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Tombstone vacationAllen Street After a Winter Rain Shower

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Planning a Tombstone vacation? It's a great idea!! Tombstone Arizona is perfect for you, right? You probably are so fascinated by the old American Wild West!

Plus many travelers find they love visiting small towns! Tombstone is just the type of out-of-the-way locale where you can have an incredible, unique vacation. So many have found that's the truth...

We think you would. That's why we recommend basing your vacation stay in the Tombstone area, for the best all-time memories. Plus fantastic pics for your scrapbook! Please share them with us - Read More> Many appealing activities are nearby. Historic and exciting sights are right here, and nearby. You won't lack for a great time when you come to this interesting Old West vicinity!

Advance Planning for Your Tombstone Vacation

When you plan your American West Travel, keep some general facts in mind. Go ahead, we recommend you start to organize that trip to Tombstone Arizona for a vacation, or even a Day Trip. Planning is very important - it's the first step in getting you there! But first, we have some tips for you.

  • Will you fly in and rent a car? - Tucson is the closest city with a major airport. One and one/half hour drive away.
  1. Tucson Airport is an easy in & out facility - 
Click Here> To See Great Choices to stay between there & Tombstone!
  • Can you drive, and make it a road trip from your home? Read More>
  • What other Tips are there, such as: 
  1. What time of year should you plan your Tombstone vacation?
  2. What are Must-See & Must-Do in Tombstone AZ? 
  3. To find these out:  Read More>
  • Will Dog Travel be involved? - Many businesses in town welcome dogs! Call ahead to find out which Lodgings will welcome your family pet. Or check when you book - for pet friendly stays - I know there are some.
  • Is there an Old West Inn for your stay? Read More>
  • How's the weather? See Tombstone AZ Weather below>
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Tombstone Activities

There are many things to do in the town of Tombstone AZ, and surrounding areas. When you Visit Tombstone, you'll walk Allen Street. The same street that was there in the 1800s. Take the same steps as Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, the Clantons and many other Gunslingers did!

Consider various Tombstone activities you can enjoy:

OK Corral GunfightActual Site of the OK Corral Gunfight
OK Corral Gunfight Re-enactmentSee the Gunfight Show
  • The OK Corral Gunfight Site - Read More>
  • The Historama - A film history of the OK Corral & the Gunfight
  • Old West Antique Shops - Unique places to browse or shop
  • Antique Firearms - Can you get a look at some true relics? Yes - museums in town show you some unique & historical examples!
Antique firearms can be seen at the Gunfighter MuseumGunfighter Museum - One of Many Spots to View Antique Firearms
  • Tombstone Free Options - Many relaxing spots are no-charge. Some places to visit have a suggested, but optional donation.
J.R. Hilburn Arizona Rangers MuseumVisit this Arizona Rangers Museum
  1. On your Tombstone vacation be sure to find some time to relax in our local park on the NE corner of Allen & Third. There's a lovely gazebo there for shady comfort!
  2. For local history, walk Allen Street along the North & then the South side. Look for the plaques that outline these historic events which occurred in those areas.
  3. Visit the Tombstone Epitaph Museum. Free entry from 9:30 a.m. to 6 pm. every day except Thanksgiving & Christmas. Learn about newspaper publishing in the 1880s. See the historic equipment used to publish this epic publication. Located on Fifth Street, between Allen & Fremont - right behind the Crystal Palace Saloon.
  4. Two historic churches can be visited during your Tombstone vacation. Both were first built in the 1880s. The Sacred Heart Catholic Church is on E. Safford St., just West of 6th. St. Paul's Episcopal Church is on N. Third St., just South of Safford St.
  5. Have you checked out our FREE E-book - Tombstone Trivia? Download: Click Here>
  6. J.R. Hilburn Museum - On 4th St., between Allen & Toughnut is open Saturdays and Sundays, 10 am to 1 pm. It's just past the Arizona Rangers Tombstone Company Office. They feature Arizona Ranger's history and modern information, plus details about the Territorial Arizona Rangers. Free entry.
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Preparation for your Tombstone Vacation...

Some recommended reading - and some handy tour guide books

Other Nearby Wonders

With enough time, other Arizona Sightseeing will bring you to wonderful places. The entire state is quite varied - from mountain forests, to unique deserts. We have some suggestions...

  1. Try some Trail Riding to see the Chihuahuan Desert terrain first-hand.
  2. Kartchner Caverns is now an Arizona State Park. It's located a short distance from your Tombstone vacation base location. Figure about a little over a half hour drive. It's about a 30 mile drive. See More Details>
  3. Chiricahua National Monument is a beautiful spot. The Chiricahua Apaches established camps throughout this area. Take a scenic drive through the mountains. Camping areas are extra-ordinary.
  4. A hike out to historic Fort Bowie is a great way to spend a day. You can request a Ranger-led experience, or take the trail on your own. We've done both, and there are benefits to each choice.

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