COVID-19 Update

Our COVID-19 Update is here temporarily only to help you to make your OWN decision. We're providing you with helpful information. Covid-19 updating is something on everyone's mind right now.

Some wonder about visits to Tombstone, Cochise County and Arizona. Or anywhere! We'll help you figure it out for yourself. And give you some possibilities related to that.

But in the end, you must use your own judgment.

CDC Corona Virus update - COVID-19

COVID-19 Changes in Tombstone AZ

Recently Tombstone has made more changes. Things are changing, and many more will change as time moves along.

Here is the letter from the Mayor of Tombstone Arizona:

Tombstone Arizona Mayor's Letter
About Corona Virus

Tombstone City Information

As of mid March 2020, for eight weeks all events needing a permit were cancelled. How have they responded?

  • The Rose Festival was entirely canceled - it depends on the seasonal blooming of the Rose Tree. So rescheduling wasn't feasible.
  • Beers N' Balls - Sponsored by Four Deuces Saloon -  will be rescheduled for the autumn. Currently organizing that.
  • The newly created event, Schieffelin Days, is rescheduled for the autumn: October 9 thru 11.
  • The Easter Egg Hunt on April 12 is cancelled.
  • For Events Rescheduling (continuously being rechecked & reworked) - Plus any updates on Events you can check either of two areas:
  1. Our Events Page>
  2. Our Tombstone Facebook Page>

Businesses are being creative, enabling safer practices. Cooperating and helping with Social Distancing. Some have just closed altogether. The Tombstone Chamber of Commerce has gathered a list to help with figuring out who is open, who is closed, who is doing what - See That Information Here>

We'll update this page regularly to attempt to keep up with it all. If you have any particular questions, concerns or don't understand something, you can reach out to us. We'll try to help. Please Contact Us to inform us, and we'll see what we can do.

Making YOUR Covid-19 Decision

If you were planning to visit Arizona, or Tombstone (or anywhere) - you probably want information on making a decision about planning, or cancelling any trip. We cannot tell you what to do. However we do advise you to Socially Distance yourself, and stay at home.

Here are essential facts to immediately know about COVID-19:

  • This virus spreads by tiny droplets (even microscopic) through the air when people cough, sneeze, even talk
  1. If you're within 6 feet, you can inhale the droplet - droplets can hang around in the air up to 3 hours
  2. If the droplet hits a surface, you touch that surface, then touch your face, the virus can migrate internally through you (via mouth, nose, rubbing your eyes)
  • You can be exposed in a stealth manner because people may have it, don't yet have symptoms, but ARE contagious. So they can pass it on to you.
  1. If infected, it can take possibly up to 2 weeks to begin having symptoms, though the most common is from 2 to 14 days
  2. Meanwhile that infected person can pass it to others!
  • Dr. Fauci, the NIH Director of Allergy & Infectious Diseases stated Social Distancing should be practiced for six to eight weeks
  1. It's my belief when you read all of this page, unless everyone follows all the advice uniformly - it will be a long time before this problem will cease
  • Social Distancing is effective for keeping you safe from getting the virus, since you won't be exposed
  • COVID-19 is more contagious than the regular flu - it passes on more easily
  • Every age group can get this virus, even children & teens
  • Antibiotics are NOT useful again virus infections - in fact, using them improperly may be detrimental to you for when you really need them in your future
  • But some people have increased risk of bad outcomes (like dying and/or long illness & going on life support [ventilator])
  1. If they're approximately age 60+
  • And any age person with:
  1. Asthma or other lung disease such as COPD
  2. HIV
  3. Diabetic - Type I or II
  4. Heart disease or heart defects
  5. Pregnancy
  6. Any other serious chronic health problem, for instance, auto-immune diseases, cancer patients/survivors, kidney patients, liver disease, etc., etc.

Read on for more details on making a smart decision, gathering information, discovering what's happening in Tombstone, Arizona, and related details, and understanding the situation.

We personally had scheduled a trip to Alaska, but early on cancelled the entire thing. We requested refunds for things we'd planned to do, and everyone was very cooperative. Our plane fare was nonrefundable. But the airline did even give us a credit voucher, which is good for a year. That's what we decided, as our careers were Respiratory Therapists - Licensed Health Care Practitioners - and we've observed over the years how disease can spread, and its repercussions. We've seen some weird ailments that were never able to be diagnosed!

I taught microbiology for about ten years. I even had students go through a scenario on how a disease such as this can spread in a multiplying way: 2 to 4 to 8 to 16 to 32 to 64 to 128, etc. That's an example of only 1 person spreading it to 1 other. They're finding one COVID-19 infected person is exposing about 2 or 3 others before they're home sick. Lately sometimes even to 3 or 4. So that spread is more like 1 to 3 to 9 to 27 to 81 to 243 to 729, etc.

One important thing you've been hearing is the importance of washing your hands. It is so true! This was something we in healthcare education (and in the work-force) always emphasized. You've heard: 20 seconds. Sing Happy Birthday, or Row Your Boat, or Mary Had a Little Lamb (whatever one you want/know) TWICE.

Want to know why a little plain ole soap & water wash is effective? Watch:

Facts are that social distancing is quite effective in stopping the spread of this virus. And it's not good when social distancing isn't uniformly followed. When one state, county, or town does the right thing for prevention - and another does not - then it can spread across those imaginary lines more easily. And the earlier the better. When it's delayed, then the virus has more & more time to spread, especially in that stealth manner.

COVID-19 spreads mostly by drops in the air and somewhat by contact on surfaces. Which is why masks and gloves are so important, especially for health care workers.

According to the National Institute for Health Studies, COVID-19 virus can live up to:

  • 72 hours on stainless steel & plastic
  • 24 hours on cardboard
  • 4 hours on copper
  • 3 hours in air droplets
  1. Tiny & microscopic droplets can float around in the air for up to this long. You may breath them in & they stick onto your lung cells. Breathing medication is based on this principle!

Another contributing and frustrating fact is lack of PPE - personal protective equipment. Our granddaughter works in Occupational Therapy, in an Oklahoma nursing home. They haven't had masks since this began - only recently received some gloves.  Our daughter is a manager in a large city-wide health care facility in Tucson. They're just about out of gloves and masks and can't put in an order for more - it's consistently rejected.

One hospital system is handling their need for PPE by getting volunteer fabricators: Providence Health Care>

Talking with other health care workers I know across the country, I find some areas have great plans & processes in places - others seem in total confusion. For instance, various small Emergency Rooms or Physician Offices. That not only endangers patients - but also those who work there.

Our suggestion is do NOT go to an Emergency Room, unless you really are having an emergency. I see news reports show people lined up waiting to get into an ER! Really!? That just possibly exposes people to Corona Virus, when they may not even have it. Plus, if you're not seriously ill, then you should just stay home in isolation. There isn't anything the hospital can do for you. Stay in touch with your doctor by phone, only go into the hospital when they advise it is needed to do so.

If you need to go out in public, of course it's wise to keep a 6 foot distance from others, even 10 feet - so there's time to hold them up! Keeping them at a distance. It's helpful to wear a face-mask, as well. But please save the medical grade masks for those in health care. We need health workers to stay well! If you can sew, learn to construct your Own Personal Face-Mask>

Knowing the facts and how to respond with reason is important.

One unusual fact with COVID-19 is a person who's infected with the virus, but doesn't yet have symptoms, can give it to others. That's why distancing is effective. That's why it's better not to be in groups, or traveling around. As much as it's painful financially, and for towns like Tombstone. But in the end protecting health and families is the most important action.

The World Health Organization estimation of the mortality rate in early March was 3.4%. With this stat, consider this: Someone gives you a bag of 100 M&Ms and tells you three of them have something in them that could kill you. And there's a few pieces that are split in half, and one of those halves also could kill you. Will you chance eating any of those M&Ms?

That's the chance you take when you don't follow Social Distancing - taking and eating one of those M&Ms. Would you do it??

A Physician's Covid-19
Update Discussion

So here are some things to check, on making your own decision:

  • Check the advice of the Arizona Department of Health Services Infectious Diseases Corona-Virus Home>
  • See what Tombstone Arizona's Chamber of Commerce is saying on their Corona-Virus Page>
  • Look over the Cochise County & the County Health Dept. Covid Website Overview>
  • There's a lot of misinformation circulating around out there, even daily. See W-H-O Myth-Busting>
  • There are multiple factors to consider about your own travels, it's a personal thing for you, for your own family. See what the CDC says about traveling Within the U.S.>
  • Lots of details are viewed here on Arizona, your own state & the country's Current Statistics>

Your Alternative - Social Distancing

Social Distancing

If you've made plans, and it's totally frustrating to cancel them, and have to do Social Isolation - is there something else you can do?

First of all, you want to be sure to keep your family safe. Align yourself with the CDC guidelines as a first priority. Because we'd suggest not gathering in contained places with groups of people. But what else can you do while you're waiting this thing out? Here are some suggestions*:

  • Ways to maneuver your life via the new Social Distancing>
  • If you're 60 years of age, and older, it's definitely best to stay home - an occasional short car ride may relieve the cabin fever. Just be sure your transportation is in good shape, so it doesn't break down. And avoid areas with lots traffic.
  1. Take advantage of grocery store food delivery that's available now-adays. Or at least the Store-shopper pick-up. Where you make your order on-line. Then you drive to the designated parking spot & the clerk loads the bags for you. Be sure to disinfect your hands immediately after unloading your groceries.
  • Our winter has had quite a bit of rain, so wildflowers will be tremendously blooming. A great time to have a short drive to view them. But see the above advice about reliable transportation.
  • However, overall - It IS best to stay at home if at all possible & as much as possible. To protect yourself & avoid cross-contamination. Many states are requiring this, that's a good thing!

*Please be advised, these are suggestions to use at your own risk. We provide these suggestions, but still give caution to take them with a grain of salt, so to speak. And our overall suggestion is to Stay Home as much as possible, and follow CDC guidelines - as they are updated.

Home COVID-19 Protective Methods

Try shopping for some items and it's frustrating. I know I just went online to do my online order for pick-up.

There is plenty of disinfectant soap - but you don't even need that. If you watched the film above, you can see regular soap is fine. It's the technique that's important. I looked for hand sanitizer, as when you need to be out, that's important. None available. No sanitizing wipes either.

What to do? Well I found two recipes you may find handy - here they are:

Hand Sanitizer - Make Your Own

Here's a recipe that originates from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. They're at the forefront in decontamination.

  • 2/3 Cup Rubbing Alcohol (70% alcohol)
  • 1/3 Cup Aloe Vera Gel
  • Optional - 8 drops Essential Oil for Fragrance
  1. I believe Eucalyptus is a good choice

Stir together with a small spoon or fork until well blended. Spoon it into a container for storage. Be sure to label it as Hand Sanitizer.

Disinfectant - Homemade Spray/Wipes

This formulation comes from the CDC. Once you make up the solution, you can place it into a spray bottle. Or cut up small sheets of material, place them into a small covered jar (such as a repurposed salsa jar), then pour just enough solution over to dampen all of them. After using them, throw them in with your "whites" laundry.

  • 4 teaspoons household bleach - be sure the expiration date is still good
  • 1 quart water

What you're disinfecting should be clean first. Be sure the surface you're disinfecting is appropriate for a bleach disinfectant. Mix together in a container and label.

But never mix this solution with any other type of household cleaner - a poisonous gas can result! 

When disinfecting, protect your hands with gloves. Use enough solution to wet the surface so it's moist for several minutes. Let dry.

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