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Tombstone motelYou'll Find Tombstone Motels in Walking Distance to Town

A wide variety of Tombstone lodging choices are available in walking distance to town. Drive a short distance out a bit for even more options. Prices are quite reasonable. Book accommodations to suite your desire: from very basic to unique and deluxe!

We used to be visitors ourselves, though, and we've stayed in quite a few Tombstone motels. We've always loved Tombstone, and visited as often as we could.

We're glad to have you come to town. Are you planning to book a room? We hope some of our tips can help you out.

One thing to remember is that no matter the usual rate - rates increase at many motels during big special events days. Increases of 20%, 30%, or more - depending on the lodging. That's during Wyatt Earp Days,  Helldorado Days, Vigilante Days, etc.

When we used to come to town as visitors, most times we would stay overnight. Sometimes we'd book a Tombstone motel for a few nights. We sampled a number of lodgings. We never stayed in the same place twice. 

Our family members have also stayed over in Tombstone, at a variety of spots. They've given us helpful input, and we've included that information here.

That's why we can provide you with personalized input & reviews on places to stay. In some cases we have tips on spots you won't even find on the big hotel search engines. Locals always know the little bargain places in town!

You're sure to find a clean, comfortable Tombstone motel that will fit your own needs, style and budget. So check us out - see how we can help!

Choose an In-Town Tombstone Motel

The following choices are within walking distance of "downtown" Tombstone. Always nice to be close to all you want to see and do. Plus if you like to have a few drinks - or take in some night-life, no worries about the drive!

City of Tombstone's Downtown

That's Allen Street, where all the main shops and entertainment can be found. Along with the parallel streets of Toughnut and Fremont. Plus the connecting streets: essentially downtown ranges between 3rd St. to 6th St.

Budget Host Inn - 502 E. Fremont Street. 1-800-BUD-HOST or 520-457-3478

  • It has historic Adobe areas dated back to 1879, and is known to have haunted areas!
  • Budget is a key word - no luxury here. If you're looking for a low rate, and not worried about extra amenities, look into this one.
  • We stayed here just before we bought our house - it was fine, clean and adequate for our needs. 
Budget Host Inn TombstoneLocated on North Side of Fremont Street (Hwy. 92)
View from Budget Host InnView from Upper Room Balcony
Budget Host Inn roomClean room with the essentials.
Larian Motel, Tombstone ArizonaThe Larian Motel is a popular stay.

Larian Motel - 410 E. Fremont Street. (520) 457-2272

  • Nice rooms with the standard type amenities: fridge, coffee-maker, microwave in some, free WiFi
  • This Tombstone motel was awarded 2016 Trip-Advisor Certificate of Excellence
  • We've stayed here and definitely recommend it. No complaints, comfortable, reasonably priced.

T. Miller's Mercantile Hotel - 530 E. Allen Street.  (520) 457-2405

  • 4 different rooms with vintage Tombstone related decor
  • Billed as "no frills" - in that some normal amenities are not in the rooms. A common area is available to all with a kitchen, lounge with a TV and a nice balcony overlooking the action on Allen Street
  • Rooms are nice, comfortable, clean with either 1 or 2 queen beds
  • 2 of the rooms have a shared bathroom, 2 have a private bath - all priced reasonable and accordingly. Private, free off-street parking
  • It has a new owner from when it was called The Silver Nugget. So if you see reviews for that, these are no longer applicable
  • As we were closing on our house in town, we stayed here in the "Oriental Room." It was comfortable enough, with it's own private bath. We loved the balcony, being able to relax outside and watch everyone below. I think they could have nicer seating out there though!
T. Miller's Hotel on Allen StreetMercantile Hotel in Town
Mercantile Hotel Tombstone off-street parkingPrivate Parking/Entrance
Mercantile Hotel Guest LoungeBill is Checking Out the TV in the Guest Lounge
Miller's Mercantile Hotel Tombstone AZ balcony with view of Birdcage TheatreBill out on the Balcony

Trail Rider's Inn - 13 N 7th Street. (520) 457-3573

  • Very basic motel, rooms are small with 2 Queen-size beds and Western decor
  • Pool & hot tub
  • Parking outside your door
  • Rate begins at 1 person - $60 night
  • We've stayed here. It was comfortable enough. Some reviews quote the bathroom as small & that is the main flaw, we'd say. We also found the hot water was a little inadequate when we were there, running tepid toward the end of a 2nd shower. That was about 15 years ago - I don't know if they've improved that situation. (If you stay - we'd appreciate your more recent feedback.)
Adobe Lodge Motel, Tombstone AZAdobe Lodge Motel is 1 block from Allen Street

Adobe Lodge Motel - 501 E. Fremont Street.  (520) 457-2241

  • Very nice place with the standard amenities such as a small fridge and microwave, all private bathrooms
  • Double or single Queen bed rooms
  • King or Queen suite also available
  • They're associated with The Bella Union on the corner of Fremont & 4th. That's a historic corner - Click for Details. It has a beautiful ballroom & meeting rooms available for weddings or other events
  • We stayed here a long time ago. It was very comfortable. The Bella Union was open as a restaurant/bar about 15+ years ago. We really liked it - it's wonderful inside!

Sage Brush Inn - 227 North 4th Street. (520) 457-2311

  • Historic building in an area of wonderful valley views
  • Vintage - built in early 1947
  • Walking distance to town, family owned
  • Free WiFi, flat-screen TVs with DirecTV
  • Themed rooms hosted Hollywood stars in town for early movie productions
  • All rooms heated & have AC
  • Great rates! If you're looking for a good deal in a Tombstone motel, a stay with over-all good to excellent reviews, and a place with character - you should try this one. After all, you're not visiting Tombstone to be pampered at Trump Towers! You're here to walk into town to enjoy the sights, interact with locals (try the Crystal Palace) & enjoy the history. This is the place to be!

Other Lodging Types

You may like to economize in certain ways - having a breakfast included in the room price. Or - do you like to bring your room with you? You may have an RV or like the camping lifestyle. All of these types of lodgings are available in the Tombstone area - if you prefer that to a Tombstone motel...

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