In a Past Life....

by Denise Kuester
(Mescal, AZ)

Dressed up and stepped back in to history at a movie set in Mescal, Arizona.

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Oct 21, 2019
In an Old West Town Movie-Set
by: Karen

Thanks for your entry Denise!

Mescal is a neat place to visit, if you get to arrange that. We first knew about it way back when - at the filming of the Tombstone movie that came out in 1993.

We drove by it one time a while after the movie came out. It was all deserted, and you could see the movie set buildings. But all we did was drive by there. We planned to get back for more investigation - but, you know, life got in the way and we never did! Now it's closed off to the public, and you can't access it the way we did back then.

Presently it's associated with Old Tucson Studios, and their Movie Production section. They do have tours that individuals can arrange. They need a minimum of 10 people on the tour, and the cost is $10 each.

If you're interested, be aware of a few things. There are no rest rooms available on the property. No other convenience facilities either. So they suggest you bring water, and should wear a hat - particularly have head covering & appropriate clothing for hot weather and sun protection.
You, and all the group taking the tour, will need to arrive at the Mescal movie set on your own. At your scheduled tour time.

Directions: From Tucson, get onto Interstate I-10 east. Take exit 297 for J-Six Ranch Road toward Mescal Road. Turn left onto South J-Six Ranch Road (signs for Mescal Road). Go on the dirt road, which is North Mescal Road. Turn left into driveway for Mescal.

To arrange this tour, call (520) 883-0100 Ext. 7370.

Denise, we appreciate your great photo! It will be placed in the "Old West Town" category. So Good Luck!

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