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We love creating a valuable newsletter of interest and substance. So you'll love receiving it.

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Examples of Tombstone Tips Newsletter Topics

Here are some topics of past Tombstone Tips issues:

  • Old time Tombstone area mining trivia - after all, the town started that way!
  • Some details on those old timers you heard of - like Curly Bill, Allen English & Sherman McMasters
  • Who was Allen Street named after - and why?
  • How did Helldorado get started - and why?
  • Details on old historic Tombstone saloons
  • Reviews of places you might like to stay when you visit
  • Insider interviews! Meet them electronically, as we take you with us, vicariously: 
  1. Like "backstage" with someone On The Set of Tombstone, The Movie! 
  2. Or having a conversation with one of our local business owners!
  • Inside stories on Wyatt Earp & his friends - & enemies!

Plus every issue gives you an update of what's been going on in town: local news, upcoming details, insider stuff locals may know - and visitors might not! Etc. So you'll really be "in-the-know" ;-) !!

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