you get it done in Tombstone Arizona? Along Allen Street…

Old Time Photos in Tombstone Arizona

Your Old Time Photos Can Impress Us All!

Share some with us. See the size requirements below. If you need to resize, here’s a Great Resizing System>

Have A Show-Worthy Old Time Photo?

Please share yours with us, and all of our Tombstone Travel Tips website visitors, too! We’d love to see it, and so will everyone who loves those old timey photos!

Will you tell us the story behind your photo!? Share it with us – let us feel those same emotions you felt when taking it!

Think about the circumstances. Can you describe it for us? – To complete a great web page, just by answering these questions! It helps in featuring your great Old Time Photos. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, etc. – we’ll help by editing it!

For instance, tell us where were you? – Who is in the photo? – Was it a special trip, a special day, a special event? – What were you doing before and/or after the photo was taken? – What led up to taking this photo? – Why did you choose this particular setting or scene?

Tell us all about it! Whatever else you can think of, just ramble on!!

Our Old Time Photo Contest

In August 2019, we announced an Old Wild West Photo Contest! We awarded our winners some cool prizes! We wanted to encourage our newsletter readers, and our website visitors to submit their “Old Time Photos” that related to the Old Wild West. People from Tombstone Arizona related businesses did the judging.

See our Contest Winners>

Meet our Super Friendly Judges>

See All of Our Contest Submissions>

We saw where they traveled, taking “Old Time Photos” with a theme of the Old West! They’ve been to true historical towns, or have-fun pretend towns! Some dressed up in imitation of famous Wild West characters. Kinda like…

  • Big Nose Kate
  • Jesse James
  • Bass Reeves
  • Ike Clanton
  • Calamity Jane
  • Bat Masterson

Wild West Old Time Photos Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner
A Couple of Wranglers – Watch Out!

Old Wild West Contest Winners
From Stacy of McCamey, Texas

Category: On the Ranch

1st Prize Winner
Kaden Guardin’ the Ranch

Kaden, a little boy, is Guardin' the Ranch
From Stacy of McCamey, Texas

2nd Prize Winner
Ten Days to Deadwood

Five cowboys and cowgirls posing for a photo out on the prairie.
From James of Carr, Colorado

Category: Cowboys and/or Cowgirls

1st Prize Winner
Playing Faro
in Deadwood

alt="Some cowboys and cowgirls at the Faro Table in Deadwood."
From James of Carr, Colorado

2nd Prize Winner
The LeVans at 
C.S. Fly’s Photography Studio

Old West Couple at C.S. Fly's Photography Studio Re-Creation in Old Tucson.
From Jon of Glendale, Arizona

There were more entries in this category than the others, so we awarded a 3rd prize award.

3rd Prize Winner
Smokey & Slim’s Cowboy Trek

Two Cowboy & Cowgirl couples take a trip to memorialize and old friend.
From Smokey of Yuma, Arizona

Category: Old West Town

1st Prize Winner
In the Old West Town of Tombstone Arizona

In the Old West Town of Tombstone Arizona, a couple of cowboys are on the boardwalk in front of the Mercantile Hotel.
From Shawn of Mauriceville, Texas

We Didn’t Award a 2nd Prize Winner in This Category

Category: Funniest Photo

Each of our judges individually chose amongst all the photos, that which was the Funniest Photo. Assessing “funny” was per their own definition: did it amuse them, make them smile, was it ridiculous-funny, was it odd-funny, was it ironic-funny, was it weird-funny, was it out-of-place funny, etc.

I think you could tell that these photos were definitely in the definition of making them smile = so cute funny!

No Varmints Allowed!

Little Cowboy Guardin' His Ranch
From Stacy of McCamey, Texas

Honorable Mention
The LeVan Gang –
Armed & Not Very Dangerous

A family photo taken in an old wild west town
From Jon of Glendale, Arizona

Category: Honorable Mentions

We felt these deserved an honorable mention award for achieving points in honorably following the rules of the contest.

From Nigel of Bristol, England 

two cowboys with rifles in front of a bar in an old wild west gun posing for an old timey photo
Comin’ Ta Get Ya Ike!
Couple dressed in old western wear attire for a photo
Mr. And Mrs. Wyatt Earp
The Billy the Kid Museum in New Mexico
From Donald of Clovis, New Mexico

Presenting Our Old Wild West
Photo Contest Judges

Gordon is the Owner/Proprietor of The Larian Motel. One of the best places to stay in Tombstone. He’s a great host, and a wonderful supporter of the history of Tombstone. 

Gordon is the Owner of the Larian Motel
Gordon can meet you to check you in to the Larian.

At the time of our old time photo contest, Alfred Urbina was an actual Judge who helped out: Judge Alfred Urbina. Of the Judicial Court of the Pascua Yaqui Nation of Southeastern Arizona. Photography is one of his interests. He’s now the Attorney General of this nation, where he can use his skills to better help.

Judge Alfred Urbina
Alfred Urbina Tribal Court Judge

The Oriental Saloon is a terrific, famed spot in Tombstone. Now referred to as Wyatt Earp’s Oriental Saloon, it’s located on that historic Northeast corner – 5th & Allen Streets. We had two judges from this establishment!

Oriental Saloon Proprietor R.J.
Oriental Saloon Proprietor, R.J. after judging our Photo contest. By the bar with Bartender Anya Sun.
The Oriental Saloon Gift Shop, with Tim as Manager.
Tim, Oriental Saloon Manager, onto his Contest photo judging tasks.
Oriental Saloon Corner Entrance
The Historic Oriental Saloon, Tombstone
World Famous Oriental Saloon Painting

Johnny Ringo’s Saloon, attached just North of the Depot Steakhouse, is where we had two volunteers! Addie is co-owner, along with her husband, Steve. Addie is there nearly every day, keeping things in order, tending bar and so much more. She generously gave her time to do a little judging for us! You’ve gotta drop in to see them. Get the best pizza in town at Ringo’s. And some fantastic food in their Depot restaurant & steak-house.

Addie, Ringo's Bar & Depot Steak-house Co-owner evaluates photos.
Addie, Co-Owner of Johnny Ringo’s Bar, is Looking Over All the Pics Entered into the Old Wild West Photo Contest. Which Will She Like Best?
Laura, a wonderful Johnny Ringo's Bartender
Laura is One Amazing Bartender at Ringo’s! She volunteered as a Judge for our Photo Contest.

Another historic corner in Tombstone Arizona is the Northwest corner of 5th & Allen. That’s where two more volunteer judges gave their time. They’re from the ever famed Crystal Palace Saloon.

Meghann is the Manager at the Crystal Palace
Meghann, Manager at the historic Crystal Palace, Gave her Pics for the Old Wild West Photo Contest.
Elsa, among the best waitresses in Tombstone AZ
Did she choose your photo as a winner? Elsa, a superb waitress at the Crystal Palace Saloon, volunteered as a Judge.

One of the more unique businesses in town gave us some volunteer judging for our Old Wild West photos. Tombstone Sarsaparilla on 4th Street is the place to try for a unique brand of refreshment!

Casey & Johnny One Dog at Tombstone Sarsaparilla
Johnny One Dog, Owner of Tombstone Sarsaparilla. Casey is CEO. They both volunteered to give their picks for the Photo Contest.
Johnny One Dog with his dog Molly
Johnny One Dog & his Dog Molly! Molly wasn’t one of the Judges!!

We thought of this contest when we traveled to the historic Parker Ranch in Hawaii. And we’d also checked out a Local Guest “Dude Ranch” in Tombstone, Arizona. Those trips inspired us to see what other people have done in that same basic theme.

Contest entries were allowed Up To Four different, authentically created Old Time Photos. Some chose four. Some less, some only sent one. But whatever contribution anyone made – they were in the running to be a prize-winner! Some got their family and friends in on the fun. They had them get on-line to see their photos, to put in a good word, a good comment about their photo. That had some influence on the scoring.

See All the Old Time Photo Entries

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Kaden Cash and his Nana! My name is Stacy and Kaden Cash is my six year old grandson. When Kaden was three, his mother, who suffers from bipolar depression abandoned Kaden in …

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THE LE VANS at C. S. Fly photography studio

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  • NOTE: To be awarded a prize, and then claim the prizes, winners must have responded to a confirmation e-mail sent. To set up the prize delivery method. Entrants were instructed to ensure notification emails didn’t end up in junk or spam! If TombstoneTravelTips didn’t receive a winner’s response within 7 days, another winner was chosen.

*Family Members of Karen & William McGowan Were Not Eligible for Prizes

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