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John B Allen

Intro When you hear the name John B Allen, somehow it brings to mind something familiar! Yes – that’s right. It’s Allen Street. Is that who Allen St. in Tombstone AZ is named after? You’re exactly correct in thinking that. So exactly who was he? And why was Allen Street, Tombstone Arizona named for this […]

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Dos Cabezas

Intro The area sprung up from mining. The name comes from the 2 distinguishing peaks, especially noticeable from Interstate 10, but also from one particular area of Hwy. 186, as you begin an upward climb. In Spanish it means two heads. The location is Southeast of Willcox Arizona. When mine exploration began it soon attracted

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Crawley Dake

Intro Crawley Dake was Canadian born Sept. 1836. But his family crossed to the opposite side of the St. Lawrence River, relocating to Ogdensburg New York when he was very young. He grew up there. At age 19 he moved to Romeo, Michigan, opening a store, running for office, getting married, & having a son.

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Billy Stiles

Billy Stiles Had a Good Start William Larkin Stiles was born in Casa Grande Arizona. About mid-state, half-way between Tucson & Phoenix. Mostly flat area, lots of cotton fields. Raised there, he learned mining & ranching. He drew newsworthy attention with a good copper ore strike in June 1896 at 24 years old. Later that

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Apache Pass

Prequel Apache bands roamed the area of Southeastern Arizona, plus Southern New Mexico (& other adjacent areas) in the 1800s. Their ways didn’t promote permanent homesteads – but these areas were their home. Settlers from the Eastern U.S. began relocating to the area. The Apaches weren’t happy with the situation. Inevitably, conflicts occurred. People on

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Alhambra Saloon

As Portrayed in Arizona Quarterly IllustratedJuly 1880, Vol. 1 – No. 1 – Page 16 The Editors of This Quarterly Were Well Impressed! The illustration in their first issue took up half the page. Sourced from “a photograph by Fly, of Tombstone.” Yes, it was impressive. Of Tombstone’s 18 saloons at that time, three were considered

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Clanton Ranch

Clanton Fame in Tombstone AZ You probably heard of the Clantons. 2 brothers were involved in the famous 1881 Shootout here in town. One, Billy, was killed. He’s buried in Boot Hill. The other was Ike. Ike & Billy Clanton were the best known of the Clantons here in Tombstone. Their father was locally known

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