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SBI Review

Our SBI Review is here to introduce readers to the fabulous method we've used to create our website. It's our story that intertwines with this great online business system!

We think it's the best out there!! And we'll tell you why...

SBI - Means Solo Build It
(Formerly Called Site Build It)

Once called Site Build It - because it's a system to build a website. But is that all? Absolutely not!!

But let me start at the beginning - Of why I love it! And so does my husband - but just a note, before I begin at the beginning:

This SBI review is written by me - Karen, though my husband agrees fully and supports me. But I'm the primary one who deals with the SBI system. He takes other background roles in our LLC business.

Solo Build It Review

I've always had the entrepreneurial spirit - even as a kid! But I never really went there, and instead had various careers. When our kids became adults, and then home computers were invented - I started to think about having a business from home.

That would satisfy that spirit in me! I did a few things - I was even the "Plant Lady" for awhile!! Giving plant parties, and some planting advice. (Oh my, I don't really even have a green thumb!)

Then one day I was searching the internet for possible home businesses. That's when I discovered SBI. Around 2002 or 2003. I saw their ad, read their SBI reviews.

It seemed quite good! Was it possible? The price seemed reasonable for all that you got. And what was really great, back then - you could download their manual to get started, to sample it first.

A little stick figure guy took me through their step by step SBI method to create a website. Not only that - but one that could be successful. You start with an idea you love, an interest you're passionate about. That's what you base your website on! Then you won't lose interest - your passion for working on it.

And not only that! You also weave in interests of those out there searching for what they want on the internet. Where do the two intersect? 

Really?? I could find that out? 

Site Build It Review

I could create a website about something I love! And choose that love because a lot of other people are loving it too!! That sounded like a plan!!

I loved taking vacations. Loved travel. Loved beach vacations. Loved going to the beach in California. So I started out with a site about California beach vacations.

My problem was I was still building on my career. And it didn't leave me much time for working on my site. My fault - I didn't follow the plan. So when the year ended, I didn't renew, I didn't continue with that site. But I remembered the SBI potential - I was just too distracted at that time.

Solo Build It Reviews

Time passed, my career in Respiratory Therapy and education progressed quite well. It was time intensive, though! So I didn't have a lot of free time to do the things we loved - like a lot of traveling. Or work on a travel website. But I never forgot about SBI.

Then down the road, some changes occurred. My husband Bill needed to retire. He was the right age. We began to plan for it, and a return to our "home" in Arizona, from California. I really thought of SBI again, even though I needed to work 1 or 2 more years.

SBI Reviews

I went online and searched for SBI reviews. I found the SBI website again -

Solo Build It by

and much had been changed and updated since I last started with it. Except one thing - the price! It was still such a bargain, I couldn't believe it!!

I was a little disturbed with one SBI review, though. It went on and on about how SBI was so bad, and the administrator who started it was so evil it seemed. This SBI review was so mean, I was really taken aback! I almost responded to this SBI reviewer - what was her problem? Why so mean? (More on this below!)

Site Built It Reviews

But I didn't bother. I had used SBI before, and now looking over the offer - saw it had only very much improved. They have a valuable 90 day Money-Back Guarantee. So no worries, if it wasn't the same or even better than I'd been thinking!

I began again, even though I still had a job. I carved out a little spare time to work on it. This time I chose Arizona travel as my theme. We love Arizona, and visiting all the variety of places in the state.

Now I followed the plan more closely. But, not quite exactly as I should have. But a lot more closely than before.

SBI Review Site

What I found was - it progressed. As I built my website - my business, my visitor traffic steadily grew. As long as I was working it and building, I saw some advancement. But I began to realize, I again didn't totally align with the plan. That made the road to success more difficult - and time intensive.

So finally - I, too was retiring! That's when I decided I needed to go back to the SBI roots. Back to the beginning of the course of action, and start again. In December 2016 I began anew - a new site.

I centered my focus, Arizona was too broad. This time finally, I followed the plan! The site relates to where we've retired, and love to live: Tombstone Arizona! I'm not even done with the whole SBI business system course of action yet.

And what's been happening is - there has been great progress! It's getting listed on Google and Yahoo!! There are more and more visits to our TombstoneTravelTips website - traffic like I hadn't seen before!! Steadily more and more each month. And I'm enjoying my retirement from a job. Plus - right now I'm into working on Day 10!!!

So How Does SBI Work?

It's a process you follow (not my initial bad examples, please!) -

The Solo Build It! Action Guide

Based on their CTPM principles:

  • Content - continually create authentic great content
  • Traffic - bringing in the targeted traffic who wants that content
  • PreSell - lets your visitors know you're an authentic person they can trust by the value of your site
  • Monetize - the business area, where your visitors purchase offerings provided by you in a trusting manner

The SBI Action Guide takes you through 10 logical Chapters - called "Days" - each with sub-parts of action to accomplish.

  • Intro - Overview: an in-depth explanation of the CTPM principle
  • Day 1 - Master the All-Important Basics: Building the foundation of your business
  • Day 2 - Develop Your Best Site Concept: Essential for your success
  • Day 3 - Brainstorm Profitable Topics: Your site blueprint
  • Day 4 - Investigate & Plan Monetization Options: Discover $$$
  • Day 5 - Refine Site Concept & Register Domain Name: Big decision!
  • Day 6 - Build a Site That Gets the Click: Construction instruction
  • Day 7 - Build Free Traffic From a Variety of Sources: Give life to the business
  • Day 8 - Develop Relationships: PreSelling needs
  • Day 9 - Know Your Visitors: Better profits
  • Day 10 - Monetize: Action plan begins

Each day is as long as you need it to be to accomplish the plan. Remember - this is NO get rich quick scheme. No such thing!!

It takes time, and work. The more time and work you put in - the faster you will see results, though. But remember follow the Action Guide!

But There are Free Website Builders!

I know you can use website builders other than SBI. Review them and you'll get many various opinions. Some are free, some are low-cost. Others are a little more costly.

Some are quite easy to use, some are quite a bit more difficult to use. Definitely not user friendly!

I have used some of these. In fact, when I was a teacher, I often used free or very low-cost versions that came with specific domain names I purchased. I did that since I didn't need people to find the site on Google. I had captive traffic - my students.

I posted assignments, inserted links to necessary information, provided email to use for contacting me, posted class rules, etc. I tended to go with one company most often. And although their website construction was usually more or less easy to use - not as easy as SBI! Not as functional.

And if I did want to be found by web searchers - it was not automatically done. There were more packages to purchase. Explanations were not clear of what needed to be done. And more! Right!!

I've also used Word Press. I'm not sure why it seems to be so loved?? I think it's quite tedious. Maybe it's because I've only used the free version. But with all these plug-ins and various methods to do assorted things - I don't consider it user friendly at all.

For those who love Word Press - but desire better traffic for their site. Or for those who have Word Press, find it tedious (like me!), and don't want to ditch it for the work they've put into it. There is a solution to transfer to SBI! There is an SBI for Word Press - See the Info Here>

So with free or low-cost, you can build a website - Yes. But can you build a business? If you build it, will they come? NO - they won't.

I just can't help but say - SBI is the WHOLE PACKAGE! From start to finish, you're supplied with a user-friendly, business-building, website-building, fantastic system! I hope this SBI review is showing you what I mean.

But if you have any questions - please fill in the comment box below. Or alternatively Click Here for Fast Action>

Authentic Vs. Fake SBI Review

Beware of Fake Reviews!

You can see we highly recommend SBI and their method for building an online business! We're giving our own review of SBI here, to help you evaluate it for yourself. Perhaps you're perusing around, searching for SBI reviews while considering which online business you want to pursue.

That's certainly the way I did it in the past. It's a good method. Take caution, though - because fake reviews are out there!

Fake news has been a topic of the media in recent times. That's not a good thing, for sure! You want to be able to trust reports that you see or hear. It's good to use critical thinking, and investigate things you're told, read or see.

That's why I bring up fake reviews - because I know there are Fake SBI reviews out there! Which amazes me!! In fact that one I read myself, mentioned above, I now realize was a fake review.

So I encourage you to do your own research! I encourage you to consider SBI, and cautiously look for authentic reviews. Look for real Solo Build It Reviews - there are many, written by those who know SBI, use it and love it! Just like me!

Here's a favorite of mine - for one of our favorite places to visit:

San Francisco

Click Here for some other real story examples!

And then Click Here to Review & Verify Results for SBI

No Fake Reviews Allowed!

When you do a search for reviews of Solo Build It, you'll find these fake reviews. They're written by scammers who get paid to do that so they can sell you their product. The same exact one they bought!

A primary company promoting this method is "WA." They're in business to sell a business to you, that you in turn will sell to others, so they'll sell the same to others! That product only - a website to sell a website, on which to earn commissions. Not only that - they aim to publish fake Solo Build It reviews to attempt to detract from what they feel is their competition!

Personally, I can't see the value in their product! I don't believe it's an authentic method to build a successful online business. How do I know that?

Solo Build It did a specific study to test it. In the study, every site from Solo Build It and WA is included. On average - Solo Build It has 3300% more sites in the top bracket (that's 33 times more!). Click Here to view the study & further details.

These fake reviewers have their suspect methods of "fake-reviewing Solo Build It" - but one thing they never do, because they can't - is to compare success! Solo Build It always has tons of verifiable proof on their website.

Online fake reviews are a large problem. They mislead people, just to make money - to take hard-earned cash from consumers! If you search Google for "fake reviews" you'll see what a problem it is.

I've written this page to share my Solo Build It story, to review why I love it! It's also to let you in on this information, if you may consider beginning your own online business.

Awhile back...

  • I saw that vile Solo Build It review
  • and then found out it was a fake review
  • and even more-so discovered there was an aim to create Solo Build It fake reviews 

- I was upset! I wrote my own Solo Build It review to support this great system that works so well. It's a product that gives you so much - that I love to use for my online business!!

I felt disturbed that anyone with a legitimate desire to start a website business could be misled into buying this product promoted by fake reviews. A system where you have only 1/33rd the chance of true success compared to Solo Build It.

Plus the ethics of the system, I feel, are questionable. I think they're willing to take your money selling you a fake dream. I wouldn't trust them, and I hope you'll be cautious about trusting them also.

I'm building this website into a business with Solo Build It. I'm becoming more and more successful with each day. It's a real business builder. It doesn't only build a website, Solo Build It takes you through everything you need for your website business success. And I mean everything!!

Solo Build It takes care of everything, which allows me a clear path to focus on what I really know and love:

Our Tombstone Travel Tips Website

P.S. If you are considering your own website for a home business, for full transparency - if you click any links for Solo Build It, and then order, I do receive a small commission. And I appreciate that - for it helps me to keep my website running. It's also the only type of earnings I receive for the purchase of a website-business-building program. So if you do order: Thank You!!

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