Wild West History

Tombstone 1882 was stared because of silver mining.

Tombstone 1882

Tombstone 1882 was a thriving active town. Its initial attraction was silver mining. We found out that the house we’d purchased in town was over an 1882 silver claim called the California Mine! Whoa!! Thinking about its origins, Tombstone Arizona History shows us the way it began as a mining town. Let’s get a feel for the times surrounding […]

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An Old West Traveling & Working Wagon

Old Wild West

The Old Wild West fascinates many people today – world wide! Events that happened when frontier personalities moved West made for exciting stories for then and now. Many news reporters wrote bits that captured the imagination. Plays were written. People who didn’t dare venture out that way, wondered about the Western frontier, even during those

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Vintage stagecoach in Tombstone Arizona


Stagecoaches were the prime means of transportation in the old west. These coaches were 4-wheeled vehicles. They were designed to be used for many purposes. And they were. Even today people have an interest in them. Why might you be interested? Did you want to know more about their History & Construction?> What about coach management? How

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Old West Gambling Saloon in Telluride CO

Old West Gambling

Old West Gambling Games – Were they legal? Were they popular? As people moved into the West in the 1800s, life was hard. Most of these migrants were men: miners, soldiers, explorers, opportunists, teenaged orphans. Entrepreneurs looked for the right circumstances for a business.  With free time, entertainment was what many were after. Proprietors were

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Black Diamond Mine

The Black Diamond Mine in Arizona? Have You Heard? There’s a Black Diamond Mine near-by to Tombstone AZ! In 1880 mining prospector Thomas Pidwell was scouting the Dragoon Mountains in Southeastern Arizona. He found an opportune area. Tucson’s Arizona Daily Star, of February 1, 1880, described it as having “the showing for many good mines there.”

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