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Tombstone Travel Tips

A Tombstone World Famous Rosebush of Our Own!

Our Lady Banksia Tombstone Rose-Tree
Our Lady Banksia Tombstone Rose-Tree

This is our rosebush that was a clipping of the Guinness Book of records rosebush that is in Tombstone Arizona. We got our clipping years ago while visiting Tombstone. The flowers smell so good!

We live in the country outside of Needville Texas. It’s a wonderful town Southwest of Houston TX, about 45 miles away from the city. The weather froze here a couple times this past winter (2017 to 2018). But for the most part it’s a hot and humid climate.

My wife showed it to some of her friends and they want a clipping! I told my wife that I had heard that they could be started in a potato.

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of Our Own!

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Mar 19, 2018
Wonderful Result of a Tombstone Rosebush Clipping!
by: Karen

Great photo!! I know the World’s largest Rose Tree in Tombstone AZ has grafted cuttings for sale for $15.00 – but you must go to the Rose Tree Inn Museum there in town, to get one. They don’t ship them because they can’t guarantee the cutting will be viable when they arrive.

We can see you brought yours back home to Texas – safe & sound. You’ve nurtured it well, and it’s looking (& smelling) so good!

The Rose Tree is just starting to bloom now, in Tombstone – mid March. The Rose Tree Festival takes place every April. To see more of their story – visit our Rose Tree Inn Page – Click Here!

Really enjoyed this great photo Bud!!
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