Southern Arizona Snowfall!

by Brian Joe Jones
(Tombstone AZ)

December 5, 1971

December 5, 1971

I'm remembering this today, Wednesday - on December 5th of 2018. That's because 47 Years ago today on December 5, 1971 there was a 6 inch snowfall in Southeast Arizona. It shut everything down. I drove from Ft. Huachuca to Tombstone in it, and took some pictures. I remember it every December 5th.

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Dec 06, 2018
What a Great Vintage Snowfall Photograph!
by: Karen

I loved this photo, Brian, when you sent it to me through our Tombstone Page on Facebook. You said this was a special remembrance day that you have! A snowfall like this in Southern Arizona is certainly a rare occasion. I think it's even more rare in early December because it hasn't even reached the winter season yet.

We know snow does fall onto the mountains, the highest elevations. The Huachucas, the Chiricahuas, the Mule Mountains. And snow can even fall on the highest peaks of the Whetstones and the Dragoons - all of these ranges in Southeast Arizona, surrounding Tombstone AZ. But to reach the towns and villages in elevations around 5000 ft. or lower - it doesn't happen very often. But, as we know - it can occur!

So I was very appreciative that you submitted this wonderful photograph to share with us all here! Thanks again Brian. I hope everyone else will enjoy this look at a rare event in Tombstone Arizona's history!

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