Dennis Quaid - Doc HolliDAYS

Dennis Quaid Doc HolliDAYS appearance was an enjoyable time for many visitors to Tombstone Arizona!

Here's a glimpse of what happened in town that day - presented by the Tombstone Mayor: Dusty Escapule...

What's Goin' On...

  1. Tombstone Mining District - This History Began A Wild West Town!

    Tombstone mining got started because of silver in them thar hills! How did the mines get started? Who was involved? Can you go in one?

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  2. Tombstone Arizona History - Tough Tradition in Survival

    Tombstone Arizona history starts in the 1800s. How did the "Town Too Tough to Die" hang on through the years? It wasn't always easy.

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  3. Historical Fires Down Through History - Tombstone Has Survived!

    Historical fires are still interesting today. Some have been so devastating their story gets told again & again. Tombstone goes on!

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