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Wild West SaloonsCome On In To The Crystal Palace Saloon!

Want to visit an Old West Bar?

Old West saloons are a part of American history. In any new settlement the saloon was where you relaxed and saw friends. It was a release after working hard all day.

These bars of the Old West had customers who were primarily men. Pioneer women didn't usually feel welcome, or even at ease if they were well brought up! 

Today women can certainly go into any stylized Old West bar of their choice! And I'm quite glad! In particular, we like to go into the Crystal Palace on Allen & 5th Streets in Tombstone. That's a bar with some authentic history from the Old West!

Historic Crystal Palace SaloonCrystal Palace Walls Have History!
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When we travel, we love to check out historic or even modern Old West Bars that we come across. When we do, we review them here!

If you know of one that you love - or if you own/manage one, and would like us to know about it - send us a message: Click Here>

Try an Old West Bar
in Tombstone AZ

Crystal Palace Saloon entertainmentTraveling Entertainer at the Crystal
  • Crystal Palace Saloon - The Golden Eagle Brewery opened in July 1880. on Allen & 5th Streets. After the May 1882 fire it was rebuilt as the Crystal Palace Saloon. As mentioned before, you can go to this Old West Bar today! [Read More Here>]

  • Johnny Ringo's Saloon - There's a ton of Old West bar memorabilia in this outside of town (but not too far), locals hang-out. But there's plenty of room for visitors! It was downtown (or uptown as locals say), in the past. Moved to the NE corner of Allen & 10th some years ago. Welcoming owners, Steve & Addie, have a large bar, TVs, jukebox, lots of tables, provide you with snacks here and there. Super fabulous bartenders too! Also they make the best pizza in town!! Steak house attached to order in dinner if you prefer. Sunday evening karaoke attracts lots of singers! This is our neighborhood bar. We stop in about once a week. Say hi if you see us! Come on in for happy hour... 
Johnny Ringo's Tombstone ArizonaWalls Full of Memorabilia & Mementos
Bartending at Ringo's Tombstone AZAna is Happy to Get You Refreshments!
Johnny Ringo's, Tombstone AZAddie made us Ringo's Pizza - Yummy!
Doc Holliday's, Tombstone AZSinging Bartender at Doc's
  • Doc Holliday's Saloon - Pretty popular, as it stays open later than any other. Something is going on just about every night! Monday: Open Mike (what's your talent?). Tuesday is Texas Hold-Em. Wednesday through Sunday is their very popular Karaoke. The site certainly has been here since the 1800s - there's an original wall inside. It has the feel of an Old West honky-tonk! Drink prices reasonable, snacks available. They serve some food basics, like pizza and hot dogs. Look for their amusing quotes as you pass the entrance. On the South side of Allen St., between 5th & 6th.

Big Nose Kate'sCheck Out Kate's Tequila Bar!
  • Big Nose Kate's - A popular tourist attraction. This Old West Bar is located where the Grand Hotel was, before it burnt down in the terrible 1882 Tombstone fire. If you look at the archways on the storefronts along Allen St. adjacent to Big Nose Kate's today - they were originally part of the Grand Hotel Building. The downstairs gift shop has a historic aura, since it was a basement bar in the 1800s. There's plenty to see inside, just looking around! Today as Kate's - it's a bar/restaurant, family suitable. They serve food, have daily entertainment, have a lot to look at. Take a selfie: in provided Old West duds! Or getting hung in the hangman's noose! Or inside the coffin - just like was taken of Tom & Frank McLaury! On the South side of Allen Street, between 4th & 5th.

Four Deuces BarAt the Bar in the Four Deuces
  • Four Deuces Saloon - Has the old West bar feel, but it was originally a house moved there from Fremont Street. Reported to be the one where "Addie" Borland lived when she witnessed the O.K. Corral Gunfight. The area (you'll see the proclamation on the bench out front) was the original "Chinatown" - called Hop Town. Have cash on hand - they don't take plastic. There's a bar-top ATM machine - sometimes touchy to operate. A lot of locals regularly frequent the 4 Deuces. The bar itself is small. There's a large patio area though, with much more seating outside. Usually there's entertainment on Saturdays. Normally they don't serve food - only for special events. Prices are quite reasonable. It's a very friendly establishment - strike up a conversation here! Caution: don't touch the bell!! Ring it and you're buying drinks for the bar! We've been treated by visitors a time or two. Thank you!! On 3rd St., at the SW corner of Allen. 

Cerveza's CantinaEnter Left - toward Old Town Tombstone for Cerveza's Cantina
  • Cerveza's Cantina - An outdoor, but out-of-the-weather little Old West bar on the way into Old Tombstone Wild West Theme Park. Sitting there on a bar-stool, you'll feel like you're in the Wild West! If you grab a refreshment here, you can bring it into the Park with you! Tap and bottle beers, wine and margaritas. Plus soft drinks for the kids - including Tombstone Sarsaparilla. Off Toughnut St., at the South end of 4th St.

Crazy Annie's SaloonCrazy Annie's

  • Crazy Annie's Saloon - Right next to Crazy Annie's Bordello! Really - that's actually a Bed & Breakfast!! This saloon is on the NW corner of Allen & 10th Street. It's a popular locals spot, with Old West Bar charm. Beer and wine liquor license.

Tombstone Brewing CompanyTombstone Brewing Company

  • Tombstone Brewing Company - On the South side of Toughnut St., between 2nd & 3rd. The newest place in town, the building was already there, uninhabited. They reinvented it with an Old West Bar feel. They make craft beers and ales on site. Inside seating and an outdoor patio. No food inside, but a food truck outside on the weekend.

Tombstone Wine TastingSilver Strike Tasting Room

  • Silver Strike Winery Tasting - Just want to mention this, as Southern Arizona is becoming a top wine-growing/winery area. Try a tasting - their wines are developed with unique natural methods. We think they're pretty good. I know if you suffer from migraines or allergies - they're definitely the best option for wine drinkers. On the North side of Allen St., between 3rd & 4th.

Other Old West Bars

Throughout America you can find Historic Bars. Buildings have been renovated over the years. Some have changed a little, some have changed a lot. Famous old-time lawmen, some outlaws and lots of rowdy cowboys had a drink or two (probably more!) at these places. And you can visit them today!!

In other bars you reminisce about the Old West. They have that Wild West style. You look around and feel like you're in an Old West Saloon! You feel like you may have gone back in time!!

Let's see where they're all located...

Other Arizona Old West Bars


Santiago's Bar & RestaurantSantiago's - Brewery Gulch

Bisbee Arizona is in Southeast Arizona, about a half hour drive Southeast of Tombstone AZ. It was a copper mining town. Its growth and history more or less paralleled Tombstone's. People often visited and moved back and forth between the two towns.

Bars were concentrated in an area called Brewery Gulch. Some old time saloons still remain there today. Brewery Gulch (aka Brewery Ave.) is the name of the street. It's at the Eastern end of "Old Town" - going North off Main St.


old west barThe Cowpony's Country Singer

The Cowpony - I'm not sure what kind of hybrid animal that might be. But this "dive bar" is a fun place. Located on Tanque Verde Rd., just down from some of the other Old West Bar favorites - this one features regular entertainment for such a small venue.

Tongue in cheek, they advertise themselves as "world famous" and "internationally known" - and they claim a great dance floor! We were there, and didn't quite find it, though... ;-)

They get close to 5 stars on Trip-Advisor and Google, down to 3 on Yelp. I think if you realize what you're getting there - a dive - well, you can certainly appreciate it for what it is!

Nevada Historical Flavor Bars


A great little historic mining town - kind of built on the side of a hill. Lots of history here for sure! We visited here, because we saw that Old West history and the historic bars and buildings that still existed. Everyone we met were so hospital. We really had a great time while we were in town - recommend a visit to anyone!

Alamo Club - Pioche NevadaThe Alamo Club in Pioche NV

Alamo Club - Downtown on 28 Main. First built in the 1860s. It was the Wells Fargo Freight Office/Stage Stop, and the Pioche Bank. In 1901 it became a saloon: The Alamo Club Bar, but it had the nickname - The Bucket of Blood Saloon.

Legends say Doc Holliday and Butch Cassidy came by for a drink. But Doc died in 1887, so that's not true! Cassidy was in Nevada in 1900, and still out West during 1901 - so that legend may be barely possible, but still really doubtful. He fled the U.S. early in 1901 - escaping to Argentina. He was still on the run, and ended up in Bolivia, where he died in 1908.

The Bank vault in the Alamo ClubAlamo Club's Bank Vault in a storage room.

The bar used to also be a brothel until 1950, when Lincoln County outlawed them. Ownership changed hands in 2004, and the name changed to the Bank Club from being called the Alamo. The change disappointed a lot of locals, who would still refer to it as "The Alamo Club."

The bank vault can still be seen inside. Another new owner recently took over - and now it's the Alamo Club again! We visited it in the summer of 2018. They were gracious enough to show us the bank vault, in a room used for storage.

Nevada Club, PiocheCheck out Pioche's Nevada Club

The Nevada Club - 59 Main. The current building dates back to the early 1900s. But the site is the original mining Assay Office, which burnt down.

The Overland Hotel & Saloon - 62 Main Street.  The area was surrounded by miner's houses in the late 1800s. In the early 1900s the Nevada Club property was originally owned by a Chinese family. The Overland was first built as a boarding house with a bar. The whole town of Pioche had a terrible fire in 1947, and the Overland burned down. By the next year it was rebuilt, looking as it does today. Many restorations and remodels have taken place since then. It has a wonderful, huge dance hall.

Overland SaloonThe Overland Hotel & Saloon
Overland old west barInside the Historic Overland


McGill ClubThe McGill Club

The McGill Club - The original building was a Union Hall. It was established in 1907. At one time there was a soda fountain in the front part of the club. Swinging doors led to the back area which held the saloon. Located on the main drag through town, you can't miss it. No kitchen, but occasional entertainment Saturday night.

We stopped by, hoping to go in for an early afternoon refreshment - but it was too early. They open at 2 p.m. We didn't want to wait for an hour as we still had a ways to go to get to our stop at Pioche.


Liberty Club - In the old days, sometimes called the Ely Mercantile. It used to be bigger. The back half of the building burned out sometime between 1908 and the 1920’s. That part wasn't rebuilt. If you look hard, they say, you might see pieces of scorched wood still there in the back walls.

Upstairs used to hold a brothel. Then it closed, and instead the rooms were offered to drinking guys down on their luck with no place to stay. A barber shop used to be where the booths are now located - it used to be closed off from the bar. 


Silver Spur SaloonSilver Spur Saloon

The Silver Spur Saloon - Friendly people & bar staff, attracting a lot of locals. Juke box & pool tables. Homey, comfortable feel with a wood stove for those chilly Nevada nights! Lots of atmosphere. Have cash, cuz I hear they don't take plastic. They do have an ATM inside. They don't serve food, but you can bring in your own. They're at 45 W. Main St. If you want any updates, call  (775) 575-0995.


Lucky Spur Saloon - A great Western style bar in this tiny town 30 miles SE of Austin NV, a little over 1/2 hour away. People call it the "Best bar in the middle of nowhere!" They're at 306 Kingston Canyon Rd. Phone (775) 964-2000. What's nice also is it's smoke free. New owner is working on getting more & more options. Open every day at 2 pm, but Sundays at 9 am.


Manhattan BarManhattan Bar - Taken August 12, 2007

Manhattan Bar - At about 7000 ft. elevation, 50 miles North of Tonopah, not too many people live in the town. Many are retired, you'll see them gather here. Locals from surrounding ranches stop in. In 1927 the building was hauled away from Silver Peak and brought to where it now stands. There's a tale you'll hear as you sit on a bar-stool. About One-eyed Fern. She ran the place, and lived there until she died in 1978. A bar patron saw Fern washing her underwear in the bar sink! That was where the bar glasses were washed. Everyone just bought bottled beer after that!


Cowboy Bar & CafeMontello Bar & Cafe

Cowboy Bar & Cafe - On Front St.  Phone (775) 776-2466. 4 out of 5 star review for this local-flavor place. Has the Western appeal edge to it. Friendly people & staff, slot machines, pool tables. People note the food is good & you'd have to travel a lot farther for more options! The town is small, with only a population a bit over 250 or so. It's not too far off from Utah state line on NV Hwy. 233, which goes North off I-80. 

Texas Old West Bars

Dallas/Fort Worth

The White Elephant Saloon is in reminiscence of the historic saloon from 1884. Wyatt Earp, Luke Short & Bat Masterson had all gambled in the original back in the day! Fire took it down about a decade after its grand opening.

It's in a new Fort Worth location now - the time-honored Fort Worth stockyards area. It's an up to date remake of the first White Elephant - but with that Old West saloon aura. Get even more bar details: Read More > 

Austin/San Antonia/Hill Country

Buckhorn Saloon in San Antonio, is just down the street from the original 1881 saloon. The back-bar and other mementos are still there. Worth a visit - 318 E. Houston Street.

New Mexico Old West Bars

Northeast New Mexico

St. James Hotel & Saloon, in Cimarron, New Mexico, was a regular stop on the Santa Fe Trail. The Earp brothers, Jesse James and Annie Oakley all slept there - not together!

It's origin is from 1872, and is on the National Register. It's located in the Cimarron Historic District. This Old West bar still shows bullet holes from gun fights back in the 1880s.

Renovations began in 2009. The lobby and rooms were restored & refreshed. The bar and restaurant were updated and expanded - but the old West saloon charm and history were maintained. 

Southwest New Mexico

The Buckhorn Saloon - Drive North out of Silver City to little, rural Pinos Altos. Just a short drive. Turn left to get to 32 Main Street. Its 1865 origin is found in the adobe walls. The vintage bar & bar back are still there. Although there's been updating & expansions - it has all the feel of an Old West Saloon. Even an Opera House is attached!

Colorado Old West Bars

South Central CO

The Silver Dollar Saloon first opened in 1879 as The Board of the Tradein Leadville. Go to 315 Harrison Avenue. With its old West bar and lots of history in and out, it's worth a try. Doc Holliday was a regular here for a while!

A little odd is that the owner is Irish and has included that heritage along with the old West saloon environment. The way he's done it, I cannot say I love! Now I'm Irish as well - but, you'll just have to see for yourself. Probably at least worth 1 visit.

Denver Area

The Buckhorn Exchange is at 1000 Osage Street on the corner of 10th. Very historic, this Saloon has been on the same spot since its opening on November 17, 1893. Look at the walls for a vast history lesson! The original 1857 back-bar from the old West era is upstairs in the Victorian Lounge.

Wyoming Old West Bars

The Occidental Hotel & Saloon - 10 N. Main St. in Buffalo. A great old 1880 era Old West Saloon. Authentic bullet holes survive from old time gun battles! Calamity Jane and Buffalo Bill Cody had occasion to stop in. The place was renovated in 1908, and still retains that old West authenticity. It's a must-see bar!

California Wild West Saloons

Sierra Nevada Area

Buckhorn Saloon is a great spot near the South entrance to Yosemite. At North Fork, Sierra Nevada Foothills, 32992 Road 222. This watering hole opened in the late 1800s. It's been remodeled/updated, but still has old West character. Phone (559) 877-8700.

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