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Dos Ghosts+ Announcement - Tombstone Tips Issue 51
November 11, 2021

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November/December 2021 - Issue #51


~ ~ Dos Cabezas - You Know It?

~ ~ Insider Updates

~ ~ Don't Miss This Important Announcement

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Dos Cabezas: Discovered!

Dos Cabezas Mountains
Viewed from I-10

#1 - Intro

~ ~ The area sprung up from mining. The name comes from the 2 distinguishing peaks, especially noticeable from Interstate 10, but also from one particular area of Hwy. 186, as you begin an upward climb. In Spanish it means two heads.

~ ~ The location is Southeast of Willcox Arizona. When mine exploration began it soon attracted attention. People began moving in.

The Location of Dos Cabezas Arizona

#2 - Constant Influx & Discovery

~ ~ Investors came from the East. Excitement was in the air!

From Tucson's Arizona Citizen

Sunday, March 6, 1881 - Page 3

~ ~ Area newspapers even wrote humorous stories, saying "there was a new district...where the streets were paved with gold..." Funny thing was, though copper mining was it - they did discover gold there!

Gold Quartz Like That From Dos Cabezas Mine

Photo Credit: Rob Lavinsky of via CC-by-SA-3.0

#3 - Dos Cabezas Town Takes Shape

~ ~ Post Office authorized 1879. By 1881 there was a store, hotel & school. Nov. that year a Thanksgiving Ball was staged in a hall, where danced all the well-known couples.

~ ~ Artemus Fay, experienced newspaper man in Tucson & then Tombstone as founder of the Nugget. Early 1881 he sold the Nugget to Harry Woods & began Dos Cabezas Gold Note.

From Tombstone Epitaph - Mon., Dec. 19, 1881 Pg. 1

~ ~ At the beginning of 1882, a visitor to town said some "struck it rich in gold and silver..." And also gave this description: "wood and water, good and in abundance.... a regularly laid out town, with Well's Fargo & Co.'s express and telegraph.... one fine neat and clean hotel.... also some fine saloons, one... kept by Charlie Gates.... bright future for this lively camp."

On A Sad Note for Dos Cabezas

From Tombstone Epitaph - Mon., April 3, 1882 - Pg. 1

#4 - More Upsets

~ ~ James Malley owned the town's hotel. Aug. 31 he got married in Willcox. While there, his business took a hit!

From the Arizona Citizen - Mon., Sept. 4, 1882 - Pg. 3

~ ~ Late in 1882 Dos Cabezas built their own mill. Expected to produce about $25/ton.

~ ~ Into 1885 all continued optimistic for Dos Cabezas, especially for the gold it was mining.

From Arizona Daily Star: Thurs., Dec. 17, 1885 - Pg. 4

~ ~ Right about that time, though, as was the case with many Arizona mining ventures, the rewards had their ups & downs. And the trends began showing a bit more downs than ups as time went along.

~ ~ Yet Dos Cabezas was upbeat enough, they wanted to survey for the town's border, lot lines, & street layout. They called in Tombstone's J.A.Rockfellow for the job.

Tombstone Epitaph - Sun., Jan. 14, 1900 - Pg. 1

#5 - Infamous "Big Nose" Resident!

~ ~ Big Nose Kate was at Doc Holliday's death bed. After that she married a Colorado miner. They moved to Bisbee AZ, but split. Kate took a job at the Rath Hotel (now Cochise Hotel). Subsequently saw an ad for Dos Cabezas.

~ ~ June 1990 John Jesse Howard hired Kate Elder Cummings as his housekeeper. She earned $20/mo., with room/board. Howard, a divorcee Dos Cabezas miner, respected local. Now remembered with a nearby peak & canyon named for him.

~ ~ Kate, now age 60, took care of the home, garden & chickens. When Howard died, he left Kate his small estate. At age 80 now, she sold it, traveling to her brother's in Colorado with the funds. Then returned to Dos Cabezas, a now really financially suffering village. She found a rental, but couldn't pay the rent. That's when she petitioned the State for a place to live. Eventually got into the Arizona Pioneer Home. Where she happily lived until she died.

Grave of Big Nose Kate

Prescott Arizona Pioneer Home Cemetery
Credit: Marine69-71 via CCby-SA4.0 license
Cropped by Newsletter Author/Editor

#6 - Take a Cyber Tour

~ ~ Out of Willcox, along Route 186 East, you begin to climb a slight grade. You'll notice to your left the twin Dos Cabezas peaks. Soon you won't be able to see both of them.

On the Way to Dos Cabezas

~ ~ You'll get to the sign that says you're entering the town limits. Remember it was surveyed back in 1900!

Dos Cabezas Entry

Photo Credit: Ken Lund at Flickr via cc-by-sa-2.0 license

~ ~ Soon you'll see scattered along the roadside, multiple ruins of adobe homes from back when. Gives it that ghost town feel alright!

Dos Cabezas Pueblo Homes
Now Ghost Town Ruins

Image Credit: Marine69-71 via CCby-SA4.0 license

~ ~ Upcoming on the left is the historic, but private, Dos Cabezas Pioneer Cemetery. Now managed by a 501c3 volunteer organization.

Dos Cabezas Cemetery Graves

Photo credit: Marine69-71 via CCby-SA4.0 license

~ ~ One of the businesses alive there!

Photo Credit: Marine69-71 via CCby-SA4.0 license
Image Cropped by Newsletter Author/Editor

~ ~ There are a few others. Including an art gallery & a beautiful bed & breakfast (add optional dinner). Choose historic cabins for your stay, at Dos Cabezas Retreat B&B.

~ ~ If nothing else, it's a nice scenic drive. A nice get-away to a beautiful area. We recommend it.

~ ~ Historical places & events create curiosity for facts about people who roamed the Tombstone area & the Old West. What's the true story? Can we discover the authentic history?

~ ~ And we enjoy sharing what we find with you.

We hope we'll see you in town sometime in the near future! Seeing areas where they spent time - back in the 1800s.

Let us know if you'll be going to an upcoming event! Tell us how you liked any of them, or what you visited here! Just reply to this newsletter for easy input! (Let us know if we can use your comments - & how to credit you.)



~ ~ 1ST - Only for the Holidays

~ ~ ~ No big-time Tombstone regular events in November, December or January. Nearly everything is closed Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day. The town is pretty empty then.


~ ~ ~ Tree Lighting Ceremony - November 26: 6pm

~ ~ ~ Decorated Businesses Contest Judging: December 3 & 4, 6pm

~ ~ ~ Christmas Light Parade - Starts Allen & 6th, Dec. 11: 6pm

~ ~ ~ Tombstone Christmas Ball - Dec. 11: 6pm at Schieffelin Hall. Tickets from T.Miller Mercantile.

~ ~ ~ Santa in the Park - Children's visit Dec. 18, 5:30pm

~ ~ ~ Watch for New Year's Eve Celebrations, usually held at Big Nose Kates, Crystal Palace Saloon and/or Oriental Saloon. For updates on the latest possibilities watch our

Tombstone Facebook Events Page


~ ~ 1ST - Things Looking Up for Businesses!

~ ~ People are returning to town, gradually more & more.

~ ~ October was THE big event month.

~ ~ 2ND - The October Events

~ ~ The Tombstone Wine Celebration attracted its usual aficionados!

~ ~ The Tombstone Native American Festival was quite successful. A nice amount of people attended, much more than last year's inaugural. Plus this year had better support & planning overall. A good event that's a great addition for this month, that has this dedicated day for recognition of Native Americans.

~ ~ Helldorado had the best attendance yet of this year, we think. So maybe it wasn't the most ever, but certainly with the way it's been going, it was a fabulous weekend!

~ ~ The kids (& old kids) had a great time at all the Halloween festivities. As one visitor said "What better way can you spend Halloween than coming to Tombstone?"


~ ~ 1st - Total Change on 5th & Toughnut

~ ~ ~ Las Margaritas, which has been that combo Mexican/American etc. restaurant on that historic corner is renovating. But why? Becoming an apartment house!

~ ~ ~ What?!! Now, back in the 1800s, it actually was run as the

Russ House of Tombstone

- managed by Nellie Cashman. Will they incorporate that history into this building? Tell you truthfully, hmmm, we're not optimistic.

~ ~ 2nd - Businesses Changes

~ ~ ~ First, the Zipline is now open in Old Tombstone, the theme park at the south end of 4th. Not only a zip, but you shoot at targets, while zooming across the area!

~ ~ ~ Second, the Tombstone Hotel (1st opened as the Oyo - we'd mentioned it here) on 5th & Fremont is for sale. Guess the chain decided it didn't meet their expectations. Someone local should get it to make it into what it deserves - there are some historic aspects there.

~ ~ ~ Third, some new businesses are being developed as we speak. On Allen St., at the South end of the main part of town. If you get to town, may as well check it out.

~ ~ 3rd - On a Sad Note

~ ~ ~ Nov. 6th a Celebration of Life was held at Ringo's. In honor of Anna, previously a Ringo's bartender for many years. She passed away recently. A wonderful, friendly person, she'll be missed by many.


~ ~ ~ We, Karen & Bill, of Tombstone Travel Tips - have decided to retire from our website. And so, from our newsletter. This is the last time the newsletter is signed from us. We found a wonderful person to take over for us, & know you'll enjoy the transition. We're now planning even more travel & family time, enjoying our retirement (we're in our 70's after all), & having time for the family responsibilities that come our way. We thank you for your support always. And wish everyone all the best.

Today - Thanking All Veterans For Their Service

Wishing You All Very Wonderful Holidays!


~ ~ Have You Seen Our Tombstone Calendar website page?

~ ~ ~ Our 2022 Calendar is now available. See our custom made

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Covid Related News

~ ~ Case Updates

~ ~ ~ Please get your widely available vaccination! For the safety of your loved ones, our communities, our country, the children & of course - yourself!

~ ~ AZ COVID-19 - Cochise County & Tombstone AZ

~ ~ ~ Unfortunately Arizona COVID-19 cases & deaths are still on a slight upward trend. 69.9% of the state's eligible are vaccinated.

~ ~ ~ Cochise County: 10/30/2021 - 2,512 new cases diagnosed the last 7-1/2 weeks.

~ ~ ~ 63.6% of Cochise County residents vaccinated

~ ~ ~ Tombstone zip-code maps: Cases confirmed by testing -

~ ~ ~ Oct. 30, 2021 confirmed 172 total Covid-19 cases in Tombstone, for 26 new cases over the last 7-1/2 weeks. Quite an uptick. Tombstone vaccination rate for those age 65+, 81.19%. Age group 18-64, vaccination rate 54.8%.

~ ~ ~ We want you - all visitors to Tombstone to be safe, to stay safe! Please remember COVID is a respiratory (airborne) disease. Once contracted, though, may affect many body systems & can have long-lasting effects. It can affect any age, & does kill.


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