Ten days to Deadwood.

by James Menk
(Carr, Colorado, USA)

Ten Days to Deadwood

Ten Days to Deadwood

We live near Cheyenne, Wyoming. My wife and I are part of the PR group for Cheyenne Frontier Days and do a bit of reenacting in Old Frontier Town.

Back in the 1800's it took 3 days to travel by stage from Cheyenne to Deadwood. We planned a trip to Deadwood last year with family and friends and enjoy dressing the part of the Old West. This shot is part of our group.

I built a faro table to play and demonstrate to others how the old game of faro was played. I set up our group in a Deadwood hotel and shot these images.

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Nov 01, 2019
Deadwood is a Place to Go!
by: Karen

This is a fabulous submission, James. Thanks for your contribution!

The Ten Days to Deadwood photo is in the category of "On the Ranch" - the "Playing Faro in Deadwood" photo is categorized with "Cowboys & Cowgirls" - and the Playing Faro in Deadwood 2 pic is with the category "Old Wild West Town."

Sounds like a place we need to get to one of these days, is Deadwood! It's on our list, for sure.

Good luck in the contest.

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