Billy The Kid

by Donald Wilson
(Clovis, New Mexico)

Billy the Kid Museum

Billy the Kid Museum

I live in Clovis New Mexico only about an hour away from Billy the Kid museum and grave yard. And I have a motorcycle which my wife will not ride on with me.

I was excited when she finally agreed to ride to the Billy The Kid site! I love old history and the museum. And the grave site provided a lot of information about the life and activities of Billy the Kid. Hard to believe they had so many old paper articles as well as other artifacts from that time line.

I have returned there a few more times as it is hard to take in with only one trip.

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Sep 08, 2019
Remembering Billy the Kid!
by: Karen

New Mexico really is involved with the history of Billy the Kid. He made one short trip into Southeastern Arizona, but most of his life was spent in New Mexico. So it is only natural to have that Billy the Kid Museum there.

We can see by your comments, Donald, that you have really enjoyed visiting this museum. And that you must really be recommending it to others. The image of Billy they have there - in your photo - I guess at the entrance, is the most famous photograph of Billy the Kid.

Thanks very much for your Photo Contest entry - which will be in the category of Cowboys / Cowgirls.

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