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Tombstone Tips, Issue #001 -- Cowboy Singers?
April 05, 2017

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April 2017


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Come on over to Tombstone AZ most evenings, and you'll find them in some night spots along Allen Street! That'll be in sponsored Karaoke events. Walk anywhere from the corner of Third Street all the way up to the corner of Tenth Street - check out these venues:

++ Doc Holliday's, Wed. thru Sun., 8pm-11pm
++ American Legion, Thurs., 6pm-9pm, Big Rig Karaoke
++ Big Nose Kate's, Thurs., 7pm-10pm
++ Crystal Palace, Fri., 7pm-10pm, Big Rig Kareoke (our fave)
++ Ringo's Bar, Sun., 7pm-10pm

There's a good dance floor at the Crystal Palace. Sometimes they remember to move the tables back off during Karaoke, for dancing. We go there about every other week - Bill likes to sing, and he prods me into a duet or two!

Big Rig Karaoke is run by a friendly couple: Debbie & Cruz. They have just about any song you could want to sing. They have books - but with their system, Debbie will look it up for you in their database quickly & efficiently.

Debbie & Cruz both take a turn singing to warm up everyone. Debbie's been to Nashville, as a singer for awhile - she has her own CD. Sometimes their granddaughter comes by - she's sure inherited Debbie's singing talent!

And then there's John, showing his vocal talent at Doc Holliday's. He bar-tends and waits tables at Big Nose Kate's. But then sometimes relaxes after work by exercising his vocal cords at Doc's Karaoke!

You're invited to show us your talent anytime you come to town. Locals are always at one of the above. Some of them could really be pros - we think!

But visitors are always encouraged to get up and show what they've got!! Come on over...


When visitors drive to Tombstone AZ, they usually arrive via Hwy. 80 from Interstate 10. As they come into the city limits, they come up the hill and see Boothill on the left. Next they come into the curve that brings them into town.

As you get through the curve, looking immediately to the left - you'll see the Wyatt Earp house. It has an iron fence and a statue of Wyatt in the yard. So - did Wyatt Earp live there?

A sign in front explains that "Wyatt and Mattie are said to have lived on the Northeast corner of the intersection." That is the lot on which the house sits. It is a fact that Wyatt owned that lot, as well as a few others right in that vicinity. His brothers also owned a few right in that area of Fremont and First Street, right there.

But some local historians say that Wyatt never lived in that house. They claim that he owned it, but only rented it out to others for some income. They say he actually lived in a house behind this one.

We're not sure if the house where he's supposed to have lived actually still stands. I've seen some house pics on the internet - a totally different house claiming to be Wyatt's house. But you know how you cannot believe all you see on the internet!!

We will eventually get to investigating this - and will plan a follow up, and the most inside info & details for our newsletter readers. Plus a general web page on it. So... TBA!


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