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Tombstone Special Events - Tombstone Tips, Issue #012
March 05, 2018

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March 2018


~ ~ Tombstone Special Events

~ ~ February's Events/Insider Update Review

~ ~ The Latest at Tombstone Travel Tips


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Special Events & New Happenings are always going on in Tombstone Arizona! What's the latest? We like to get our readers the inside view of the town's happenings. And the latest - be a part of all that's going on!!

We thought this month we'd do some focus on that. Let's see what's been going on. Cuz it seems there's been a whole lot!! And what's happening with some new events.

Seating area completed - Not yet being used during photo.

The Outside Upper Deck is Completed

#1 - History Remains Intact

~ ~ When they started this project, we worried a bit about the appearance. From the historical standpoint. A fire consumed The Golden Eagle Brewery in May 1882. A saloon was rebuilt in its place: the Crystal Palace. (Click Here to see more of their history.)

~ ~ Compare the before & after. Before the remodel & after. The history photos from post fire 1882 & the post-remodel. We think it stays true to its history.

~ ~ Do you? Please reply & comment...


#2 - Regular Entertainment

~ ~ Finally there has been daily, daytime entertainment at the Crystal Palace. Something that has been much needed. We know you can always be entertained while having lunch at Big Nose Kate's. But not so at the Crystal.

~ ~ So good to see Mario playing lots of days & a few weekend nights! A real talent. He was there in February. The Booze Bombs - rockabilly - were there on Feb. 8th. It was also Manager, Meghann's birthday celebration. The Band Wanted was consistently there playing a few sets most days during February.

Mario Plays an Evening Gig at the Crystal

Booze Bombs - Rockabilly from Germany

Crystal's Manager Meghann - Celebrates
Her Birthday Party on the Completed New,
Inside Upper Level of the Saloon

"Band Wanted" Playing Afternoons at the Crystal

#3 - 25th Re-Union of the Movie "Tombstone"

~ ~ Local Larian Motel owner, Gordon Anderson, is instrumental in the organization of this event. He's been appointed a co-director of Tourism by the City Council. He's continually & currently working on the budget for this event. The more funding available, of course, the better the event can be!!

~ ~ Right now Michael Biehn is the featured guest. His role was the notorious Johnny Ringo in The Movie. Along with him are Peter Sherayko who played Texas Jack Vermillion, John Philbin who played Tom McLaury, Sandy Gibbons who was Father Feeney & Frank Stallone who played gambler Ed Bailey.

~ ~ Also expected is the Production Designer Catherine Hardwicke. She's now gone on to be a movie Director.

~ ~ Gordon plans to put out a press release. We'll be watching for that. The event dates are Saturday & Sunday, June 30 & July 1st of 2018.

~ ~ Take a look at the Facebook Page where they plan on posting any further information/updates - Click Here!

Ticket Stand for Good Enough Silver Mine Tour
Toughnut Street, at South 4th

#4 - Newly Opened Good Enough Mine

~ ~ Alabama residents Patricia & Ricky Jones are Tombstone history aficionados. When they found one of the original mines in town was closed & up for sale - they were right on it! The purchase was made in short order.

~ ~ Tombstone locals Mike & Shelly Evans were hired to manage this authentic Tombstone attraction. Ricky Jones met Mike when Mike cowboyed at Monument Ranch. That's when Ricky got the local "lowdown" from Mike.

~ ~ They've got big plans for it. Right now it's open all but Christmas, New Years & Thanksgiving. Tours are hourly from 10 am to 4 pm. Senior & military discounts. Our Tour Page has full details.

~ ~ A food truck is on-site, with picnic tables. Great prices on their menu. They'll even deliver to local businesses. They want to support & cooperate with all the local establishments - they believe in the success of the whole town.

~ ~ They planned to run a trolley tour. We mentioned it in a previous newsletter. It's now offline. While running, one local said it was a great experience. It didn't duplicate any other tour in town. They still plan to get it back up again soon.

~ ~ Come summer, they intend to expand their hours into the evening. They also are working on getting the Tough Nut Mine reopened. That's a more difficult access. But ideal for the adventurous!

~ ~ Another convenience they plan for is rest rooms. When installed, they'll allow use by anyone in need. Not for customers only. That way, there will be general access rest rooms in "mid-town" also. A nice welcoming touch for tourists.

Why Not Have a Doc Holiday?!

#5 - Tombstone Brewing Company

~ ~ Located on Toughnut between 1st & 2nd. We don't go there much. Bill will have a beer, I don't drink it. They'd only had beer. They had a food truck for a short while - but no more. The weekend bartender, Jon - is a friend. So that could draw us in - sometimes?

~ ~ Their brewery is popular in many spots around the state. During the week Jon delivers their brews to Tucson & Phoenix area restaurants & bars.

~ ~ We stopped in a few weeks back, just to see how Jon was doing in his bartending. And what do you know - they added something new! A soft drink called: Doc Holiday. Tastes, more-or-less, like Dr. Pepper.

~ ~ At least something to order for those who don't care for beer! And a unique aluminum can to save - if you collect that sort of thing.


The San Bernardino County Sun
Thursday, March 2, 1911 - Page 2

Tombstone Arizona Name

Published in The King City Times
Friday, July 17, 1914 - Page 1

A King City Missouri Newspaper considers the humor of Tombstone's Name!

~ ~ Think we've covered the latest of the town's goings on!! Will you be planning to come to the Tombstone Movie Anniversary?

We hope we'll see you in town, checking out these new features. Let us know if you did! Tell us how you liked them & what you did. Just reply to this newsletter for easy input! (Let us know if we can use your comments - credit with just a first name & last initial; or only initials; or anonymous.)


Vigilante Days

~ ~ It was busy - for sure, but we've seen it busier for a special event day. Saw a few different sightings around town, though! Kinda out of the ordinary. For instance, a witch contingent!

Witches at the Crystal - Is It Halloween?
NO! It's Vigilante Days!!


* * Big Iron Shooting Gallery

* * The New Owner still has the shooting area in the back room, where the poker game had been. The poker game area is temporarily nonexistent. The owner is considering a few things.

* * He wonders if he'll return the shooting area to the front again. But instead he may leave it where it is now. If so, he'll put in a strong glass window between the front poker area & the back shooting area. That way customers can view the shooting gallery from the doorway & boardwalk.

* * He's also working on bringing his marketing up to speed. We'll be keeping an eye on it!! I know our grandson had a fun time in there.

* * February's Quilt Show

* * The month-long event has ended. The winners of the Quilt Show have been chosen. Beautiful handiwork by these crafters!

* * Vintage City Hall

* * The City Hall on Fremont & 4th - the historic City Hall - the refurbishment is complete. We'll look to see what's in store now!

* * Sister Paranormal

* * Sister Paranormal Investigators, who occupy the old morgue/undertaker Watt & Tarbell building on Allen St., will be closing the business there. Instead they'll be doing on-site investigation events. That's a shame, because they sponsored a very popular ghost experience in that building - it probably had the best reviews of all of those in town.


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