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American West travelA New Year to Plan Our Travel

American West travel is a favorite pastime of ours! We love primarily traveling the American West for two main reasons

  1. We live in the West, so we can do a road trip - we don't have to fly!!
  2. We can search out the historic places of the Old West - a big interest of ours

We live in one of those historic Old West places - Tombstone Arizona. And we love it here! But we also love to travel. Not that we don't travel to other places, too. Actually, if you see our About Us page - you'll find out we've done just that.

But when we travel through the American West and have located such wonderful sights - we just have to share them with you.

  • The fantastic vistas!
  • The Wild West history!
  • The unique scenes!

So come with us now, as we drive around on our American West travels. View these endless horizons along with us! We welcome you along...

Far American West Travel
Big Island Hawaii

Rain Forest

We love to spend time in Hawaii. Remember - Hawaii is part of America! And it's in the West!

We don't usually go to resorts, but instead try to find a nice house to rent. We usually look for something on Air BnB, VRBO, Home Away or something of that nature.

We used to have a Time-share, and we'd trade for a place in Hawaii. Then suddenly it was very difficult to get a trade there - no matter how early we tried. Even though we owned a top flight place in Scottsdale AZ.

We got rid of that Time-share. Now we just have a vacation club, but haven't traded for anything in Hawaii with it yet. We may try at some point.

But right now, we're happy enough with the places we get. On our last trip we spent 10 days on the Big Island of Hawaii. We rented a great little cottage in the rain forest about 45 minutes from Hilo. The little frogs around the place made an absolute cacophony at night. It was amazing!

Each day we traveled around the island for an exploration road-trip. We love it there. The volcano was active in two places. Check out a few of our photos. 

KilaueaThe Volcano is Steaming!
Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkChain of Craters Road
Steam from lava into Pacific OceanPuʻu ʻŌʻō Lava Flows Into the Sea

Most Southerly town in the entire United StatesSouth Side Shaka
National Historic SiteHeiau - a Hawaiian sacred site

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