March 2022

Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp is a name heard often in Tombstone AZ. He’s well known now from his law-man days, and that’s mostly from movies, and the O.K. Corral Gunfight. That’s today what the name Wyatt B. S. Earp is most famous for! So, who was the real man? Wyatt: A Real Historical Person> Wyatt’s Siblings: Brothers & Sisters> What […]

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Jesse James portrait at 17 years old

Jesse James – Outlaw or Something Else?

Jesse James, outlaw marauder, had parents of strong vintage, yet with troubles in their own lives. Jesse James was born September 5, 1847.1 His parents then resided in Centerville Missouri (now named Kearney), Clay County.2   Jesse’s father was a well educated Baptist preacher named Robert Sallee. He also farmed hemp, using slave labor. Jesse’s mother, Zerelda

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Fairbank Arizona

See History at a Ghost Town Fairbank Arizona is now considered a “Ghost Town.” But still, you can visit today. Plus it is not at all far from Tombstone, Arizona. It makes an interesting side trip, when you plan your Tombstone vacation. We have for you an overview of its historical development: Early on the area

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Black Diamond Mine

The Black Diamond Mine in Arizona? Have You Heard? There’s a Black Diamond Mine near-by to Tombstone AZ! In 1880 mining prospector Thomas Pidwell was scouting the Dragoon Mountains in Southeastern Arizona. He found an opportune area. Tucson’s Arizona Daily Star, of February 1, 1880, described it as having “the showing for many good mines there.”

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Gleeson Arizona - A Ghost Town

Gleeson Arizona

Gleeson Arizona is Tombstone’s neighbor. Native Americans were first in the Gleeson area, the Chiricahua Apaches. They removed turquoise located there, using it for personal decor and trade.6 Arizona copper, silver and gold mining attracted many from the East. They came and forced the local Indians out. One way or another. Let’s see how this area

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Sunset as an Arizona Monsoon storm is coming to a close

Arizona Monsoon Season

The Arizona Monsoon Season is something many who live in Arizona look forward to. Say the word “Monsoon” and people usually think of Southeast Asia… Torrential rains for days and days. Jungles, flooding, mud up to the knees, mosquitoes attacking, no sun to be seen, rivers overflowing! Well… meet Arizona’s Monsoon season! When Is Arizona Monsoon Season?>

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Ghost Towns of the West

Ghost Towns are places that used to be thriving communities. But now they have no citizens living along their streets. The buildings are abandoned. Many structures have become ruins. Foundations sometimes can barely be seen. Events causing this situation were economic or natural. Consider the usual circumstances contributing to a town’s desertion: A railroad route

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