Walking to My Car - A Ghost Encounter??

by Izzy Esparza
(Tucson, Arizona )

When my roommate and I were walking to my car after our semi unsuccessful ghost tour at the Bird Cage, we were crossing the street near the OK corral. When something ran in front of our feet causing both of us to gasp, stop, and follow! But absolutely nothing was to the left of us.

I stated I thought it was a dog. And my roommate, who’s never seen anything like this kind of thing, was like maybe it was the reflection of the rain and lights.

But I have no explanation of what happened!

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Sep 06, 2021
Another Chilling Tombstone Ghostly Possibility!
by: Karen

Izzy - so often there are strange experiences in the town of Tombstone. I'd venture to say you probably had one of those ghostly encounters! But how can you prove it?? There's really no way.

You can only catalogue it as one of those weird, but memorable experiences that you had in this historic town. A town that through the years, on occasion, had some wrenching times. That may have left some after-effects.

Thanks for telling us your experience!

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