Wild West History

Wild West Saloons

Old West Bars

Want to visit an Old West Saloon? They’re part of American history. In any new settlement the saloon was where you relaxed and saw friends. It was a release after working hard all day. These bars of the Old West had customers who were primarily men. Pioneer women didn’t usually feel welcome, or even at […]

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Historical fire Photograph from the San Francisco Earthquake

Historical Fires

Historical fires are noted throughout time because they impact lives and property. The materials used for building were for convenience and ease of construction. Not for fire prevention. Thus after a fire of historical dimensions, rebuilding techniques didn’t change. Living conditions contributed to fire starting. Primitive lighting and heating, cramped housing, carelessness with incendiary items,

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U.S. Marshal Service Patch

Deputy US Marshal

Virgil Earp, and then Wyatt, in Tombstone Arizona were each appointed to become a Deputy US Marshal in different circumstances. This category of lawmen had a lot to do with helping to “tame” the Wild West. Let’s follow their related events through American history.  U.S. Marshal’s Service History The U.S. Marshal’s Service began under George

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Students and Teachers of The Freeman-School in Nebraska, historic, which opened in 1872


The 1880s were a time of great change. The Industrial Revolution was speeding along with all its technological wonders! Can you imagine? Before this time, people were used to only living their evening hours by candle-light or oil lamps. Including students doing their evening studies! That encouraged early bedtimes for sure! The Latest Inventions But

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Western Art even represented by petroglyphs!

Western Art

Western Art was a creative American form starting in the 1880s. It followed the course of Western expansion promoted by the U.S. government.  People in the Eastern states were excited by happenings in this new territory. They read news stories and serial novels in their newspapers. They purchased Dime Novels. These described exploits of daring

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