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Visit Tombstone AZ for a grand ole Wild West adventure! Do you want to get some great advice & suggestions for your visit? Do you want to have the best time here - suitable for your own style & interests?

First of all - where the heck is Tombstone, Arizona?! Some people have even been known to ask: "is Tombstone fictional?"

Well we know there are a few movies, based on the real town of Tombstone Arizona!

The most recent Tombstone Movie was released in 1993. Some of the movie is downright fictional - yes. Although it is based on fact.

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We do know the town is real - because we live there!! We're Real People - and we love our town. There have been times when we've talked to visitors - and they find out we live here - they say, "you mean real people actually live here?!!" We all laugh together!!!

And YES! We do invite you to visit Tombstone. We'd love to help you make the most of your trip here...

Map of Arizona locates Tombstone AZTombstone is in the SE part of AZ - located by the purple arrow.

Before planning a route, it is best to look at a map. If you're driving into Tombstone for your visit, a GPS would be quite helpful.

Here's a map to locate Arizona within the US. And then to locate our town, for when you visit Tombstone. It's in the Southeast corner of the state. In Cochise County.

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From most areas in the U.S., the major Interstate for getting to Tombstone, is with Interstate 10. This is the freeway that will bring you to the local highway that gets you to town.

The Exit off I-10 is #303 from the West, or #304 from the East. Arizona Rt. 80 will take you straight to Tombstone. About 20 minutes off of the Interstate.

General Access to Tombstone

Coming From

Southern Santa Cruz County

One other way is if you live in a very specific area of Arizona:

  • Around the towns off the Southern part of Interstate 19
  • Or if you're coming from Patagonia, Sonoita or Elgin
  • Or if you're crossing the border from Mexico via Nogales

Then via Interstate 19 or Business Route 19, take State Hwy. 82 East.

It travels through Sonoita, intersecting Hwy. 83. Continue on Hwy. 82 East out of Sonoita. Pass through the intersection of Hwy. 90.

You'll note crossing through the San Pedro Riparian area. Finally you come to the end of the road, at State Hwy. 80. Make a right, and Tombstone is just ahead!

  • OR if you're crossing the border From Mexico via Naco or Agua Prieta
  1. Follow Hwy. 80 to get to Bisbee AZ
  2. Continue West on Rt. 80 to arrive at Tombstone

Tombstone Arizona along Toughnut Street

Visit Tombstone from San Diego Area

  • From the San Diego area of California travel East on Interstate 8. 
  • As you approach Casa Grande you'll intersect with Interstate 10. 
  • Stay to the right to take I-10 East.
  • Now follow the advisement in the tan box above...Use Interstate 10

From LA County in California & Pacific Coast North

  • Nearby to Los Angeles, California, with access to I-10, just take that freeway East. 
  • More North of LA - access I-40 East.
  • Arriving in Flagstaff, exit onto Interstate 17 South.
  • When you get to Phoenix, take I-10 East.
  • Now follow the advisement in the tan box above... Use Interstate 10

From Flagstaff, Tucson & Phoenix

  • From Tucson, Phoenix and Flagstaff - you'll be traveling Southward.
  • Out of Flagstaff, use I-17 South to take I-10 East. 
  • Tucson & Phoenix, its just I-10 East.
  • Now follow the advisement in the tan box above... Use Interstate 10

From New Mexico

  • Get into Arizona from the Southern part of NM
  • Take I-10 West, which brings you to AZ. 
  • Now follow the advisement in the tan box above... Use Interstate 10

Google Map to Visit Tombstone

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