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Bill in Tombstone Arizona before we moved thereBill stands by a wagon on 3rd Street in historic Tombstone

About Us - Who is it behind the scenes of this website? We're Karen and Bill! We're here to help you get fantastic pointers to plan your trip to Tombstone Arizona.

We love Tombstone - and we know it well! We'll show you what people love to do here. And why!! But if there's something obscure that you want to know - chances are we can find out for you!

We've always been interested in the history of the old, wild west. Over the years we were regular visitors to Tombstone - just as you're going to do.

Our plan was to retire here - and that's what we've done! We're so happy that we could do that. Now we get to help others to have the best experience during their visit! 

Our purpose is on all of our web pages...

We'll show you how to have a lively time in this "town too tough to die!"

Because we aim to help you, and satisfy you with our information - please use the form below to indicate if any of our photos, links or videos suddenly are not working, so we can solve the situation! We check regularly - but you may find something before we do...

Thank you!!

About Us - Karen & Bill

About Me, KarenKaren of TombstoneTravelTips.com

I'm Karen - I've always been a warm-weather lover. My family jokingly calls me a "lizard" - really! Although born in Scranton Pennsylvania, growing up on the East Coast, I always knew I'd end up in a warmer climate. When the time was right, we moved across country to Arizona.

We first came to Tucson on vacation to check it out. We knew Arizona was the place to be our home. So plans began for that permanent move.

I had to figure on a career with that move. So went for an Associates Degree in Respiratory Therapy, a Bachelors Degree in Health Care Management, and a Masters Degree in Education. Then to shore up other life options: a certificate in TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and a certificate in teaching Business English.

Here's How I Took It From
Website to Online Success!

I've always loved outdoor activities, travel, history, nature, conservation and in particular, birding. Bill and I have traveled to Ireland, Spain, Canada and Mexico - and through much of the United States.

We've had many hiking and camping experiences along the way, since our younger days. We brought up our kids kind of out in nature - taking them camping, bird-watching. Going places that are fun, but double as a learning experience about history.

Since moving out West we've explored Arizona, and the Southwest - and we're not done yet! We love traveling to investigate historical old West areas.

I'm the primary author/constructor/webmaster of this website. But Bill is involved, too!

About Karen and BillKaren & Bill on Catalina Island
Karen and Bill's travelsAt Key West - the Eastern kind-of Old West!
Bill and Karen at the wineryTouring a Winery - Can You Tell?

Bill is my husband. We've been married for many years - were actually high school sweethearts. People often comment on our marriage's longevity. One reason is that we're best friends. We enjoy much of the same activities and interests - including travel, love of old wild West history, and experiencing the outdoors!

Bill is a contributor to the website. He helps with ideas, photos, offering critiques, helping to research information. He accompanies me on our investigative trips to find needed info. He is imaginative and thinks of unique information and creations to offer readers.

Bill also loves outdoor activities, beautiful scenery, new adventures, and vicariously learning about birds through listening to me! He adores the Southwest, and really loves Arizona and especially Tombstone! Exploring these areas is a favored past-time.

Bill has both an Associates Degree and a Bachelors Degree in Respiratory Therapy. He has been a clinician and a teacher in that field.


By 2015 we both had retired from our medical field professions as Respiratory Therapists in hospitals and in education. We decided on a plan - which was to move from Tucson.

Our love of Tombstone Arizona (always been regular visitors there) and Western history played a part in our retirement plan. We wanted to retire to Tombstone! We began to search for a home there. As we were roaming a few areas in Southwestern AZ in our RV, we made a last stop in Tombstone before going home to Tucson.

We thought we'd look at houses for sale - just kind of dreamily "window shopping." We didn't intend to seriously purchase until the next year. But we saw our ideal house! Perfect spot! Just the type of house we liked - from the outside! It did look like a fixer-upper. But it seemed do-able from what we could initially tell.

And so it was...

We called the realtor, and the (wagon) wheels began to spin! We purchased the house - it was a bargain purchase price! Then we started selling our Tucson home. Amazingly got it done fairly quickly. It was accomplished by May 2016. And so we became Tombstone Arizona residents!

Then began the work on our fixer-upper. It was a process - for sure! The house was built in 1946 - at least it wasn't from the 1800s!

So, happily - Tombstone is now our home. We love it! We hope you'll love it too!

New Plan...

And so... retire? That's not me! I love being involved in something - and I love Tombstone! So my own (wagon?) wheels in my head were spinning. And what else? How about showing others about our town.

It's a great place! I think many come here and miss out on a lot of things they may enjoy. So I want to be sure they have the chance to learn all they can about what there is to see and do - and why it could be the treasured experience for them! Even a trip of a lifetime - because the entire area surrounding Tombstone was involved in its history. There is so much in Cochise County to see and do!!

To keep you informed, we regularly research the continued changes that go on in town - quite a job! New businesses open, others change, some close or sell out. Events are added, sometimes temporarily cancelled! Phew!!

We also regularly research the history associated with the town. We're members of the Wild West History Association (WWHA). We participate in the Tombstone Territorial Rendezvous held in town once a year - a  WWHA event which helps us analyze and study the local history. Our research aim is to be as accurate and authentic as possible. That's why we like to provide documentation for our historical information. 

So we'd love your input! What else would you like to see on this website? What questions, comments or feedback do you have?

Please let us know...

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