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Boothill Graveyard Sign marking the spot to go to enter Boothill in Tombstone Arizona


Boothill Cemetery is definitely a must see when you visit Tombstone Arizona. Visitors to Tombstone Arizona may wonder if it is just a fake-out type of tourist attraction cemetery. Or if this famous Old West traditional burial ground is a real cemetery! Some people ask: Is anyone really buried in Boothill Cemetery? Well – we can tell

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Bird Cage Theater

Bird Cage Theater

The Bird Cage Theater in Tombstone Arizona is one of the authentic, historic buildings still standing in town. Enter the Bird Cage Theatre, at the  Southwest corner of Allen & 6th Streets. It is a special building. It’s one of the original, historic landmarks in town. Its grand opening was just after Christmas of 1881. It

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Tombstone Cemetery Entrance

Tombstone Cemetery

The Tombstone Cemetery is the actual cemetery for the town of Tombstone. The way it came into being is involved with the history of the Boothill Cemetery – the old Cemetery in the Tombstone city limits. We moved to Tombstone in early in 2016. But we’d visited this historic town for years, because we love

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Tombstone's Annual Doc Holli-Days

Tombstone Events

TOMBSTONE EVENTS are scheduled regularly throughout most of the year. Events in Tombstone attract people from far & wide. Visitors love these special festivals. Locals delight in interacting with all our guests, while they’re here! We welcome you to Tombstone AZ upcoming events!  Making your plans to get to a Tombstone Upcoming Event during a specific

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Tombstone vacation

Tombstone Vacation

Planning a Tombstone Vacation? It’s a great idea!! Lots of wonderful places to stay, fitting any family budget, or whatever type of adventure you have in mind. Tombstone Arizona is perfect for you, right? You probably are so fascinated by the old American Wild West! Many travelers find they love visiting small towns! Tombstone is just the

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Tombstone 1882 had hotels, merchants and bath-houses.

Tombstone Hotels

Tombstone hotels have been in existence just about as long as the town has had people! People began arriving after Ed Schieffelin founded the Mining District here. Tombstone’s first hotel was built in late 1879. It still stands today: the San Jose House. Tombstone hotels were constructed in the 1880s to provide for Tombstone’s visitors. Many

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Old West Steakhouse in Tombstone AZ

Old West Steakhouse

Our favorite Old West Steakhouse is right here in Tombstone AZ! You may like it, so we’ve got to recommend it to you. It’s called The Depot Steakhouse. Read All About This Great Steakhouse> You’ll find Old West Steakhouse menu options here in historic Tombstone Arizona. Yes – the historic Wild West town that’s “too tough

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