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If you plan a trip, some advance info about the town will make your visit go smoothly. Or if you want tips on the old Wild West aspect of Tombstone USA - we have lots for you. Check our menu too. You'll find plenty of neat stuff! Lots of what you need to know.

Boardwalk in Tombstone ArizonaAllen Street Boardwalk - Where Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday & Johnny Ringo walked!

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Stagecoach on Allen Street, Tombstone AZStagecoach Tours along historic Allen Street
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Locals gather at Big Nose Kate'sTombstone locals at Big Nose Kate's
Tombstone Courthouse Gallows WallAlongside the Courthouse, the Wall encloses the Location of The Gallows.
The Arthritis Brothers perform in Tombstone AZThe Arthritis Brothers on Allen St.

Tombstone USA - Helpful Town Details

We'll go over some questions you may have...

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Needs on Your Tombstone USA Visit

Convenience Stores in Tombstone

When visiting a town for a vacation or holiday, sometimes you need supplies. Maybe you're looking for refreshments or snacks, water, milk for the little ones, band-aids, sunscreen, etc.

In the historic section of Tombstone, some shops offer water. That'll be easy to find.

For instance - T. Miller's Mercantile on 6th & Allen St. has cold bottled water. Especially in the summer most shops, such as The Shady Lady, have water available.

View of Bird Cage Theatre, Tombstone AZBill on the T Miller balcony - View of historic Bird Cage Theatre

A few other shops offer a couple of convenience items - but not many. (Shops or items!) If you're in town, on Allen Street - you can check into one place, which carries some sundries. Try Madame Mustache between 4th & 5th.

Several stores a little further out carry many more items:

(Click Here for Map)

  • Apache Market - At the corner of Fremont Street & 10th St. A little corner grocery with a bit of everything. It's just North of the Depot Steakhouse. If we need gas while in town - this is the spot we usually go to.
  • Ike's Mini-Market - At the corner of 2nd St. & Fremont. A mini grocery with a number of items. It's also a gas station. Here's their FB Page>
  • Circle K - At the SE corner of Sumner St. (Hwy. 80) & E. Bruce St. It's a chain store that has lots of convenience items, snacks & fast-food meals. Also a gas station.
  • Family Dollar - At the NE corner of Sumner St. (Hwy. 80) & E. Bruce St. If you need something - this store probably has it. It has just about anything, reasonably priced. Food, snacks, convenience items, housewares, clothes, kitchen items, paper items, etc.
Ike's Store, Tombstone AZIke's Convenience Store & Gas Station

14 Hands at Crystal Palace SaloonTombstone Visitor Enjoying 14 Hands at the historic Crystal Palace Saloon
Visitors on stage at Crystal Palace Saloon, Tombstone ArizonaVisitors get a Photo taken on-stage at Crystal Palace
Allen Street Tombstone, Wyatt Earp DaysBill in an Allen Street event on Wyatt Earp Days

Tombstone Map - Convenience Stores

Below find a map to help you locate the above convenience stores in Tombstone USA. Click the "View Larger Map":

Sunset over Tombstone hills AZAnother superb Arizona sunset - the sun sinks below the Tombstone Hills at day's end.

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