Tombstone Testimony

Our Tombstone Testimony, just like in old West Tombstone Arizona - where Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and even Johnny Ringo and Ike Clanton gave testimony in the local courthouse!

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People often ask us questions through our Contact Us form, or they message us (or ask us anywhere for that matter) on one of our Tombstone Facebook Pages. When they see how we're authentic, real people. And that we get back to them, answering their question or concern with good information, they appreciate it. We get back to them in a timely fashion, and even do some research, and use our local contacts to find our what they need to know.

So with all of that, they appreciate our help. Then they like to express their appreciation.

Finally, people search the internet for a variety of information about Tombstone Arizona.

  • They might be planning a trip, and want to know what to do here, when's the best time to visit, what's it really like, where are good places to stay, what's the layout of the town like. All of that type of helpful information.
  • They may have just watched the movie Tombstone, or the movie Wyatt Earp. That encourages them to find out more about the movies and the background, other similar movies, and the real story about the people and they town - how closely accurate the movies were.
  • They may be reminiscing about the old West towns they went to as a child, or the amusement type towns they went to. Now they want to know the real history of this real town of Tombstone Arizona, and they want to know who the real people were who walked the streets of the town in the 1880s.

So for all of those reasons, they find our website: Tombstone Travel Tips. They like what they find, and they contact us to express their appreciation.

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We're featuring all of these Tombstone Testimony quotes for you to see, as you're our jury. So you can see we're not "shooting off the top of our head" when we say we're here to 

Show You a Lively Time in the

"Town Too Tough to Die!"

Tombstone Tips Newsletter Testimony 

More from Bob C., Who Said: 

  • "Great Up Dates: we always enjoy the magazine from you. the best part I think is the photos or maps of what your topic is for that edition. thank you both again for keepin [us] in the loop.

Another time Bob sent:

  • Always look forward to the newsletter. HAPPY TRAILS BOB

Brenda S.P. said: Happy New Year!! I am enjoying the first newsletter of the year from Tombstone. 

Ricardo A. said: I am very grateful to you for all the information that you send me

K.J.S. said:  thank you so much for the email with all the info!

More from Pete D., who said:

  • Great article on Joyce. Must have taken some digging to come up with all this.

Another time Pete sent:

  • Great stuff as usual

Dave H. said: I really enjoy all your readings and newsletters about Tombstone. We are going to be there in April. I find the history of Tombstone fascinating. Thanks again.

Mark Y. said: The December issue of the newsletter was excellent! I remember Tom Jeffords from the series. Now I know a lot more about him than I did before.

Bubba K. said: wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your newsletter--I look forward to it each month

Martha R. said: Thanks again for all your hard work in putting together your interesting newsletters.

Bill G. said: I look forward to reading your monthly issues. Keep up the good work.

Paul V. said: Another wonderful publication and a great article on the Clantons and their Ranch.

Greg F. said: Thanks for all your quality info that I receive from you on the history of the town.

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Tombstone Testimony

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Our goal is to have the best Tombstone travel website for anything you could want to know about Tombstone Arizona. People seem to appreciate our efforts. Here are some of the comments/accolades we have received:

  • Jayme B. - Your website is amazing & extremely helpful! Your information is great! Thank you for answering
  • Christina D. - Thank you so much! You have been so helpful, I really appreciate it!
  • David S. - Very nice presentation!  Thank you.
  • Keith - Very nice Website u have put together!
  • Marta - Thank you so much for your help.... Your page was very helpful.
  • Martha R. - I found your Tombstone Tips site very informative and helpful. I can tell it is well researched and well written. All my questions about Tombstone were answered. Thanks again for all your hard work
  • Bill G. - I find your site to be both entertaining and historically accurate.
  • Creashera - I took another chance at research and ran across the site and although couldn't take the time at that point to visit, wanted to subscribe to continue receiving updates surrounding the historical events and information. Thank you all for what you all do!
  • Jeff - Thank you so much. You went above and beyond.
  • Storm - I stumbled across your great website while doing research on Gleeson.
  • Steve - thanks for getting back to me. I can tell how dedicated you are by the response you gave. Good for you....  All the best and I hope you have many years of happy researching.  Again, thanks for your time.

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