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Lady Banks Rose

Lady Banks Rose? The very famous rose of Arizona! You likely heard of this world record-breaker – of Tombstone AZ. It’s in the Guinness Book of World Records. Because it’s a rose bush that’s so huge, it’s called a Rose Tree. The rose’s true name is Lady Banksia Rose: (R. banksiae alba-elena), but often gets […]

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Clanton Ranch

Clanton Fame in Tombstone AZ You probably heard of the Clantons. 2 brothers were involved in the famous 1881 Shootout here in town. One, Billy, was killed. He’s buried in Boot Hill. The other was Ike. Ike & Billy Clanton were the best known of the Clantons here in Tombstone. Their father was locally known

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Wild West Shows poster

Wild West Shows

Wild West Shows are popular now, and were particularly popular in the days of the Old West! The American Wild West captivated the early days of the United States populace. This created the desire for these shows! They traveled the country showcasing exciting entertainment. See The Historic Shows> This form of traveling show has dwindled in

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Boardwalk in Tombstone Arizona

Tombstone USA

Welcome to Tombstone USA! Do you plan to travel to Tombstone Arizona? Do you have an interest in Tombstone Arizona as an old Wild West town in the USA? We love it here in Tombstone. We enjoy helping visitors to enjoy this wonderful authentic old west town, just as we do! We’ve set up help

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Can Can Old Time Photos

Old Time Photos

Do you like viewing old time photos? Love the historical aspect? Many people enjoy thinking of times past, what life was like. Old time photos are a valid way to document what happened, or visually contrast places from back when, to today. It’s interesting to see what the town you lived in looked like 100

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