Ghost In White

by Aubrianna Stewart

Saloon Girl Ghost

Saloon Girl Ghost

We were in Tombstone Arizona, and because it's a historic town we wanted to take pictures of those kinds of buildings there. We went into those old bars and saloons.

This was quite a while back, so I can't really remember which one it was where this happened. We heard about a girl who came into this saloon a lot, maybe she worked there? But what ended up happening to her, was that she killed herself.

So when we looked at our photos later on, that we had taken in this saloon, we saw this ghostly appearance there. When we went back to the bar and showed them this girl in white in the photo, they told us that yes, they thought it was the girl that killed herself! Her ghost!

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May 24, 2021
Scary, but Sad!
by: Karen

What a sad Tombstone ghost story this one is. I'm sorry you can't remember the saloon it happened in. But it must have been a memorable experience. Tombstone Arizona is certainly filled with ghostly happenings - that's for sure!

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