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Bill stands by old wagon in Tombstone Arizona before we moved thereBill by a wagon on 3rd Street in historic Tombstone

About Us - Who is it behind the scenes of this website?

We're Karen & Bill, here to help you get fantastic pointers to plan your trip to Tombstone Arizona.

We love Tombstone - and we know it well! We've known Tombstone Arizona for years. First as regular visitors, then as residents in the original town, too. We'll show you what people love to do here. And why!! But if there's something obscure that you want to know - chances are we can find out for you!

Our interest is in the history of the old, wild west. We love Tombstone! We hope you'll love it too! And our purpose is on all of our web pages...

We'll show you how to have a lively time in this "town too tough to die!"

Portrait of Bill and KarenHi - We're Bill & Karen,
helping you have your best trip to Tombstone AZ

And so - the old Western town of Tombstone! It's a great place! It seems many come here, especially on a first trip, and can be unsure of what to do. Like...

  • Where should they go first? 
  • What are essential sights to see?
  • Why is this town famous? 
  • What are the best things for the kids to do? 
  • Is there anything free to see? 
  • Where should we get something to eat? 
  • Etc.! And on!!

Some visitors get here at inopportune times, and miss out on a lot of things they may enjoy. We don't want that to happen! There is a lot to see and do. We have here a great resource for people to plan ahead. To see why Tombstone could be the treasured experience for them! Even a trip of a lifetime!!

Visitors may not even realize the entire area surrounding Tombstone was involved in its history. There is so much in Cochise County to see and do!! And also the Tucson and the Pima County vicinity were really involved in old Western history, as Tombstone was developing as a prime mining city. We help with that, too.

If you travel through Arizona, as well - we know a lot about the state we love. We can assist you. So much old West history here, in this state.

To keep you informed, we regularly research the continued changes that go on in town - quite a job! New businesses open, others change, some close or sell out. Events are added, sometimes they're temporarily cancelled! Phew!! And the history - it's good to know that background. It relates to what's in town today. Knowing something of that history, adds a lot. It makes your trip here more meaningful. We even publish a Custom-Made Calendar every year. With not only regular holidays, but all the Tombstone Special Events listed too!

We'd love your input! What else would you like to see on this website? What questions, comments or feedback do you have? You can tell us now: GO>

Because we aim to help you, and satisfy you with our information - please use the form below to indicate if any of our photos, links or videos suddenly are not working, so we can solve the situation! We check regularly - but you may find something before we do...

Thank you!!

Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our aim is to provide valuable information about Tombstone Arizona, and related information about the Old West to people interested in the town for its Western tourist value and its history.

In doing so, we continuously research what's needed to provide this information. That includes current tourist needs of Tombstone, and the history associated with Tombstone, AZ. We research related areas of the Old West, including towns, people, and situations. In doing this we interact with other people of similar interest, as well as researchers locally, throughout the country, and internationally. 

We don't claim to be historians, but we do research information for our pages, and attempt to use the best sources as best as we can. If we discover errors (we certainly Welcome Input on that) we fix them asap. Our research aim is to be as accurate and authentic as possible. It's why we provide documentation for historical information. We add our own photographs whenever we can. We locate historic photographs when possible, which reflect related subjects. When showing photographs from other sources, we give credit Per Licensing.

For authentic research and website creation we maintain the following memberships:

  • Wild West History Association (WWHA). 
  1. Tombstone Territorial Rendezvous participation - a  WWHA yearly Tombstone event which helps us analyze and study local history.

Also both of us have degrees which have helped us in formulating methods for proper research and documentation:

  • Karen:
  1. Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, Management Specialty
  2. Master of Education
  • Bill:
  1. Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy

Want to say something - Please let us know...

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