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A Rosy Lonely Spring? Tombstone Tips Issue 38
May 07, 2020

Insider Info Newsletter

May 2020 - Issue #38


~ ~ Lady Banks Rose
Tombstone Arizona

~ ~ April Events/Insider Update Review

~ ~ The Latest at Tombstone Travel Tips


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Lady Banks Rose of Tombstone Arizona

World Famous - It Grows on A Tree!
But That's Really a "Nickname"

#1 - Lady Banks Rose?

~ ~ The very famous rose of Arizona!

~ ~ You likely heard of this world record-breaker - of Tombstone AZ. It's in the Guinness Book of World Records. Because it's a rose bush that's so huge, it's called a Rose Tree.

~ ~ The rose's true name is Lady Banksia Rose: (R. banksiae alba-elena), but often gets shortened to Lady Banks. It blooms just after spring begins until near its end. April is when Tombstone's Rose festival is scheduled, for that reason. But sadly, 2020's was cancelled, because of COVID-19. Can't be postponed, blooms will be gone.

Reminiscing: The 2017 Rose Parade

#2 - What's the Story?

~ ~ Beginning at the Northeast corner of Toughnut & 4th, with the Vizina Mine's boarding house. Amelia Adamson was the caretaker, in time proprietor/owner. Henry & Mary Gee were early guests, while awaiting their home's construction.

From Yuma's Arizona Sentinel - Sat., April 8, 1882 - Pg. 1

~ ~ When completed, Mary received a gift box: Lady Banksia rose cuttings from relatives in her native Scotland. She gave one to her friend Amelia & it loved where she planted it. Grew so well there at that corner!

~ ~ By 1884, the Vizina Mine's output depleting, along with problems.

From Tucson's Arizona Star - Fri. June 22, 1883 - Pg. 4

~ ~ So the boarding house was sold as a hotel. Named it the Cochise Hotel. Just after 1900 the protective, decorative tin coverings you see today were installed.

From the Tombstone Epitaph - Sat., Feb. 15, 1890 - Pg. 3

Tombstone Daily Epitaph - Fri., Aug. 2, 1889 - Pg. 1

~ ~ Then in early 1906, name change: the Arcade.

Tombstone Epitaph - Sun., July 15, 1906 - Pg. 2

New Proprietor, Along With the New Name

#3 - Family's Legacy

~ ~ The Macia family purchased the hotel in 1919. They changed the name to the Rose Tree Inn in 1935. Reason? The publicity from Ripley's Believe it or Not focused on how huge this "Rose Tree" had become!

~ ~ It continued growing after that, still is thriving today. Ethel Macia supervised building the original trellis to support its branches.

A View of the Rose Tree Supported on the Trellis

#4 - What's the Origin?

~ ~ Around 1807 it was brought to the United Kingdom from its source in China, for the Royal Horticultural Show. In the show, it was named for botanist Sir Joseph Banks's wife: the Lady Sarah Banks.

~ ~ It blooms with whitish flowers just as Spring season comes in, through almost Spring's end. If you'd like to grow some yourself, the Rose Tree Inn sells cuttings. A reader sent us a photo of the cuttings he bought, and planted in his yard. See His Lady Banks Here>

A Look From Under the Trellis

#5 - Worth A Visit When You Can

~ ~ The Rose Tree Inn isn't an "Inn" anymore, but is a museum. Plus you can feast your eyes on this amazing rose bush/tree!

Rose Tree Inn - Museum

~ ~ We didn't rush right into seeing this Tombstone Attraction. It just didn't click with us. But once we finally went, we didn't regret it. If you haven't yet seen it - you may have the same experience!

~ ~ What do you think? Have you been there?

We're Under the Rose Tree - Massive!

~ ~ Historical places & events create curiosity for facts about people who roamed the Tombstone area & the Old West. What's the true story? Can we discover the authentic history?

~ ~ And we enjoy sharing what we find with you.

We hope we'll see you in town sometime, (eventually in the future!) seeing areas where they spent time - back in the 1800s.

Let us know if you'll be going to an upcoming event! Tell us how you liked any of them, or what you visited here! Just reply to this newsletter for easy input! (Let us know if we can use your comments - & how to credit you.)



~ ~ 1ST - The Rose Festival

~ ~ As mentioned above, it was entirely cancelled. There was no way to postpone it, as they need the rose tree to be in its blooming state. So next year, let's bring it on!!

~ ~ 2ND - Beers 'N' Balls

~ ~ This event happens during the same weekend as the Rose Festival. But the sponsors decided to postpone it for this year. Good thinking! It's likely gonna go on in October.

~ ~ 3RD - Tombstone United

~ ~ A Special Plea From the Tombstone Chamber of Commerce

Limited Edition Tombstone Silver Coins Available

~ ~ While you help out the town of Tombstone, through the Tombstone Chamber of Commerce, you can get yourself one of these special edition - and Limited Edition silver coins - sure to be a Collector's Item. Get A Look!

~ ~ Bob Love from the O.K. Corral is the Signatory Sponsor for their logo & image usage on the coin & marketing. Cosponsors are Jim Lindsey from Silver Hills Trading Co., Adam Klein of Arlene's, Susan Wallace of the Longhorn & David Bales from Tombstone Cowboy Church.

~ ~ Click the photo above to find out all the details with no obligation! But if you'd like to purchase, you've got a secure method right there. There's only a limited amount available - so don't lose out!!

~ ~ 4TH - Wyatt Earp Days Cancelled

~ ~ It was long in trying to wait it out, to see if there would be improvements in the Pandemic - but no such luck. There are just too many things to worry about, so the Tombstone Lions Club - the overall sponsor, decided to cancel the event. They said they did so in the interest of "everyone's health and safety." We personally think it was a wise decision.

~ ~ 5TH - Keep Updated on the Pandemic

~ ~ In Arizona overall, COVID-19 is still increasing: 9707 cases now, 402 new cases today, 31 more deaths today. Testing is not widespread. The measurement is always behind, so numbers documented are always underestimated.

~ ~ Cochise County has had a slow rise in the number of Corona Virus cases. Still on the rise, up to 40 on the report of 5/6/2020 (which states illnesses of the past 4-7 days may not be reported).

~ ~ But remember, please, it's a respiratory spread disease. So much is talked about wiping things down, etc. That's important, because if the virus is on something, gets on you & then gets to your face - it can get into your respiratory system through your mouth, nose or eyes. But most important is not inhaling the virus floating in the air (stays there in tiny droplets for up to 3 hours). That's why masks & distance are most important.

~ ~ That's why, as retired Respiratory Therapists, we have a Corona Virus/COVID-19 Page. With our health care education & health care management resumes, we want to help people understand staying safe.

~ ~ Get updates & facts for safety, as this event moves along. We update it regularly, plus specific AZ info, to try to keep up. To see that page Click Here>

Please Stay Safe!


~ ~ New Place to Stay

~ ~ ~ Tombstone Miner's Cabins - We mentioned it last month, that in March, we stayed overnight checking it out. We personally don't recommend a stay yet - we hope sometime soon you can consider planning it!

~ ~ ~ For planning, here's our experience. Our overall survey is - a good place to stay, close to town, but a few drawbacks if you're a little fussy! (Like I am!)

~ ~ ~ For visitors, we think it's a fun place. Getting good reviews for the most part, although consistently the same suggestions (some those I had). Don't know how well they're following up.

~ ~ Walking distance to town, a few blocks straight East on Allen St. Rooms designed with "miner's cabin" theme & it's very roomy inside. A really cute place in this historic town. Some helpful history about the mine off the rear deck on the back wall, also. Very comfortable bed. (We were in the Queen Room.)

Nice Bed - We bring our own pillows - Theirs Were a Bit Flat

~ ~ The fridge had water stocked & info in the room about the town. A microwave available to heat up leftovers.

Nice Chair & Table w/Coffee Maker - Good TV Capabilities

~ ~ The entry was easy, no key needed - so no worries about losing it. Nice bedside tables. Very cozy back deck overlooking the gully. 2 chairs & a little table for relaxing.

Deck Opens at the Rear

~ ~ No "check-in" desk. We received texts while arriving, then someone drove in greeting us, ensuring we found our room, had no trouble & didn't need anything

~ ~ One room is designated as disabled, with a concrete path to the doorway.

3 Cabins - Each Has 2 Units:
Choose Two Double Beds or Queen Room

~ ~ I had suggestions though (fussy me!). I think it was designed without a woman's needs in mind. Only one shelf in the bathroom held the towels. No towel rods to hang them, so no room left over to place items like make-up, hair brushes, deodorant, hair spray, etc. I think it'd be nice to have a towel rod, making the shelf available for toiletry items people bring with them.

Would Prefer Those Towels on a Rack!

~ ~ Another thing, the entry off the road is steep. If you're walking back from town, especially when it's dark - a stairway from the road would be helpful. Also more lighting: in the dark it's kinda difficult finding/driving into the driveway, & managing the keypad into the room.

Looking Up to Allen Street Along Miner's Cabin Driveway Entrance
No Lighting at the Road Entry


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