Tombstone Tour Choices

Take a Tombstone Tour to begin seeing the town.Any Tombstone Tour will take you through Historic Streets - Like down Third Street to the Courthouse.

Which Tombstone Tour would you like to take? A number of ways to get familiar with the town of Tombstone are available. We can give you a summary of the selections - so you can decide which ones are best for you and your family!

OK Corral Gunfight Anniversary TourA Free Walking Tour is Sponsored by the OK Corral on the anniversary of the Gunfight.

I know we love to take the stagecoach tours. They're definitely a popular choice! Two different companies travel differing routes - each one covers an alternate route in town.

There are also personal walking tours, and a Trolley Tour.

Please Note - it's good to have cash on hand for any Tombstone Tour, as a number of them do not take Credit Cards.

Try a tour that brings you to outlying areas. That's a possible itinerary choice also.

Let's see what your options are...

Take a Tombstone Tour on a Stagecoach

Old Butterfield Stage Coach

Old Butterfield Stagecoach Tour, Tombstone AZ
  • Narrated 20 minute ride takes you through the history of Old Tombstone
  • Journey "back in time" in an authentic old mule-driven, Butterfield stagecoach, just as they did in the Wild West
  • If you have Dave as the driver - he often is - you can be rest assured he is well versed on the local history. The other drivers are also well invested in doing a good job.
  • Ticket booth located on Allen St. between the OK Corral & Tombstone City Park, between Third & Fourth Streets
  • Leaves out regularly from approximately 10:30 a.m. to late afternoon, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays, Vacation Weeks & Special Events - some Wednesdays & Thursdays
  • $10 adults, $5 kids 6 & up - under 6 Free
  • More details call (520) 457-3456

Old Tombstone Historical Tours

Old Tombstone Tours StagecoachOld Tombstone Tours Stagecoach
  • Various rides available include a stage coach, wagon or a surrey - all horse-drawn
  • 15 minute narration through the historic streets of Tombstone by the driver covering the history
  • Ticket booth on Allen St., just West of Fifth St. - $10
  • Further information call (520) 457-3018

Trolley Tours

Trolley Tours in Tombstone ArizonaTake a Trolley Tour

Tombstone Trolley Tour 

  • This tour takes you through areas of town the Stagecoaches don't cover. So we recommend taking this as well as a stagecoach. It's a great tour - we love it!
  • Runs every day, except Thanksgiving & Christmas - Ticket booth at 4th & Toughnut Streets
  • Been awarded Trip Advisor's Certificate of Excellence
  • This Tombstone tour runs 25 minutes & has an On/Off stop at Boot Hill graveyard - terrific narration
  • Great rates: Adults - $5, Kids 6 to 12 - $3, Under 6 - Free.
  • With your ticket, get discounts at other venues such as some restaurants, Old Western Tombstone, and others
  • Heated in winter cold, AC in summer warmth
  • See their Facebook page: Click Here>
  • Further details call (520) 955-3090

Walking Tours

Tombstone Walking Tours

Tombstone Walking Tour with Dr. JayDr. Jay Begins his Walking Tour
  • Dr. Jay's custom two hour Tombstone tour - very popular & enjoyable
  • Walk the Tombstone AZ streets where Old West legends have walked
  • Hear the historical stories of Gunfights, Miners, Wild West Ladies of the Evening - and much more!
  • Be entertained while being educated!! We've gone on tour with Dr. Jay and he has a captivating method of explaining the local history!
  • Advance Reservations are almost certainly needed, timing can be varied, and spots book quickly
  • Best to call for reservation assurance: (520) 457-9876
  • You can email for details:

Specialized Tours

Good Enough Mine Tour Has A New Owner!

It's Open on a Regular Schedule - Check for the Open Sign Out Front

  • The Good Enough was one of Tombstone's original mines, established on October 26, 1878
The Toughnut Mine TourThe Toughnut Mine Tour
  • A new owner has taken over - Check it out. See what you think!
  • Former owner, Andre Dejournett has moved on to Virginia City, Nevada - where he has plans to operate a similar mine touring operation there.
  • Andre has kept his Facebook page to relive the excellent memories:

Tombstone Area Jeep Tour

Entering Allen Street, Tombstone AZThe Jeep Tour will drive to town to pick you up.
  • An Into the West Jeep Tours production
  • 3 tours available priced according to the number of guests - from $75 to $95 each person
  • You can arrange a pick-up from your Tombstone hotel
  • Choose to take the Ghost Town Tour, the Cottonwood Springs Shootout Tour, or Johnny Ringo's Grave Tour
  • If you have a group of 10/+ people - they also have a Ghost Town Trail Tour/Cowboy Cookout with an option of a Gunfight experience
  • Custom tours can also be arranged.
  • For more info or reservations call (520) 559-2151 or email then at