Mrs Tracey Donnelly

by Tracey Donnelly

I was having a drink at the bar of the Crystal Palace with my husband. There was an empty stool next to me but all others taken. I had a T-shirt on and my arms were resting on the bar. I felt a hand stroking the underside of my arm above the elbow in a sensuous way. I looked to see if anyone had sat on the stool and maybe accidentally touched me but it was still empty. There is no mistake of what was happening because I remained in that position while it was happening, just turned my head to the right. That place definitely has a male spirit there. I told my husband who is a sceptic and then asked the bartender if the place was haunted. I hadn’t heard it was. He said that sometimes the toilet door opens and closes.

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Jun 01, 2019

by: Karen

Thanks for sharing your experience. The Crystal Palace Saloon is just one of the places in town known for some ghostly happenings!

You've checked our page that has some other hauntingly strange things that happened at the Crystal Palace:

Lots of history on that corner! And even more stories like the one you just told us! Thanks for adding to it's legacy!

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