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Tombstone Town tips - right here to help you navigate this "Town Too Tough to Die!" It's not difficult! But it will make your trip to town a lot better if you have an idea of where in Tombstone you want to go.

We want to help you have a good time. Town locals love to entertain you by dressing in old West period clothing. The town of Tombstone itself still has that Old West look and feel. In fact many historical buildings are still here. Ask locals in town to point some out - they'll be glad to answer your questions!

But, First of All -
How About Parking in Tombstone?

In the town of Tombstone, overall parking is normally no problem! Especially when you know where to go to find it. On many of the streets you can parallel park. Plus there are 2 major sections of town for parking: large visitor parking lots.

Tombstone TownLooking East on Allen Street

The largest parking area is by the corner of Allen Street & 6th Street. All 4 corners have parking. There are 2 large parking lots & 2 smaller parking lots available. There's also an area there for big RVs down the hill.

On very busy days, though - which can happen throughout the winter months - sometimes you'll have to search a bit to find parking. So it's helpful to know other spots that visitors may not generally be aware of. That's why we've got this helpful map for you - that shows you available specific parking areas around town.

The Tombstone Courthouse has it's own parking lot alongside and directly across the street on 3rd Street. However, it's not strictly marked as you must be inside the Courthouse to park there. As a last resort, there is a parking lot at the South end of 3rd Street - I've seen a parking charge posted for that at times.

Here's a map that notes Tombstone parking areas via the blue markers. Click on each to see more details:

Allen Street is the "Main Drag" where most of the action is! But check out other areas too - there's a lot more in Tombstone! 

Tombstone Car-park, Sixth Street & Allen Street.Car Parking at 6th & Allen Streets

Remember that Allen Street is closed to motorized vehicles, between 3rd St. & 6th St. But you can access the side streets - the numbered streets with your car. Parallel parking is allowed on these streets in most areas - but watch for the parking signs.

Are you looking for something special? You can easily search through our website for specific areas that might interest you.

Tombstone: Town Activities

Tombstone City ParkThe Gazebo in the Tombstone City Park

If you're here for the day - you'll want to decide what to see and do.  Here's a suggested route.

As you drive into town on Hwy. 80 (Fremont St.) park in the lot you'll see on the left, just after passing Third Street. Carefully cross over the street.

CLICK HERE - To Download a Free Tombstone City Street Map.

Make your way into town by going South down Third Street (crossing over Hwy. 80 - Fremont St.) until you reach Allen Street. The City Park is on the corner there. Make a left on Allen. We'll now begin...

Some Recommended Tombstone: Town Attractions

Johnny Bones, Tombstone BuskerJohnny Bones - Our Resident Old West Busker
  • Butterfield Stage Tour - Usually runs Friday, Saturday, Sunday, many times on Thursdays, Special Event Weekends, and most holiday weekends (except Christmas & Thanksgiving Days).
  • OK Corral - A must-see: film, gunfight presentation, historical areas: Read More>
  • At the corner of 4th - make a right, go 1 block to take the Trolley Tour
  1. OR for an even wider Trolley Tour option, check across Toughnut St. to see if the Mine Trolley is running. Doing both tours is an option - very little duplication!
  • At the end of 4th, cross Toughnut St. and go into Tombstone Wild West Theme Park for gunfight revues and other adventures
  • Back up Fourth Street, cross to the other side, for a unique sight! Visit the Rose Tree Museum - see the largest rosebush in the world!
  • Continue back on Allen St. Now watch Johnny Bones as he dances (sometimes with accompaniment) as an Old West Busker
  • Enter Madame Mustache for vintage photos of yourself and the family in the old Wild West
  • If you didn't get on the Butterfield Stage, here's another: the Old Tombstone Tours Stage that runs every day (Except Christmas & Thanksgiving Day)
  • Onto the next Allen St. block, stop in to the Big Iron Shooting Gallery and try your hand at targets.
  • Next stop into the Gunfight Palace for their historical reenactments staged 3 times a day.
  • As you wind your way back to your car - you can get a meal and a refreshing drink at a number of establishments along the way. 
  1. For instance, a place for history and a meal is the Crystal Palace. But you can check out all the choices in town: Click Here>
  • Also remember, there's more options, these are just a few. New businesses happen, others have been around quite awhile. All are worth checking out. The town of Tombstone loves to please visitors! Be sure to check the menu provided at the top of this page. We have plenty of what you need for more Tombstone town attractions. But if you'd like to see even more: Click Here>

 Or try our Site Guide Index:  

Prepare for your trip to the Town of Tombstone!

Coming in the summertime?                  Bringing the little ones?                     A special event & seeing a parade?

Seeing the O.K. Corral for the First Time?                            Be sure to stay hydrated in the Desert Environment!

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