One Day In Tombstone

by Shawn Dickerson
(Mauriceville Texas)

In the Old West Town of Tombstone Arizona

In the Old West Town of Tombstone Arizona

Myself and a friend have dreamed about making the trek to Tombstone for many years. After some discussion we decided this would be our lucky year during the 2019 Doc Holli-days.

We drove 18 hours straight from Texas. The anticipation grew stronger as every hour passed. When we arrived and first set foot on the famous street it was unbelievable! At times it would give me chills just thinking about what had taken place here.

We enjoyed every minute of our visit and started counted the days when we could return. The people were so friendly, and they made us feel like we were part of the Tombstone family.

My only word of advice is stop thinking about it and go head and make the trip, you will not be sorry.

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Dec 19, 2019
by: Melissa Lacouture

I absolutely love this picture, I had to take a double-look, cause I thought maybe this was an original copy of a picture that was black and white from way back when. And then I realized who it was in the picture. I love, love, love, this picture just looks so authentic and original, love it!

Sep 13, 2019
Following Up on Shawn's Day in Tombstone
by: Karen

Thanks for your submission, Shawn! We hope others will heed your advice to "stop thinking about it and go ahead and make the trip" to Tombstone Arizona - this terrific old Wild West historic town!

Because, as you said, they "will not be sorry."

P.S. Your entry is categorized in the "Western Town" submissions. So good luck! And don't forget to get your friends & relatives to comment on your entry - that also helps impress the judges!! :-)

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