Ghost Towns

White Hills in 1897 - By United States Department of the Interior

White Hills, AZ

See what an old Ghost Town looks like today White Hills, Arizona, is now considered a “Ghost Town.” It’s still there to be visited, although not much remains today. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, though, it was a different story. For a little over two decades, this was a thriving mining community with

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map of Southeastern Arizona located the spot where Galeyville Arizona was in the 1880s.

Galeyville Arizona

Galeyville, Arizona was well-known to those who lived in Tombstone Arizona in the 1880’s. Tombstone was the county seat for Cochise County for awhile back then. The law and courts in town oversaw that area. Take a look at its story, so often mentioned when viewing the history of Tombstone. You’ll find some interesting people who

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Brunckow Cabin Walls

Brunckow Cabin

The Brunckow Cabin takes its place in early Tombstone history. It was actually where the first true Tombstone Mine was sunk. Even though others get the official publicity and credit. We’ve passed its namesake road many times, when driving to Sierra Vista for some shopping. We’ve discussed the town’s history with locals, and with people

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Cascabel, AZ - ghost town

Cascabel, Arizona

Some visualize living in a ghost town as a surreal, if not eerie, experience. Communities usually become close to abandonment if they do not have much economic activity. One such ghost town is Cascabel in Arizona. TABLE OF CONTENTS Where is Cascabel located?History of CascabelArts and crafts festivalWhy go to Cascabel? Where is Cascabel Located?

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Seneca Lake, AZ - ghost town

Seneca Lake, AZ

Few experiences convey the history of Arizona like a visit to a ghost town, and these towns come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of history. The popular image of an Arizona ghost town is usually that of an abandoned pioneer town or settlement, but the story of Seneca Lake is actually rooted

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Fairbank Arizona

See History at a Ghost Town Fairbank Arizona is now considered a “Ghost Town.” But still, you can visit today. Plus it is not at all far from Tombstone, Arizona. It makes an interesting side trip, when you plan your Tombstone vacation. We have for you an overview of its historical development: Early on the area

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Gleeson Arizona - A Ghost Town

Gleeson Arizona

Gleeson Arizona is Tombstone’s neighbor. Native Americans were first in the Gleeson area, the Chiricahua Apaches. They removed turquoise located there, using it for personal decor and trade.6 Arizona copper, silver and gold mining attracted many from the East. They came and forced the local Indians out. One way or another. Let’s see how this area

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Ghost Towns of the West

Ghost Towns are places that used to be thriving communities. But now they have no citizens living along their streets. The buildings are abandoned. Many structures have become ruins. Foundations sometimes can barely be seen. Events causing this situation were economic or natural. Consider the usual circumstances contributing to a town’s desertion: A railroad route

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