Right Where I Belong...

by Star Moseley
(Seattle WA )

Meet-Up by the O.K. Corral

Meet-Up by the O.K. Corral

We love the Old West towns and old ghost towns.

We go to Arizona and one of our favorite places is Tombstone. We stay there every year.

We have also visited that place called "Old Tucson."

Here's my husband Fred - enjoying one of our visits to the Old Wild West town of Tombstone Arizona!

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Oct 08, 2019
The Old West Comes Alive for Fred!
by: Karen

Thanks very much for three fabulous entries here in our photo contest, Star. We can see the fun that Fred and you have when visiting Tombstone Arizona. And we can tell by the photos you entered, that it's one of Fred's favorite places of all! And probably yours, too!!

There are quite a few old ghost towns to explore and visit close by to Tombstone AZ. Sometimes we even see Tombstone referred to as a ghost town also! Well, we don't think of it as that - even if sometimes in its past History it seemed to be heading that way!

"Old Tucson" is a fun place to visit. It's been used in many movie sets over the years. And they entertain everyone daily, in Wild West style. Plus it's in a very picturesque area of the Sonoran Desert.

So we have categorized your 1st photo into the "Western Town" Theme, your 2nd photo into the "Cowboy/Cowgirl" Theme, and your 3rd photo into the "Ranch" Theme.

Good Luck!

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