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Been to Fairbank Arizona yet? Tombstone Tips Issue #25
April 04, 2019

Insider Info Newsletter

April 2019


~ ~ Fairbank Arizona

~ ~ March Events/Insider Update Review

~ ~ The Latest at Tombstone Travel Tips


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Fairbank Location
From a U.S. Geological Survey Map of 1910

#1 - See History at a Ghost Town

~ ~ Fairbank is now considered a "Ghost Town" - which you can visit today. It isn't far from Tombstone, AZ. An interesting side trip if you go there. We'll give you a preview of its history.

~ ~ Early on the area was 1st a Native American village site. A good choice with the continuously flowing San Pedro River & the often inflowing Babocomari Creek (or River) Tributary.

~ ~ Situated on land granted to Rafael Elias Gonzales by the 1833 Mexican Land Grant. The June 1854 Treaty of Mesilla authorized the Gadsden Purchase, making this land U.S. territory. In early 1882, the town began.

From the Tombstone Weekly Epitaph - Heading: Local Splinters
Mon., Feb. 13, 1882 - Page 2

#2 - Had You Heard of the Previous Names?

~ ~ They named this town Junction City. Because of a junction of the 2 rivers, maybe? No - it had to do with the railroad! Where the Benson branch intersected the A.T. & S.F line. A depot was planned & related support.

From the Tombstone Weekly Epitaph - Mon., March 6, 1882 - Page 6

~ ~ By mid 1882 the name had changed to Kendall. The town was more "bustling" then, with its population rising. Homes had been built. And a store & saloon was already serving their needs.

From the Tombstone Weekly Epitaph - Heading: Private Land Grants in Arizona
Sat., June 10, 1882 - Page 1

~ ~ On May 16, 1883 it was an official town & then received the name of Fairbank. Named for Nathaniel K. Fairbank, investor & entrepreneur. He helped fund Tombstone's Grand Central Mining Co. & local railroad lines.

From The Daily Tombstone - Tue., Dec. 1, 1885 - Page 4

#3 - Important for Transport Needs

~ ~ By the 1900 Census Fairbank's count neared 500. It had a stagecoach line & a hotel. As time went on, a school was built.

~ ~ Anyone needing long distance travel out of Tombstone usually went to Fairbank. Once built, it was the closest train depot. The route would be the stagecoach from Tombstone. Catch the train at Fairbank to Benson, where one could get to Tucson. From there travelers could continue to many other cities.

From The Daily Tombstone - Mon., June 22, 1885 - Page 3

Fairbank Side Trail to the San Pedro

#4 - Visit It Now!

~ ~ Yes, Fairbank is considered a "Ghost Town" - but it's a lively place to visit. We've gone there & recommend a stop. Some buildings are still there, others barely. The old school-house, restored, is the visitor center.

Restored Fairbank Schoolhouse is Now the Visitor Center

~ ~ Many beautiful trails start from there. Some quite short & easy, others not so. Get to scenic spots along the San Pedro. Find the old railway station.

~ ~ And find out more about the San Pedro Riparian NCA & the Friends of the San Pedro.

~ ~ To get to Fairbank, go West on Hwy. 82. Get to that from Hwy. 80 - the turn-off just South of the Border Patrol check-point. From there it's not quite 6 miles on the right. Plenty of parking.

~ ~ Here's the BLM Details of Fairbank: Click Here>

Ruins of the Old Railway Station

~ ~ There are places nearby to Tombstone that are historical & were relevant to events & people who roamed Tombstone & the Old West. What was their life like? Are the buildings they used still around?

~ ~ And we enjoy sharing what we find with you.

We hope we'll see you in town sometime, seeing these areas where they spent time - back in the 1800s.

Let us know if you'll be going to an upcoming event! Or to some interesting surrounding area. Tell us how you liked any of them, or what you visited here! Just reply to this newsletter for easy input! (Let us know if we can use your comments - credit with just a first name & last initial; or only initials; or anonymous.)



~ ~ Virgil Earp - Toughest of the Earps? Went to this event on March 7th at Schieffelin Hall. Sponsored by Cochise County Corral. That's the independent local group of Westerners International. (We're now members!) A great overview of the life of Virgil Earp in Prescott. Plus the physical injuries he endured, yet still carried on.

~ ~ Presented by Ron Williams, 23-year law enforcement veteran - Prescott's elected Constable (same office Virgil Earp held in 1879). And Brad Courtney, author of Prescott's Original Whiskey Row.

~ ~ Wild West Days

A combined event, celebrating the Wild West history of Tombstone AZ with a tribute to the Armed Forces. Read More>

The town was packed - plenty of people came around to see the parade & all the action!

1882 Memories

St. Patrick's Day Ball
Tombstone Weekly Epitaph - Mon., March 20th


More Recent Memories: St. Patrick's Day at the Crystal Palace Saloon

~ ~ St. Patrick's Day The weekend's also combined with a celebration for St. Patrick's Day.

St. Patrick's Day Parade + Armed Forces Tribute


~ ~ Here's what we've also been up to: updating around town! So here we go...

Big News in Tombstone AZ!

3rd Day of AZ Cardinal Drafts from Allen Street!!

Read All About It on Our Tombstone April Events Page


~ ~ 1ST - Tombstone Antique Mall - We finally visited - & what a great place! Highly recommend you stop in. On Fremont St., 720 East. They have so many vendors with lots of fabulous selections: true antiques & collectibles. As well as unique decor, art, jewelry, furniture.... So much more you just have to just see it!

Victrola Greeting... As You Enter - What a Preview!

~ ~ Go outdoors & see their "Man Cave" - still being expanded!


Bill with Ethan at...
Ethan's Coffee Corner in Tombstone AZ

~ ~Then take a break at Ethan's Coffee Corner, towards the back of this exciting mall. Refresh with a cup, tea or smoothie. Yummy deserts, fresh breads & healthy choices. Ask for the Loyalty Rewards Card!

Get Freshly Baked Bread at Ethan's in Tombstone AZ

~ ~ Check their site at for any other details.

~ ~ Easy to park along the street out front. Or right across the street. In front of the old high school grounds. On either side there is street parking. Read More>

Beautiful Antiques & So Much More
Tombstone Antique Mall

~ ~ 2ND - Vogan's - Know we talked about this twice before. But when we were started back home from Crystal Palace Karaoke. The door to Vogan's was open & we met the owner at 9:30 pm! Not the new owner - the one who's owned it the past 37 years! James Ellsberry. He's lived in town a long time. A very nice gentleman.

~ ~ Talked awhile. He said the sale is in escrow, finalizing by the end of May. Buyer lives in Mesa. He'll be keeping the name the same - reflecting the history.

~ ~ The coincidental thing discovered as we talked - he lived in the house we now live in! The Fixer-Upper we purchased when we Retired to Tombstone!! He lived in (what's now) our house a few years in the early 1980s! Wow - weird!

Bill & Jim Ellsberry on Allen St.


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