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Entering Tombstone

We created this Tombstone Travel AZ website just for you! We're Karen & Bill, residents in town! Yes - we live here! We love Old Wild West History, and love living here!

We want to help you love your trip to our home. We've designed this Travel website to guide you through our town. It's like your own Tombstone American West Travelogue!

TombstoneTake a Butterfield Stage Tour!

We're here to help you learn details about the Wild West. Plus plan a fun trip to this authentic, Old West town! Learn how and why Tombstone AZ fits into that history. What is it about Tombstone that attracts people to its story? What is it that draws visitors to travel to Tombstone?

People arrive in Tombstone, and often ask similar questions. We can answer some FAQs for you here - right off the bat!

  • There is NO Entry Fee to the town of Tombstone itself - because it's an actual community with regular residents that live here. Yes, some have even wondered if the town of Tombstone is fictional! But no - NO ENTRY FEE, it's a town with quite a bit of real living history!
  • Google Tombstone & you may see a Theme Park listing! Well, there's a theme activity park here (purchase tickets for activities - lots of kid friendly stuff in there!) - but that's not the whole of Tombstone, the authentic, historic town.  
  • The town doesn't have a closing time, per-se! Many shops do end their day about 5 p.m. Most Places To Eat stay open later. Some places have special occasion evening hours, events and fun.
  • What is there to do? Lots! Something for all - family style, kids, adults, history buffs, shoppers, learners, festival-goers, outdoors enthusiasts, etc., etc.!
  • Is there anything else nearby to do? There sure is! A lot more adventures and historical areas are quite close.
  • The streets of downtown are laid out in a grid. Allen Street is the "main street" with the numbered streets in between. Most places to visit are between Third and Sixth Streets. The outside blocks that parallel Allen with sites to check are Toughnut Street and Fremont Street.
  • Pick up a Map at many shops along Allen. Shop-keepers, bartenders, wait-staff, most locals will be glad to point out anything or answer questions.
  • Still have a question? Just ask... we'll get back to you soon! Click here>
  • Or use our search box - to find what you need...

First Time Visitors

Karen Bill - welcomes you to TombstoneWe welcome You to our historic Arizona home!

We welcome you to our town! You'll find locals will be very hospitable, and glad to have you here. You'll see them walking around in Old West attire.

That's because they love the spirit of this historical town. They love the history. They like taking part in reliving it! We do that ourselves. If you see us - be sure to say hello!

We've gathered everything to help you plan your trip to our Tombstone home, and get the most out of it. Whether you're here for the day, a weekend, or an extended trip!

Ask us any questions we haven't already answered. We'll be glad to help. See below to ask us any questions right now!

Allen Street, Tombstone ArizonaWalk Allen Street - Where Wyatt Earp Walked

As a first time visitor, be sure you've read the FAQs above. Sometimes visitors aren't quite sure how to approach this town. If that's the case, we're here to help. We hope you'll enjoy stopping by the different areas of our website.

We're always researching more activities, info and history. We continually update to get the best information for you. So stop back often! Tell us what you'd like to know - we'll get it for you.

Learn about all there is to see and do! It will help you to get the best visit! We hope you'll enjoy your time here - and tell others about it.

It may be difficult to see and do everything in one day! Preview our historical town by looking over our website to help you plan what's best for you and your family. It can also give you a reason to come back - we sure hope you will!

Arriving Tips:
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Those are just a few of our major suggestions and tips. You'll want to check our main menu above for all that our historical town offers. Our Site Guide Index helps you get more individualized selections to each & every page in our Tombstone Travel website!

Planning to stay overnight? You don't want to miss our recommendations. There are also great places to get a pizza, a steak or a burger!

Do you have any specific questions or suggestions? Be sure to let us know below. Enjoy!!

Been Here Before? - Check in Here!

It's so great to see you back again! We know you're probably hooked! Just like we are! And all the other locals you see walking the streets in their Old West gear!

What do you want to do this time around? Here are some suggestions you may have missed on your previous trip(s). What suggestions do you have for us? Did you discover anything we haven't mentioned - but should?? Anything you're wondering about - let us know...

Here are some things, we've come up with for some return visits. Some of the not so obvious, or newer treats are listed here:

Maybe one of these would be interesting or helpful...

We'll be glad to answer any questions for you, or take in your suggestions...

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