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Tombstone pictures, when taken on a trip to Tombstone AZ, can be very helpful to others planning for Tombstone travel.

Do you visualize a trip by looking at pictures? Do you like to dream about where you'll visit when you see those pics?

When planning to travel to Tombstone, pictures can help you visualize the excitement you expect on your trip. Don't you think? They can help with your planning. [More planning info here>] Show them to your family to see what they like & get their input! Looking over pictures raises anticipation - for the trip.

Welcome to Tombstone AZWelcome to Tombstone AZ

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We have photos here for you to peruse. When we walk around downtown, or go to local sights or attractions - we always have our camera ready. We never tire of the area, and enjoy documenting it!

Tombstone PicturesA view of Tombstone from the Hills South of Town

We hope our pics can help you out. I know when we're planning a trip, we love to look over pictures of our intended destination. So we thought you would too!

See what interests you. View Tombstone pics of areas you'd like to see. Figure out what events you may want to include in your travels. While here in Tombstone, which attractions peak your interest? We have another page that may help you for figuring that out, as well. If you're interested - CLICK HERE>

Will you be here for a number of days? Then you'd probably wonder what other sights in the area are worth looking into.

After spending some days in Tombstone, pictures of nearby areas can give you further exploration ideas. There are a lot of interesting places in Cochise County.

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I know we love exploring our county. There are so many intriguing and historical spots a short drive from the town of Tombstone. Maybe you'd like to check them out. Go ahead and get an idea from our Tombstone pictures page:

Tombstone Pictures of Historic Buildings

Tombstone endured two substantial fires in its history.

The first happened on June 22, 1881. By then the town was on its way to being a real community. It had just been named the County Seat of the newly formed Cochise County. And it just received its city charter.

The June fire began on Allen Street, midblock between 5th & 6th streets, at the front of the Arcade Saloon. It quickly spread through the wood-frame & adobe buildings on the block. Then it spread until four full blocks of the downtown were destroyed. 66 businesses altogether were damaged or gone.

The second one was really devastating. It occurred on May 26, 1882. It started in a back room of a saloon on Allen Street called Tivoli Gardens, which was between 4th & 5th Streets. It quickly spread until the entire business area of town was burning. Only a few buildings managed to escape due to volunteer bucket brigades.

Tombstone Historic Adobe House1881 Adobe Home Escaped both fires.
Tombstone 1888 Fire Insurance MapTombstone Fire Insurance Map from 1888 - After the 2 Fires

After each of these fires, the townspeople immediately rebuilt. Their future was invested in Tombstone, and they meant to see it survive!

Many historic buildings have been here since that second fire. Sections of original buildings were saved - and incorporated into their new structures.

Hope this little historic intro will help you appreciate these photos!

Solo Build It!

The Crystal Palace Saloon is located on Allen Street, at the corner of South 5th. Stop in for a meal & a drink when you come to town. There have been more recent renovations since the Tombstone pictures posted here. The upstairs balcony now is available as an eating area. You'll have great views of Allen St., while you sample their menu. The historical flavor of the original Crystal Palace was retained. It's our favorite Saloon - for the history, and the wonderful staff! If you come by, say Hello! - when you see us there!

A good deal of the Tombstone action is on Allen Street. These Tombstone pictures are on Allen between 3rd Street and 6th Street - where many of the businesses are. Yet, the side streets (numbered ones), and Toughnut, Fremont, and even Safford Streets hold some interesting attractions.

Historical figures who lived in Tombstone add further interesting character to the town. One of these is Allen English. He used a lot of flowery rhetorical embellishment in his legal arguments - which certainly added to his reputation! His family history is here>

Jack Crabtree, Tombstone AZJack Crabtree's Livery on Fremont St.

Jack Crabtree is another 1800s Tombstone local, who earned a historic reputation because of possibly fathering a child out of wedlock. Wyatt Earp returned to Tombstone when he was 77 years of age to testify about Crabtree's relationship with his common-law wife & their child.

The issue related to an inheritance which this child claimed. The property in Tombstone is privately owned. It went under some renovation - as you can see when this photo was taken. But now it's up for sale! Looks like a possible historic Wyatt-related biz opportunity there!! Any takers out there??

Tombstone Pictures - Local Areas

Historical Tombstone intertwined with surrounding areas within Cochise County. The various mines and mining support towns located nearby closely interrelated with the people and interests of Tombstone.

The Earps and the Cow-boys regularly rode throughout these areas on horseback. Ranchers lived in these outlying areas. Some stagecoaches had regular routes among these towns and villages.

Fairbank Railway Station 1900Fairbank Railway Station in 1900

Some now are considered ghost towns! The following Tombstone pictures relate to these areas.

The Dragoon Mountains played a lot into the history of Tombstone AZ. They're a very picturesque area that can be seen from town. One specific spot you can try to pick out is called Sheeps-Head Rock. See if you can spot it!

When you come to town - get a really great photo of Sheeps-Head Rock. Then please would you contribute it to our visitor photo page - Right Here>

We'd love to see it!

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Dragoon Mountains, Cochise County ArizonaDragoon Mountains, Sheeps-Head Rock - Viewed from Fourth St., Tombstone
Tombstone Arizona sunriseJaw-dropping Sunrise on February 1, 2018 - Taken from our front deck.

Around Town Activities

Visitors enjoying different activities. While roaming town, as the sun gets low in the sky - you may see some of the local wildlife! Have your camera ready in case you get some fabulous Tombstone pictures of a deer, or maybe even a javelina family!

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