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Doc Holliday's Gun

Doc Holliday’s Gun: Everything You Need to Know About the Legendary Gunslinger

The Wild West has made lawmen, criminals, and cowboys the stuff of legends, not only in books but also on the silver screen. It has also created legends of the weapons that these famous and infamous characters carried. And just like the legends that made them famous, these guns now emit an aura of mystery […]

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Wells Spicer

Introduction With October’s Gunfight Remembrance, thought we’d bring up a person whose name came up a lot in the aftermath of that Tombstone incident. You’ve heard his name: Wells Spicer. His career spanned the law, mining, politics & journalism. We’ll find out more on this man, born in Chemung NY to farming parents in 1831.

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Tombstone Women

Intro It wasn’t easy for women to make a way for themselves in the Old West. Reading through newspapers of the time, when women of note are mentioned, many times it’s difficult to even find out their first names. If married, they’re most often described with their husband’s name. For instance, speaking of Allie they’d

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Tom Jeffords

Tom Jeffords: Do You Remember Him? Born Thomas Jefferson Jeffords in NW New York State, New Years Day 1832. The gold rush attracted him West when he was age 27. First to Pikes Peak CO, then New Mexico & Arizona. If you’re a bit of the older generations, or you like watching old Western reruns

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John Clum

John Philip Clum: Some Tombstone Firsts! Born in upstate NY Sept. 1, 1851. He eventually became a well-known resident of Tombstone. He was its 1st voted Mayor & the 1st Editor of the iconic Tombstone Epitaph. Also got involved in lots more in town. Let’s see how John P. Clum got there – his story…

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John B Allen

Intro When you hear the name John B Allen, somehow it brings to mind something familiar! Yes – that’s right. It’s Allen Street. Is that who Allen St. in Tombstone AZ is named after? You’re exactly correct in thinking that. So exactly who was he? And why was Allen Street, Tombstone Arizona named for this

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Crawley Dake

Intro Crawley Dake was Canadian born Sept. 1836. But his family crossed to the opposite side of the St. Lawrence River, relocating to Ogdensburg New York when he was very young. He grew up there. At age 19 he moved to Romeo, Michigan, opening a store, running for office, getting married, & having a son.

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Billy Stiles

Billy Stiles Had a Good Start William Larkin Stiles was born in Casa Grande Arizona. About mid-state, half-way between Tucson & Phoenix. Mostly flat area, lots of cotton fields. Raised there, he learned mining & ranching. He drew newsworthy attention with a good copper ore strike in June 1896 at 24 years old. Later that

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