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We created this Tombstone Arizona website for you! We're Karen & Bill, and we've been residents in Tombstone Arizona for a number of years! We love Old Wild West History, and have loved living here in this historic town!

We want to help you love your trip to Tombstone. We've designed this Travel website to guide you. It's like your own Tombstone Arizona Travelogue! We help with all your needs to plan your visit. Places to stay, places to eat, attractions, tours, events! So much more for a fun trip!

Plus we help you learn some background info about the Wild West. This authentic, Old West town! Learn how and why Tombstone Arizona fits into that history. What is it about Tombstone that attracts people to its story? What draws visitors from all over to come to Arizona and visit Tombstone?

People arrive here in Tombstone, and often ask similar questions. So we answer some of your FAQs right here -

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  • How much does it cost to enter? NO CHARGE! There's NO Entry Fee to the town of Tombstone itself! Because it's an actual community with residents. But it's a town with quite a bit of real living history! 
  • What are Tombstone's hours? NO Town Closing Time - per-se! BUT - Many shops end their day at 5 p.m. On Special Events some stay open later. Most Places To Eat are open later. Most open at 10 a.m. - but breakfast at 7 to 7:30 a.m.
  • Google "Tombstone Arizona" & see a Theme Park listing? Well, there's a theme activity park here (purchase tickets for activities - lots of kid friendly stuff in there!) - but that's not the whole of Tombstone: the authentic, historic town.
  • What's there to do? Lots! For everyone - family style, kids, adults, history buffs, shoppers, learners, festival-goers, outdoors enthusiasts, etc., etc.! 
  • Check our Tips to see the Best Time for You or Your Family to Travel here to the Tombstone area, as well as the Top Must-See/Do - Here>
Karen and Bill - welcome you to TombstoneWe welcome You to the Historic Town of Tombstone Arizona!
  • Many shops, restaurants & places to stay are pet-friendly. Check with the staff.
  • Look for Directional Arrow Signs on corners - they point out town Attractions and Tours.
  • Cell/WiFi? T-Mobile & Verizon only will work here. No WiFi provision in town businesses - except possibly for your Hotel!
  • Pick up a Map at many shops along Allen. Shop-keepers, bartenders, wait-staff, most locals are glad to point out anything or answer questions.
  • Downtown streets form a grid. Allen Street is the "main street" -  Toughnut St. & Fremont St. parallel Allen. Numbered streets are the cross streets. Most places to visit are between 3rd & 6th Streets.
  • The Tombstone Mine Tour - Read More> - the historic reason for the town's start - is really a Number 1 recommendation! People sometimes miss it: South one block from Allen on 5th. Always top reviews!!
  • Special events are scheduled during many months of the year. None, though in November, December or January. Except - Holiday events during that season - for more details see our Events Page.
  • Anything else nearby to do? Sure is! Lots more adventures and historical areas close by. Whether you're here for the day, a weekend, or an extended trip! How about planning an entire vacation around coming to Tombstone, Arizona: Click To Plan>
  • Still have a question? Who exactly are we? Why can we help you out? Go ahead & ask us what you need to know... we'll get back to you soon! Click here>
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  • Use our search box - to find what you need...

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Current Visitors

We welcome you to town! You'll find locals are very hospitable, and glad to have you here. You will see them walking around in Old West attire because they love the spirit of this historical town. We do that ourselves. If you see us - be sure to say hello!

Ask us any questions we haven't already answered. We will be glad to help. See below to ask us any questions right now!

We are always researching more activities, info and history. Always looking into what's the latest that's going on. We continually update to get the best information for you. So stop back often! We have a monthly Newsletter with updates also!

It may be difficult to see and do everything in one day! Preview our website to help you plan what's best for you and your family. It will help you get the best visit! It can also give you a reason to come back - we sure hope you will! And tell others!

Planning to stay in town overnight? Don't miss our often personalized Stay-Over Recommendations. There are also great places to get a Pizza, a Steak or a Burger! OR if you do stay over - to get your Breakfast!

Tombstone Arizona Stagecoach Tour is availableTake a Tour on the Stage

Arriving Tips
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We know many of you are limiting travel during these uncertain times.  

Although we continue to feature places to visit in Tombstone & historical sites in Arizona & around the "Old West", we encourage you to follow health guidelines about staying safe. We want to support Tombstone's history & businesses during this situation. We hope you plan to visit them when things are better.  

In the meantime, we thank you when you enjoy them virtually from the comfort of your home. For instance, when you make plans, using our website (thanks so much!). We have a COVID Page to help in making Safe Decisions.

Must See/Do
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Those are just a few of our major suggestions and tips. But that's not all! Check our main menu at the top of the page for even more that this historical town and wonderful state offer.

Our Site Guide Index helps you get more individualized selections & categories to each & every page in our Tombstone Arizona Travel website! It's an Index - an entire "Table of Contents" to everything you'll find on our website.

You can access it right here ...

Do you have any specific questions or suggestions? Be sure to let us know below. Or use our About Us/Contact Page for a quicker answer.

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    Vigilante Justice in Tombstone Arizona isn't unlawful! It's making fun performances for visitors, raising $$$ for good causes & having some outright clean fun!

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    Post your own visitors Haunted Tombstone photos & other ghostly experiences. Join in & share. Get a page of your own to explain the unexplainable!

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  3. Crystal Palace History - A Saloon Thru the Tombstone Arizona Years

    The Crystal Palace history in Tombstone Arizona is a fascinating reflection of this historic town itself. Visit this saloon to reflect on its bygone days

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  4. Tombstone Events Make Your Day! - Upcoming Things to Do in Tombstone

    Tombstone events are upcoming year round! What's up next? Use our Events Planner for Tombstone's calendar. Helldorado, Wyatt Earp Days, Doc Hollidays & more.

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