COVID-19 Update

Our COVID-19 Update is here temporarily only to help you to make your OWN decision about distancing, protecting yourself & traveling - especially to Tombstone. We're providing you with helpful information. Covid-19 updating is something on everyone's mind right now.

Some wonder what's happening in Tombstone, Cochise County and Arizona. We'll give you info on that, and some possibilities related to that. Any New Governor Exec Orders?

CDC Corona Virus update - COVID-19

We also have this information here - because We Would Like People to Know the Facts. We Would Like This Situation to Improve. We are tired of staying home!

We would Like People to Have An Understanding of the Science. Ensure Stopping COVID Spread. Or it will Go On & On & On Interminably. As I said here since March 2020 - I taught Microbiology & I predicted that unless People Everywhere in the U.S. cooperated with following social distancing, & all following guidelines this will go on a long, long time. And it has. Sadly. Causing More & More Illness & Death.

Yes - We are Tired of It, Too. But if People are Impatient in Cooperating With What Needs to be Done, That's What Makes it Drag On & On.

That's What Makes it Financially Untenable for Everyone. Just look at the examples in other countries: Australia & New Zealand as 2 examples. That could've been us, too.

Now there's a vaccine - what IS needed to begin getting this under control. Get Yours! Then Follow the Instructions - Because it still Won't Miraculously Take Your Life Immediately Back to Normal. Patience will still be required.

Please, please, consider what we say here. Thank You.

Tombstone City Information

Lots of details are viewed here on Arizona, your own state & the country's Current Statistics>

And then there is the CDC's own U.S. Cases with a Vivid Color-Coded Map

Access the States own Covid Info> - Click on Cochise County for the Area's info

See the Cochise County Covid Site>

Our Cochise County Covid Bi(2x)-Monthly Tracking:

  • As of Jan. 12, 2021 in Cochise County, there've been 9,232 total cases. That's 5,126 new cases over the previous 5 weeks. Thus more cases arose in those past 5 wks. than from the start of the pandemic thru Dec. 4, 2020.
  • February 7, 2021 - 10,602 cases = 1,370 new cases over the past 3 weeks & 5 days.
  • February 27, 2021 - 11,176 cases = 574 new cases over the past 20 days (1 day <3 weeks).

Every month we're tracking the local Tombstone area statistics, where an outbreak of COVID-19 has begun: 

  • On July 6, 2020 Tombstone had confirmed first COVID-19 case/s. Because of privacy issues, the Arizona Health Dept. doesn't state exact numbers when under 5. So it's documented as between 1 and 5 cases.
  • Aug. 3, 2020 Tombstone has confirmed between 1 and 10 COVID-19 case/s. Again because of privacy issues, they won't specify exact number until >10.
  • September 4, 2020 Tombstone confirmation of 11 cases of Covid-19.
  • Oct. 4, 2020 Tombstone still has 11 confirmed cases of Covid-19 - which means no new cases over the past month.
  • Nov. 6, 2020 Tombstone has 13 confirmed Covid-19 cases, meaning 2 new cases in town.
  • Dec. 4, 2020 Tombstone's confirmed cases of Covid-19 number 20, meaning 7 new cases over the past month. There has been at least 1 death among these totals. It appears an outbreak is beginning in town.
  • On Jan. 6, 2021 the mayor cancelled the local town council meeting due to the "overwhelming cases of COVID-19 in Tombstone..." Jan. 12, 2021 confirmation of 67 total cases in Tombstone - meaning 47 new cases over the past 5 weeks. Jan. 15, 2021 Tombstone's City Hall & Public Works was closed to the public due to "high volume of reported COVID-19 cases in Tombstone."
  • Feb. 7, 2021 Tombstone's total update of confirmed COVID-19 cases are 98. That makes 31 new cases in the past month. Remember this doesn't account for those who don't get tested: the asymptomatic, those ill but don't want to get tested, etc. 
  • Feb. 27, 2021 Tombstone's total confirmed COVID-19 cases are 111. That means 13 new confirmed cases via testing over the past 20 days.

For Events Rescheduling (continuously being rechecked & reworked) - Plus any updates on Events you can check either of two areas:

  1. Our Events Page>

Our Tombstone Facebook Page>

Tombstone City Park with the GazeboThe Gazebo in the Tombstone Arizona City Park


In Case the Rest Rooms in Town Haven't Been Recently Cleaned

Karaoke is Back

Because of a recent court case, there has been a loosening of some restrictions for bars, [ref: Fischer, H. (Oct. 21, 2020)] among which is - Karaoke is now back. Here are the rules that are to be enforced (for safety) if sponsoring Karaoke:

  • The Karoake singer must be a minimum 12 ft. from other patrons. Per reasoning that singing can project aerosolized droplets farther still than than recommended 6 ft. “social distance ” level. 
  • However, if a plexiglass protective divider is set up, then the 6 ft. distance is satisfactory.
  • Between each Karaoke Singer, the microphone must be either disinfected or exchanged for another
  • And finally, despite its possible interference with the Karaoke song, the singer must wear their mask - keeping it on throughout

Arizona Governor's Latest

The Governor noted in updating his Executive Orders the following:

  • The Governor now has a page with links to specific Business Advisories and Requirements.
  • As rules a being relaxed in Cochise County, and in Tombstone - it's advisable to know what the requirement are for the business you plan to visit:
  • Thus "pursuant to A.R.S. 36-787(A)" the governor has responsibilities to act in this Health Crisis, "by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the State... after consultation with the Director of ADHS..."
  • Within Arizona, a county, city or town is allowed to adopt its own policies about requiring face masks in public places. Legally enforceable, but in doing so must first work on best practices via education, and first allowing the person to comply.
  • Pima County has a mask in public requirement, Cochise County does not. However, specific towns in Cochise County may have mask requirements, and of course specific businesses definitely do.

ON JULY 23, 2020 an executive order was issued, EO-2020-52, continuing his previous order, following case curve trends (Click on the current statistics for Arizona, then you can view the curve and See The Details>).

It acknowledges that the prior order(s) not affected by subsequent changes are still in effect. That includes requirements he issued for businesses with the last order: for Bar/Restaurants> that are still applicable coordinating with the following order.

In early December, a few updates to Executive Orders - major changes: no more than 50 for any gatherings without going through authorization hoops & extending allowable outside dining areas. See link to the orders below.

  • This Order is in place until Further Notice, and will be under review for repeal or revision at least every two weeks.
  • You can view EO-2020-52 at the Governor's website, which continues EO-2020-43>

Here is where you can access the Governor's Executive Orders> which you can follow to see if/ when/ how extended.

Tombstone AZ Covid Info & Assistance

One unusual fact with COVID-19 is a person who's infected with the virus, but doesn't yet have symptoms, can give it to others through their breath. That's why distancing is effective. That's why Wearing A Mask Is Effective. As much as it's painful for families financially, and for towns like Tombstone. But in the end protecting your health and your family and others is the most important action. And to get this under control - even gone, so life could finally get back to normal. Here is helpful information to make your own judgment on how to handle this situation.

Ourselves, having worked in the Medical Field, as licensed professionals (Respiratory Care Practitioners - Respiratory Therapists - who manage those ventilators/life support machines) before retiring - we know what we've chosen to do. For 10 years before retiring, we also taught students going into that field. We have researched this pandemic information with a view to sticking with the science, and presenting it objectively. Of course, you'll make your own decision.

It is troubling to hear people say wearing a mask is a "personal choice" because they have Libertarian-like ideas. That's unfortunate, as it shows a lack of understanding of how respiratory virus spreads. Here's how this even more troubling virus spreads:

  • This virus spreads in tiny droplets (even microscopic) through the air when people cough, sneeze, even talk. Spreads when someone inhales it when they're about 3+ feet apart. The virus can stay floating in the air for up to three hours, even longer some studies show.
  • If the droplet hits a surface, you touch that surface, then touch your face, it's slightly possible for the virus to migrate internally through you (via mouth, nose, getting into/rubbing your eyes).
  • You can be exposed in a stealth manner because people may have it, don't yet or ever have symptoms, but ARE contagious. They're asymptomatic. In other words, they're "silent carriers." So they can pass it on to you.
  1. If infected, it commonly takes from 2 to 14 days to become ill - or you may not become ill at all!
  2. How long they can be such a silent carrier still seems undetermined - as are many other things about this virus.
  3. All it takes is for one to have it in this stealth manner to begin to an outbreak - especially in a crowd.
  • And not only old people die from it - but still: plenty of "old" people are also loved relatives, people that are cared about, who have a good, valuable life, & who may have it carried to them in a stealth manner by a younger person. Every age group is getting this virus, even children & teens - young people are dying from it, too, they're not immune.
  • COVID-19 is more contagious than the regular flu, passing on more easily. Now there are mutations (viruses commonly mutate, so this was expected - what other mutations will occur?), strains that are more contagious yet, spreading more easily.
  • Reinfection has occurred. It's uncommon - but don't assume that if you have it, you can't get it again. The CDC says "As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we expect to see more cases of reinfection."[]
  • Here's More Detail> on why wearing masks applies to Libertarian Views, if you need that. Same applies to getting the vaccine.
  • If you do get it, treatments are few, and reserved for certain cases. They don't cure you, they shorten the process & possibly lighten the effects. Just likely improvement in the case. Antibiotics are NOT useful against viruses - in fact, using them improperly can be detrimental. There is no preventative treatment either.

Making YOUR Covid-19 Decision

We're not telling you what to do. However we do advise Socially Distancing. We hope you're wearing a mask when out in public. We believe you should avoid crowds & gathering in large groups.

We are personally mostly staying home for now. Sure, we'll make some occasional short trips to avoid cabin fever. We have to get out to check on specific things to maintain our website & get updates for our newsletter - but not at the risk of exposure to this virus.

We do love to travel. But we'll stay in cabins, or motels where they consider the virus for guest check-in. Where you can pull up to the door & enter. We'll get outside & walk some wilderness area trails. Go to lake-side areas. Go camping.

I placed this statement below when I first put up this page:

It's my belief when you read everything here, unless everyone follows all the advice uniformly - it will be a long time before this problem will cease.

And it is so, just as it's been happening as I stated this here, back when I first put up this page, back in early Spring 2020. 

Here are other essential facts to immediately know about COVID-19. 

  1. Many areas of Europe, but especially New Zealand & Australia has kept a lid on the situation, because they handled things nationally, uniformly, with cooperation from their citizens - they've had much more success overall. They immediately suppress new outbreaks, responding to them. New Zealand is even about back to normal life within their own country. (Look it up!) Even Sweden finally admitted their "herd immunity" technique wasn't effective. They now regret it, and have a large virus surge happening. [Tharoor, I. (2020, Nov. 17) Has Sweden’s coronavirus strategy failed? The Washington Post]
  • Social Distancing is effective for keeping you safe from getting the virus, since you won't be exposed. Studies confirm that wearing a mask is effective. It only makes sense, when you know how it spreads.
  • Some people have a further increased risk of bad outcomes (like dying and/or long illness & going on life support [ventilator])
  1. Older people, those who are overweight, & those with pre-existing health conditions or chronic health problems

Read on for more details on making decisions, gathering information, related details, and understanding the situation.

Wear A Mask

Why is it that for years & years, hospital & medical personnel have worn masks during procedures. And that's not only N-95 masks, but also surgical masks.

Surgical masks are the same type of masks that people are now purchasing for this pandemic. Why would health care workers have done that, if they didn't work? If they didn't have some effect? If they were useless? They're not useless. They need to be worn for specific reasons, in specific circumstances.

Studies show they provide protection. Now a recent study has tested 3 different two-layer cotton, pleated-style masks. Here are details for making important decisions on what to buy. To analyze it, researchers set up a box, a laser, a lens & a cellphone camera to test the masks. They found, in order of best to not as good: 1) Fitted N95 (you don't want an exhalation valve), 2) three-layer surgical mask, 3) Cotton-polypropylene-cotton mask, 4) two-layer polypropylene mask, 5) two-layer cotton, pleated style mask. See The Study>

Very Important - Least Effective - or even detrimental were: Gaiter-type neck fleeceDouble-layer bandana & Knitted mask. Neck fleeces actually broke droplets into smaller droplets - which allow them to escape the material, spew out & stay in the air longer. If the droplet holds virus, that increases possible contagion spread. [Source: Duke University]

Remember to please wear your mask properly - over the mouth AND NOSE - the orifices through which you breathe! There is also a wire through the top section which needs to be crimped along the bridge of the nose, to ensure a tight fit.

They should be removed properly, without touching your face. Ideally only worn once (disposable types), and then wash your hands. It's even better to wear a face shield or glasses with the mask (important: they don't replace a mask). But if you're not in close contact with others for a length of time, it's not worrisome to not have shield/glasses.

Surgical Masks

They have an even better variation now called the KN95 Mask that is said to be the Best Protection Yet. Below is one of the first mask effectiveness studies conducted in the U.S. But now there are many available. It is a proven thing to protect yourself. Facts matter - So see all the studies for Mask Effectiveness.

Mask Effectiveness Study

Studies are showing masks are helping. Let's just see one simple study out of Kansas done recently.

Their Governor issued a statewide mask mandate starting in July. But individual counties were allowed to opt out. 15 counties followed through with mandated masks, 90 counties opted out.  Kansas Dept of Health & Environment Secretary Lee Norman saw that the 90 counties provided a natural Control Group. So he began following the stats. The counties with a mask mandate have 66% of the state's population, with the largest cities. Also note those 90 counties have the more rural populations, only 33% of the state. The difference set in after about a 12-day lag, also demonstrating Covid's infection timing. See for yourself the effectiveness of mask wearing:

"Snake Oil" Treatments Were Around in Historic Tombstone, Too!

An advertisement for a Cold Cure in the Tombstone Epitaph on Sunday, May 20, 1906From the Tombstone Epitaph - Sunday, May 20, 1906 - Front Page

Our careers were as Respiratory Therapists - Licensed Health Care Practitioners - and we've observed over the years how disease can spread, and its aftermath. While working, we've seen some weird ailments that were never able to be diagnosed!

I taught microbiology for about ten years. I studied this subject. I had students go through a scenario on how a disease such as this can spread in a multiplying way: 2 to 4 to 8 to 16 to 32 to 64 to 128, etc. That's an example of 1 person spreading it to 1 other. They're finding one COVID-19 infected person (before getting sick) is exposing about 2 or 3 others. So that spread is more like 1 to 3 to 9 to 27 to 81 to 243 to 729, etc. (Lately it seems it's sometimes even spreading from 1 up to 4 or 6 or more!) Now there are variations spreading even easier.

Libertarians - Masks a Personal Choice?

Now, we're not Libertarians, though we agree with some of those principles. But consider these points quoted from someone who was a physician, and left that field to become an entrepreneur. He holds Libertarian principles:

  • The position overall seems to be "I'm an American so I'm free to choose." & "I would rather die from coronavirus than live the rest of my life in fear and wearing a damn mask." Fair enough. As a libertarian, I get that. The problem is, though, is that it's not ONLY about him... or you... or me. During a pandemic it's about ALL of us.
  • Let's start with the only 3 hard facts that matter in this debate....they are also common sense.
  1. Many people with COVID-19 don't know they have it. If they do they can pass it on to others
  2. If you wear a mask, the physical barrier reduces your chances of passing the virus to someone else. It stops your "spray."
  3. If you have it there is no perfect way to isolate you from passing it on to someone else, especially when you come home.
  • It's worth mentioning, too...
  1. You are also less likely to get COVID-19 if you wear a mask. The tighter the fit and the better the barrier, the better YOUR protection against the outside.
  2. The higher percent of people who wear a mask in crowded situations, the benefit goes up.... it stands to reason.

But lets... focus on libertarianism and fundamental freedoms. The basic tenet of libertarianism is... "I am free to do what I want to do, as long as I don't impinge on the next person's right to do the same." The 2nd part is important, otherwise you have anarchy. So...

  • We can drink alcohol, but we can't drive drunk. That's because you MIGHT kill other people, not just yourself. If it was just you, so be it. But it's not.
  • We all have freedom of speech. But we can't falsely cry "FIRE" in a crowded theater. THAT endangers others.
  • Americans have the right to bear arms, but not kill others by firing them (except in cases such as self defense).

Wearing a mask during a pandemic is all about exercising one's freedom "responsibly." The science on this is clear. Wear a mask to cut down the rate of viral spread. It's also simple common sense. THIS VIRUS KILLS. So if you cut down the rate of spread, you'll cut down deaths.... ICUs will not be overwhelmed.

BOTTOM LINE? NOT wearing a mask is indeed exercising some sort of freedom. But you do so IRresponsibly. It's up to us to self-manage and work TOGETHER. Surely we can start to benefit from what we've learned and finally get it right? If we do we can wrestle the virus under control within a month. If not, the deaths will soar. The economy will absolutely tank, far beyond what we imagine. The old will be dead. The young will be poor, millions desperately so. Wear a mask - for ALL our sakes.

- quoted from Ken Evoy of SBI

Washing your hands is also very important! This was something we in healthcare education (and in the work-force) always emphasized. You've heard: 20 seconds. Sing Happy Birthday, or Row Your Boat (whatever one you want/know) TWICE.

Want to know why a little plain ole soap & water wash is effective? Watch:

Facts are that social distancing IS effective in stopping the spread of this virus. And the earlier the better. It's not good when social distancing isn't uniformly followed. When one state, county, or town does the right thing for prevention, and another does not - then it can spread across those imaginary lines more easily. When it's delayed, then the virus has more & more time to spread, especially in that stealth manner. You don't know who is infected, who is infecting you. But when it isn't possible - what's essential is to wear a mask. When out in public wear a mask.

The truth is we're seeing people who've insisted on not wearing masks - and now it's too late for them. They've already contracted COVID-19. Some are now sick. Others are just outed. Some have passed away! The sad thing is - they've infected others, too! Innocent people. Their victims.

COVID-19 spreads mostly by drops in the air and somewhat by contact on surfaces. Which is why masks especially are so important. And health care workers absolutely need them, as well as all the other PPE for their essential work - since they're constantly exposed.

According to the National Institute for Health Studies, COVID-19 virus can live up to 3 hours in air droplets:

  1. Tiny, microscopic droplets can float around in the air for up to this long. You may breath them in & they stick onto your lung cells. Breathing medication (like inhalers people take for asthma) is based on this principle!

Remember that if you think you may have COVID-19 - consult & stay in touch with your doctor by phone first, then only go into the hospital when/if they advise it's needed to do so. You'll just stay home in isolation because there isn't anything special the hospital can do for people with COVID-19. "Treatments" for it are supportive for your symptoms. Only if you become very serious, which your doctor will monitor while you're at home, will you need to go into the hospital. You're better off at home, really!

Don't take it upon yourself to search the internet for unproven "treatments." Not a good idea, and most likely dangerous. There is undocumented information spreading the internet. If it's true - then validate and prove your sources! If you're looking at it - then look for documentation! Don't believe just anything you're reading on the internet. Use critical thinking - authentically research it.

There's a lot of misinformation circulating around, even daily. See W-H-O Myth-Busting>

If you need to go out in public, of course it's wise to keep a minimum 6 foot distance from others. Add a Face-mask around your nose & mouth - surgical-type face masks that are available to the public. Keep reusable ones clean & dry. Disposable ones can be reused if kept in a plastic bag & worn for a very short time. Otherwise, dispose of it & wear a new one the next outing. 

How tragic that the U.S. death total from COVID-19 is still rising in January 2021. 58,177 died in just over 11 years in the Vietnam War [ref: US Military Operations: Casualty Breakdown. Retrieved from]. My youth was during that horrific war era, and I remember watching those deaths on the news every evening. So these mounting Numbers of COVID Deaths are quite vivid in comparison. Two horrible tragedies.

Our concern is that people stay safe, keep their families safe, and not spread the virus so that it will be over sooner - rather than continue over a longer and longer time. We'd like to be able to go out and socialize again. But doing so too soon will not help.

Consider this: Someone gives you a bag of 100 M&Ms and tells you 18 of them have something in them that kills you. And there's some pieces split in half, and one of those halves can kill you. Will you chance eating any of those M&Ms?

That's the chance you take when you don't follow Social Distancing & wearing a mask in public places - taking and eating one of those M&Ms. Would you do it??

*Please be advised, we do have health care degrees. But still, we are retired. We give all these  suggestions to use at your own risk. We provide these suggestions, but still give caution to take them with a grain of salt, so to speak. And our overall suggestion is to Stay Home as much as possible, wear a mask, maintain social distancing, avoid crowds, and follow CDC guidelines - as they are updated.

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