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Our once a month E-zine is designed to keep you in the know about one of your favorite Old West Towns - Tombstone Arizona.

  1. We help you figure out what you'll want to know to plan a trip. 
  2. We help to give you an overview of the essential historical knowledge of the town. 
  3. We help you keep updated on what's going on in town - so you feel a part of it all!

Our Tombstone Tips Newsletter will arrive in your inbox during the first week of each month. Be sure to "white-list" its email address ( so your email provider doesn't mark it as spam or junk! It definitely won't feel like that, when you read the information it provides!! The sender will be listed as: Karen M of Tombstone Tips.

For instance, what have been the topics of some of the issues?

  • When's the Best Time to Visit Tombstone?
  • Preview of the Birdcage Theater in Tombstone AZ
  • What's a Must-See When You Visit Tombstone AZ?
  • Visiting the O.K. Corral Gunfight Site
  • The Importance of Nellie Cashman & the Russ House

Plus every issue gives you a review of what is going on in town: local news, upcoming details, insider stuff that locals may know - and tourists might not! So you'll really be "in-the-know" ;-) !!

As a subscriber - we also desire your input. We want you to be a part of our town - just like a virtual local! What would you like to see in an issue? Why have you subscribed? We want to know. Just let us know anything you'd expect to read about, and we'll investigate about including it in Tombstone Tips.

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Karen & Bill

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