My Old Tombstone Photo

by Robert OConnor
(Chicago IL)

Vintage Tombstone Pic by 5th St Hanging Tree

Vintage Tombstone Pic by 5th St Hanging Tree

Hello: I have been to Tombstone many times. And I was going through my old photos and I found this one. I don't know if you would want it, but I thought I would send it along to this website page for a posting anyway.

I am not sure when it was. But I know it has to be MANY, MANY years ago ­čÖé! I wonder if anyone who lives in Tombstone now, or maybe in times past, or you of this Tombstone Travel Tips website - Do you know any of the people in it?

On that day, they had a little entertainment thing for the tourists. I was young when this happened, on that day of our visit. I remember one of the lines from the "play" they performed for the people in town - "This is my prostituting attorney" !

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Apr 07, 2019
Terrific Vintage-Like Tombstone Photo
by: Karen from TombstoneTravelTips

Love your photograph from your Tombstone visiting memories, Robert. It's really a cool picture. I can tell it's taken in front of the "Hangin' Tree" that's on 5th Street, alongside of the Crystal Palace Saloon - towards the rear of the building. And it's just before you get to the Tombstone Epitaph's building - the free museum for that historic newspaper.

I, personally, don't recognize anyone in the photograph - though one or two of the faces look a little familiar. I don't know if that truly means anything. Probably not! I'll hope that maybe someone else in town - who has lived in Tombstone a long time - maybe knows someone in the photo. And then will comment here.

Anyway - thanks so much for submitting your photograph. We appreciate that humorous quote that you remember, also!!

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