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Have you traveled anywhere that has a theme of the Old West or the Wild West? A true historical town, or a have-fun pretend town? Have you had a party with an Old West theme - for the kids, or even adults? Have you dressed up in imitation of some famous Wild West character? Like...

  • Big Nose Kate
  • Jesse James
  • Bass Reeves
  • Ike Clanton
  • Calamity Jane
  • Bat Masterson

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Unique Old Wild West Photo Here!

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Midnight, Arizona Time: Sunday, November 3, 2019


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  2. Rules must be followed to qualify for submission & evaluation
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Your Old Wild West Photos

It's a Photo ContestEnter Our Wild West Photo Contest Which Category Will You Enter?

Isn't it fun to reminisce with your photos from vacations, fun family outings, holiday or birthday celebrations, or unique parties? Now you can let others see how much fun you had - and how creative you were with your photos! All our site visitors will really love seeing those western style pics - because that's what we all love.

We recently traveled to the historic Parker Ranch in Hawaii. And we also checked out a Local Guest "Dude Ranch" right here in the Tombstone, Arizona area. Those trips inspired us to see what other people have done in that same theme. But we're not restricting it only for trips to ranches. We've expanded it to include any theme about the Old Wild West. So see the rules below, for exact qualifications.

Choose your best photographs to enter. Pick Up To Four different, authentically created photos. Then follow the instructions below to get them entered into our "Old Wild West Photo Contest" - you'll be glad you did!

Get your family and friends in on the fun. Be sure they get on-line to see your photos and send in a good word for you. That could help with our "professional" judges!

Old Wild West
Photo Contest Guidelines

  • CHOOSE & PREPARE YOUR PHOTO -  Get the most expressive, amazing photo that fits the theme. Then be sure it's the Right Size to Post. Crop it, if necessary, to get the best size & viewpoint. Edit the photo with PaintShop, PhotoShop or Paint - or an Online Resizer like This One.
  • WRITE SOMETHING - Remember that saying: that "a picture is worth a thousand words" ?? Yes, we know that, BUT you must add some text to say something about your photo. Describe it more for us. Think about what you'll say - explain what you were doing, tell about the fun, etc. How? Simple - Just answer our questions (below) in your own words.
  • ORIGINALITY - Pick out your own photographs - not something copied from somewhere. Write your own text, don't copy from somewhere on the internet or a book of poems, or something!
  • SPECIFIC RULES - Be sure to read all of the rules below before entering your photo. Your entry must abide by all the rules, including telling us your email address! Or it won't qualify to be assessed for a prize. The Rules>
  • ANY QUESTIONS? - You can Contact Us Here>

Your contest email address submitted here with your contest entry will only be used for this contest's purposes. We respect your privacy & only need it to contact you for further details if you are a prize winner. We will not use it to contact you after completion of the contest - unless you specify we may, for another purpose.

Enter Your
Old Wild West Photo Here!

Enter Your Winningest Photo
A Western Town, Ranch, or Cowboy/Cowgirl Theme!

Tell us about the champion story behind your photos! Share it with us - let us feel those same emotions you felt when you chose it for our Old Wild West Contest!

Think about the circumstances. Then write it up - Required! - just by answering these questions (yeah, we know you hate "writing essays" :-( BUT it helps in judging similar photos, and we'll help edit it objectively - grammar, spelling, etc. - so it looks good for the judges:

> Where were you?
> Why did you choose this photo?
> Who is in the photo?
> Was it a special trip, a special day, a special event?
> What were you doing before and/or after the photo was taken?
> What led up to taking this photo?
> Why did you take this particular photo or scene?
> Tell us all about it! Even more if you can - whatever else you can think of, just ramble on!!

Remember - These Two Boxes Below Are A Requirement!

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Required: Upload (at least 1) Original "Old Wild West" Photographs (Click ? for Details)[ ? ]


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Author Information (optional)

To receive credit as the author, enter your information below.

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Submit Your Contribution

  •  submission guidelines.

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See How Visitors Fancied Your Terrific Photos...

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Right Where I Belong... 
We love the Old West towns and old ghost towns. We go to Arizona and one of our favorite places is Tombstone. We stay there every year. We have …

Paying tribute to an old friend 
Smokey Pickett and Montana Slim made the trek to Northern California, stopping at the Beckworth Tavern where they renewed old acquaintances and raised …

Jalapeno Harry 
I'm now 59 years of age. I live in the great Texas town of Austin. This photo was taken at the 1988 Rodeo, Houston. Over the years, I've been a Movie …

Wild hogs in Tombstone  
Went there on a motorcycle trip several times. We love Tombstone Arizona! Can you tell?

The Town Too Tough To Die 
Just an ordinary day in the “Town Too Tough To Die”, Tombstone that is. And it is the place where I have been working for the past 27 years. The Earp …

One Day In Tombstone  
Myself and a friend have dreamed about making the trek to Tombstone for many years. After some discussion we decided this would be our lucky year during …

Billy The Kid 
I live in Clovis New Mexico only about an hour away from Billy the Kid museum and grave yard. And I have a motorcycle which my wife will not ride on with …

Rawhide at Sea 
On an evening at the beach we were swimming. Then suddenly I saw this cowboy come walking towards us with his horse. I rushed out of the sea to get …

Our Skagway Alaska Experience 
We went on a cruise along the inland waterway to Alaska. One of the stops was to the old mining town of Skagway Alaska. I took this photo of the historic …

Old Wild West Photos from The Levans 
I always wanted to take an Old West Photograph but never had the opportunity. We visited Old Tucson this year and we took advantage! The gals said they …

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Thumbs Up for following the rules

Old Wild West
Photo Contest Rules

  • Open to everyone* 16 years of age and older. By submitting your entry, you agree that you are a minimum of 16 years old on the day of submission. 
  • Contest starts as soon as the clock turns, past midnight, and the calendar day of Monday, August 5, 2019 begins - Arizona Time (Mountain Standard Time). Contest entries will begin to be accepted/approved starting at that time.
  • Among all eligible entries, the winners will be decided by a panel of judges from the Tombstone Arizona business community, along with and finalized by Karen & Bill at TombstoneTravelTips. The judges will be announced along with the winning entries.
  • At the end of the Contest - Winning Photos will be featured on this Old Wild West page.
  1. All accepted entries will also have a more featured place on this page.
  2. Other entries, which couldn't be accepted as a prize winning consideration because of a rule/rules neglect (example: no email address included), will also be placed on this page at the end of the contest. [Except for those entries rejected for any blatant rule infringement.]

To enter the Old Wild West Photograph Contest:

  • Submit your entry photograph - 1, 2, 3 or 4 entry photographs are allowed to be entered per person/email address on one single entry form. Use the entry form below for submission.
  • Photos must reflect a subject related to the "Old Wild West" - and be an original photo which you or a family member or friend has taken at some time during your life. No professional  studio photos - except the typical "Old West Photographs" in Tourist Western town businesses. If it wasn't taken specifically by you - such as if it was by your spouse, parent, child, aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc. - you must have that person's permission to submit the photo. They can be color or black & white. Specific photo themes will qualify for prizes - see below.
  • Important! Follow the instructions on the submission form exactly. Photos must include a title and a description of what your photo(s) are about/mean to you, as explained on the submission form. For instance:
  1. You must give the photo a title. AND you must describe it, tell about it (them) with a preferred minimum of 250 words - by answering our questions. Click the ? for instructions/help so you are able to do this.
  2. Photo size must be no more than 1.5 MB. AND the pixel size cannot be more than 800 X 600. Resize to reduce pixels/MB if it is larger than that. The system will not allow larger photos. Go To Resizer Above>
  • You must check the box that says you agree to the submission guidelines.
  • The form instructions will ask the input of your email address. You must fill in your name & correct email address to qualify for a prize. Winners will be contacted by email, and we must have a correct email to accomplish this. If the winner doesn't supply a name & email or has an incorrect email, a different winner will be chosen.
  • Now that you're certain of all the rules - CLICK HERE To Enter Your Photo!

  • JUDGING FOR PRIZES: The judging will be based among these criteria:
  1. Coordination to any of three themes: 1) On the Ranch - 2) The Old Wild West Town - 3) Cowboys and/or Cowgirls. You may select which theme you're suggesting for your photograph, by placing it in your title or in the context of your text description. But the judges have the final category decision of any entry.
  2. Originality & creativity - Only original material will be accepted as an entry.  Please don't submit anything that you've already published elsewhere. Please don't copy from elsewhere, violate copyright laws or commit plagiarism. 
  3. Photo quality & ethics - Good photography, (Example: consider no blurring - unless it's artsy or part of the reasonably blurred background, etc.), correct sizing, good composition, etc. Plus no X-rated material, no hate provocation, etc.
  4. Text description* of the photo/s - write your story & description in your own words. Proper length as noted on the Admission form will be a consideration. If text is less than the amount of words suggested as the minimum, this will detract from the photo's consideration in ranking.
  5. A little judging weight will be given to creative, funny, complimentary comments/likes submitted by other visitors to the entry photo page submission. So be sure to let everyone you know find out about your Old Wild West Contest Entry! 

*If text description submitted is too short, website authors will edit the text, and/or add further related text to the description to enable good content on the page. Remember, though, that will affect judging considerations for YOUR text description being too short.

  • Prizes Awarded in this manner:
  1. Grand Prize to Best Photo Over-all: 1) Two T-Shirts (Men's Large, Women's Medium) from the Parker Ranch, Big Island, Hawaii; 2) U.S. National Park Senior Pass - punched for June 2020 [See Sr. Pass Conditions] - For yourself, or gift it to a Senior (62 years+) you know/love; 3) & a 2020 Tombstone Custom Wall Calendar
  2. One 1st Prize to each of the above mentioned categories: On the Ranch, The Old Wild West Town, and Cowboys & Cowgirls - 1) 2020 Tombstone Custom Wall Calendar & 2) Tombstone Travel Tips mug
  3. One 2nd Place Prize to each of the above mentioned categories: On the Ranch, The Old Wild West Town, and Cowboys & Cowgirls - Small Tombstone Custom Calendar.
Two Parker Ranch Hawaii T-shirts as part of the Grand PrizeTwo of the Grand Prizes: Woman's & Man's Parker Ranch T-Shirts
  • To claim your prize, winners must respond to a confirmation e-mail sent .... This confirmation e-mail will re-verify the correct e-mail address, and set-up the method for prize delivery. Please, please ensure the contact e-mails from us don't end up in your junk mail or spam folder! 
  1. Please regularly check your inbox, but also the junk & spam folders during Contest End/Prize Award weeks! Remember: a preventative would be to whitelist tombstonetraveltips.com at your favorite email software (desktop, mobile or webmail-based). This will ensure you receive the messages sent to your email address from us here. TombstoneTravelTips must receive a winner's response to the confirmation e-mail within 7 days in order for a winner to receive their prize. If a winner does not claim their prize this way, TombstoneTravelTips may or may not choose a new winner.

*Family Members of Karen & William McGowan May Submit Entries - But Are Not Eligible for Prizes

Old Wild West Photo Contest Prizes

Grand Prize:

Old Wild West photo contest Grand Prize - Men's Large Parker Ranch T-ShirtMen's Parker Ranch T-Shirt Large
Old Wild West photo contest Grand Prize - Women's Large Parker Ranch T-ShirtWomen's Parker Ranch T-Shirt Medium
Old Wild West photo contest Grand Prize - Annual Senior PassPass for U.S. Citizens/ Permanent Residents
Old Wild West photo contest Grand Prize - 2020 Custom Tombstone 12 Month Wall Calendar2020 Wall Calendar (Above Photo Representative Example)*

1st Place Prizes

To Each of Three Categories

Old Wild West photo contest 1st Prize - 2020 Custom Tombstone Yearly Wall Calendar12 Months of Tombstone for 2020! (Above Photo Representative Example)*
Old Wild West photo contest 1st Place Prize - Tombstone Coffee/Tea MugTombstone Coffee or Tea Beverage Mug

2nd Place Prize

To Each of Three Categories

Old Wild West photo contest 2nd Place Prize - Small Custom CalendarWin a Small Tombstone Calendar (Photo is NOT the Calendar - Representative Example Only)*

*To see calendars -
Go To Calendar Page (new window opens)

And More FUN Prizes!!

  • MINI 2020 Tombstone Magnetic Calendars - Exclusive Custom Styling
  1. To the FUNNIEST photo!
  2. To the "Un-Best" photo (Ahhh, sorry - don't let it hurt your feelings!!)
  3. To some photos we'll put in a Random Drawing! (Amount yet to be determined [we'll post it here, as soon as we know], depending on our stock of calendars)

  1. By participating, contest entrants agree to the Old Wild West Contest Rules as described here & on the entry form, and the decisions of the judges, which shall be final and binding in all respects.
  2. No purchase necessary, contest void where prohibited by law. All federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply.
  3. Picture Rocks Networking LLC, dba TombstoneTravelTips.com (hereafter known as the Sponsor) is not responsible for lost, interrupted, or unavailable network, server, or other connections, miscommunications, failed phone or computer hardware or software or telephone transmissions or technical failures, garbled or jumbled transmissions or other errors of any kind, whether human, mechanical, or electronic; including without limitation the incorrect or inaccurate capture of contest entry information online.
  4. Additional prizes may be added upon the Sponsor's discretion. Winner is solely responsible for any and all taxes on a prize, as well as any and all expenses relative to participation in the "Old Wild West Photo Contest" (including acceptance of prize) not specified herein. Prizes awarded within approximately 30 days after winner selection. No substitution, except at Sponsor's discretion. Prizes are not transferable. Sponsor reserves the right to substitute any and all prizes with prizes of equal or greater value, if an advertised prize becomes unavailable.
  5. Winners notified by email and must respond within seven (7) days of attempted notification or be disqualified. If a prize is returned as undeliverable, potential winner will be disqualified. Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, or suspend the contest should viruses, bugs, unauthorized human intervention, or other causes beyond the control of Sponsor corrupt or impair the administration, security, or fairness of the contest. In such event, winners will be selected from all eligible entries received up to the time of such cancellation, termination, or suspension.
  6. Submission of an entry means that the entry participant hereby grants to the Sponsor (who is Picture Rocks Networking LLC, dba Tombstone Travel Tips) a royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, and worldwide license to use the photo or photos entered, in whole or part, contained in the contest entry. This includes the right to publish, use, adapt, edit, and/or modify such entry in any way as needed to be suitable for the final layout of the winners' announcements. The above also grants the same license usage for entrants' name and location as given on the entry form. This license therefore grants entrants' photo or photos and given details, as noted above, for use on Sponsor's social media pages, websites, Contest Website page, and in any and all media related to the business of Picture Rocks Networking LLC dba Tombstone Travel Tips, and otherwise use the Contest Entry in accordance with the Official Rules, without rendering compensation of any kind, or further notice to, or approval from participant, or any third party, beyond that awarded as prize winners. Promotion parties are not responsible for any unauthorized third party use of any contest entry. Promotion parties do not guarantee that any Contest Entry will be posted. Subject to the rights granted to Sponsor, as noted above, all Entrants retain all copyrights in their photo or photos.
  7. By entering, participants release Tombstone Travel Tips from any and all liability for any injuries, losses, or damages of any kind caused by participation in the contest or the acceptance, possession, or use/misuse of a prize or participation in any prize-related activities.

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