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Westerns – those films, that movie genre has been around since moving pictures began! Books have been written that analyze the historical authenticity behind the films. Not only that, but the reasoning behind a film’s accuracy. Westerns are often seen as based on historical facts.  But truly – producers, writers and directors were loose with …

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Tombstone Movie

The Tombstone movie tells the story of Tombstone Arizona. About Wyatt Earp, Virgil Earp, and Doc Holliday while they lived here. How did they end up here? Why did they leave? Do you wonder what this Tombstone film is about? If you’ve never seen the flick: Get a Tombstone Overview. We love this Tombstone film. Each time …

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Tombstone Quotes

Tombstone Quotes from the 1993 Tombstone Movie are a common talking point for fans! Have you gotten together with friends who love that great Western film? And then start discussing which are the 10 best lines? Do the quotes by Doc Holliday top your list? Some of those just really crack you up! Don’t you think so? …

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