Tombstone Tour Choices

Take a Tombstone Tour to begin seeing the town.Any Tombstone Tour will take you through Historic Streets. For Instance, You'll Travel Down Third Street and View the Courthouse.

Which Tombstone Tour would you like to take? They're solid ways to get familiar with the town of Tombstone, and its territorial surroundings. We have a summary of the selections, helping you decide which are best for you and your family!

We love to take a stagecoach tour. They're definitely a popular choice! Two companies travel different paths. Each one covers an alternate route through town. So if you do both, you won't be duplicating!

There are also personal Tombstone walking tours, and Trolley Tours. Try a tour that brings you to outlying areas. That's a neat itinerary choice also. Let's see what your options are...

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Find an ATM in Tombstone AZ

Please Note - it's good to have cash on hand for any Tombstone Tour while in town. Some of them do not take Credit Cards. You can get cash at a few places in town that have an ATM:

  • O.K. Corral - To the left when you walk inside the door
  • Vantage West Credit Union - Outside on the front wall. Take Toughnut Street West until you reach Sumner; make a left & it's there on the left. You can park right in front of it.
  • Visitor Center - Just inside the doorway
  • Wyatt Earp's Oriental Saloon - Aside the opening between the bar & gift shop, on the bar side. 
  • Crystal Palace Saloon - Just inside the doorways on Allen Street
  • Old Tombstone Wild West Theme-park - Just inside the entrance-way off of Toughnut Street. It only operates during the daytime hours. 

Take a Tombstone Tour on a Stagecoach

Old Butterfield Stagecoach

Old Butterfield Stagecoach Tour, Tombstone AZ
  • Narrated 20 minute ride takes you through the history of Old Tombstone
  • Journey "back in time" in an authentic old Butterfield stagecoach, just as they did in the Wild West
  • If you have Dave as the driver - he may be! You can be rest assured he is well versed on the local history! 
  • The other drivers are also well invested in doing a great job, telling you the historic lore during this Tombstone tour.
  • Ticket booth located on Allen St., between the O.K. Corral & Tombstone City Park. That's between 3rd & 4th Streets
  • Their Stagecoach leaves out regularly from approximately 10:30 a.m. to late afternoon. Their working schedule is Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays, Vacation Weeks & Special Events. Also some Wednesdays & Thursdays - so watch for them then!
  • $10 adults, $5 kids ages 6 & up. Under 6: Free
  • Need more details? Call (520) 457-3456

Old Tombstone Historical Tours

  • Several ride choices are available. These include a Stagecoach, wagon or a surrey - all horse-drawn
  • A 15 minute narration while touring through the historic streets of Tombstone. 
  • The driver covers the Tombstone historic yore
  • Ticket booth is on Allen St., just West of 5th St. 
  • Tickets are $10
  • Further information call (520) 457-3018
Old Tombstone Tours StagecoachOld Tombstone Tours Stagecoach

More About Stagecoaches: CLICK NOW>

Trolley Tours

Tombstone Trolley Tour

The Tombstone Trolley
  • This tour takes you through areas of town the Stagecoaches don't cover. So we recommend taking this as well as a stagecoach. It's a great tour - we love it!
  • Runs every day, except Thanksgiving & Christmas
  • The ticket booth is at 4th & Toughnut Streets
  • They've been awarded Trip Advisor's Certificate of Excellence
  • This Tombstone tour runs 25 minutes & has an On/Off stop at Boot Hill graveyard
  • They give a terrific narration of all the areas you'll see
  • With your ticket, discounts at other local venues are available
  • Heated in the winter cold, and they have AC in summer warmth
  • See their Facebook page: Click Here>
  • Further details, you can call (520) 955-3090

Good Enough Mine Trolley Tour

Good Enough Mine Trolley TourGood Enough Mine Tour Ticket Booth

Stop by Their Office on Toughnut Steet - Across from the South end of 4th.

  • Get discounted tickets when you take the excellent Mine Tour - See Now>
  • Open for Special Events & on weekends. 
  • Has been open intermittently at other times, so good idea to check if it's open. 
  • What's great is that they cover other areas of the town, history & surrounding local areas, that none of the other tours cover.
  • A super pick for those of you who are returning for a repeat visit.
  • But also great for anyone! We've taken it & really enjoyed seeing different aspects of town that other in-town tours don't cover.

Walking Tours

Adventure Quest - Tombstone

Tombstone Adventure TourFun Interactive Game-Tour With the Family!

The Tombstone Quest is a unique adventure. Use an interactive story to discover the history of this unique old West town. The game starts by asking you to imagine that you've just rode into Tombstone on your trusty steed!

But when did you ride into town??

On Wednesday, October 26th, 1881, to stake a new silver mining claim. Uh, oh - what's the significance of that date?? You'll find out, as you take this entertaining tour. This method of seeing the town is something your family - your kids, your teenagers - will not forget!

The story takes you to see all the fabulous must-see historic sites! It guides you easily, right to the famous Tombstone Epitaph, the Bird Cage Theatre, Big Nose Kate's saloon, the OK Corral and the Court House.

  1. Solve the clues
  2. Get involved in challenges
  3. Before you know it - you'll learn about the local history!
  4. All the while, getting to know some fun facts!!
  • It's interactive, so this Tombstone Tour uses your smartphone or smart device 
  1. (T-Mobile & Verizon carriers)
  • It's really the best ever for family groups, especially with teens & kids!
  • You get these cool challenges to do - figure out clues! Be all together as a team, cooperating and having fun, while you learn about Tombstone's secrets. 
  • Whoa!! Even Wyatt probably didn't know what you'll find out!
  • Earn points as you go along your Tour Route. 
  • Don't Worry! - Hints are given to help you out when needed.
  • Discover interesting info (even some neat Tombstone trivia!) - see the local sights - while having a lively time!
  • You use the system at Urban Adventure Quest on your Smart Device for a Tombstone Tour you'll love telling all your friends about!
Tombstone Arizona Walking Tour - Interactive Fun for families
  • For more details & to get your 20% Savings -
  1. Use Promo Code - TRAVELTIPS - when you Click Here>

  Some Helpful Books for Touring Tombstone...

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If you prefer to take a Tombstone tour by walking around on your own, these books may help you to get organized. We have the first one. It has 1 excellent review, 1 not so much. We think it's good enough to be helpful, especially for the price. Plus when you use it along with our website & local detail & historic signs.

See what you think:

Tombstone Walking Tours

Tombstone Walking Tour with Dr. JayDr. Jay Begins his Walking Tour
  • Dr. Jay's custom two hour Tombstone tour - very popular & enjoyable
  • Walk the Tombstone AZ streets where Old West legends have walked.
  • Be entertained while being educated!! 
  • We've gone on tour with Dr. Jay and he has a captivating method of explaining the local history!
  • Advance Reservations are almost certainly needed.
  • Timing can be varied. Sometimes tours are on, being scheduled - sometimes they're not.
  • When tours are available, spots book quickly.
  • Best to call for reservation assurance: (520) 457-9876

Specialized Tours

Good Enough Mine Tour

Silver Mine Tour in Tombstone AZCome On Over - Get Your Mine Tour Tickets Here! At the Ticket Office: End of 5th St.

Every Hour on the Hour - 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • The Good Enough was one of Tombstone's original mines, established on October 26, 1878
  • 501 East Toughnut Street - At the South End of 5th Street
  • Excellent Tombstone tour by knowledgeable guides
  • One of the highest rated Tombstone Attractions
  • Try their food truck, with a picnic area
The Toughnut Mine TourThe Toughnut Mine Tour
  • Tour prices:
  1. Adults + ages 11 & older - $15
  2. Seniors & Military - $12
  3. Children from 8 to 10 years old - $5
  4. Children under 8 years old are FREE
  • Family Plans - Group Rates - Tombstone Discount Packages Available
    1. Call for details - (520) 457-3333 & any questions
  • Toughnut Mine Tour - Now Open! Longer, more in-depth. Inquire by phone or at the ticket booth.

Tombstone Tour of the
Courthouse State Historic Park

Tombstone Tour Of This
Courthouse State Historic Park

This historic 1881 Cochise County Courthouse was built to serve as the County Seat. It's been restored and is open for self-touring. A fantastic facility with so much to see. Each time we go in this Tombstone tour building, we see something "new" (to our eyes!) and wonderful. Highly recommended.

  • At the Southwest corner of Toughnut & 3rd Streets - 223 Toughnut. There is parking alongside, on 3rd.
  • Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day except Christmas
  • Entry fee:
  1. Children 6 & under - Free
  2. Children 7 to 13 - $2
  3. Everyone 14 years of age & older - $7
  • See the reproduction gallows in the courtyard. Original no longer stands - but read who the court sentenced to hanging there!
  • The original courtroom is a nice place to take a little break, sitting on a bench
  • Many historic interpretive exhibits of varied aspects of the town. From the Earps and saloons to the people who built the town businesses, the fire departments & the schools.
  • First-come, first-serve picnic areas are available on the grounds.
  • For any further details needed, you can call (520) 457-3311

Tombstone Territory Tours On-the-Go!

Want to know more about how to have the best Tombstone vacation? When you come to Tombstone - yes! It's a great place to stay and live its Old West history. But near-by, in Southeast Arizona, there's so much more to do and see.

A lot has to do with the story of the Wild West. There are quite a few Ghost Towns, for instance. But there are beautiful places to explore. Trails to trek. Other historical, quaint and unique towns to visit. Wineries, even! Awesome mountainside vistas to get to know. And fun things to do.

These other types of Tombstone-related tours can get you to those places.

Hummer ToursMobile Your Tour Outside of Town!

Tombstone Adventure Company

Tombstone Adventure CompanyGet Up Close to Those Awesome Dragoons!
  • Family friendly professionally guided trip
  • Suitable for ages 8+ years old
  • Half-day rock climbing and/or hiking in the Coronado National Forest amidst the Dragoon Mountains
  • Or Choose to Explore the Stronghold area 
  1. A Guided light walking/hiking tour
  • Or ask about some Other Specialized Experiences
  • Your trip is provided by Certified Wilderness First Responder Guides 
  1. They hold Interpretive Certification to provide the best & safest experience possible!
  • All abilities and experience levels are accommodated
  • For more details, and to arrange a tour, call...

(520) 457-8514

Legend of the West Humvee Tours

  • Choose among their two tours on a Humvee 4-wheel drive vehicle
  1. Try the Ghost Town Trails 
  2. Or select their Off-road Wine Tour Adventure!
  • K.C. is your Veteran Owner and Tour Guide
  • Email him at

  • Or just call: (484) 707-7334 
Legends of the West

Into the West Jeep Tour

  • Choose the Ghost Town Tour, the Cottonwood Springs Shootout Tour, or Johnny Ringo's Grave Tour
  • Other options are available for arrangement
  • You can also designate a pick-up from your Tombstone hotel
  • For more info or reservations call (520) 559-2151
  • Or email them at

Entering Allen Street, Tombstone AZThe Jeep Tour will drive to the town of Tombstone to pick you up.

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