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Happy New Year - U.S. Marshals of AZ - Tombstone Tips, Issue #22
January 03, 2019

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January 2019


~ ~ Deputy U.S. Marshal - Arizona

~ ~ December Events/Insider Update Review

~ ~ The Latest at Tombstone Travel Tips


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It's 2019!
Our Well Wishes for A Wonderful Year
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#1 - U.S. Marshal's Service History

~ ~ Began under George Washington's 1st Congress. With the 9/24/1879 Judiciary Act. They had authority to enforce warrants issued by federal courts.

~ ~ Usually a District Judge appointed the Marshal, via friendships or nepotism. The law allowed the Marshal to appoint Deputies & "all necessary assistance..." to perform the job.

~ ~ So their authority included swearing in temporary posses to go after federal law-breakers, etc. They were considered the major law enforcement in the Western Territories - the "Old West." They also did an abundance of clerical & administrative work - even conducting the area census.

During the 1880s & 1890s
U.S. Marshal Badges Were Often Made from Coins
photo courtesy:

A Drawing from Obituary
Published by New York Evening World 9/24/1919

#2 - Renowned Old/Wild West Frontier U.S. Marshals

~ ~ Seth Bullock served for South Dakota from 1905 for 9 years. If you watched the Western series on HBO: Deadwood, you'll remember him.

~ ~ Robert E. Clark - nicknamed "Last of the Frontier Marshals" serving the Southern California District, until 1948. Was appointed by FDR. He'd cowboyed 2 years in Tombstone. He'd driven Cali stagecoach routes. He knew Wyatt Earp as a friend.

~ ~ William "Billy" Breckenridge, known for working with Sheriff Johnny Behan in Tombstone. He eventually became a U.S. Marshal for Arizona Territory.

Crawley Dake

~ ~ Crawley P. Dake served in the 5th Michigan Cavalry during the Civil War. Afterwards he was assigned as Detroit's U.S. Marshal & also for the IRS. In mid 1878, his appointment was for Arizona Territory. He named 8 deputies, 1 of which was Virgil Earp - for Southeastern AZ. That's a major reason that got the Earps to Tombstone. It ended up troublesome for him, as the Oct. 1881 gunfight & aftermath led to his eventual replacement in 1882.

~ ~ Ben Daniels had a rough childhood & youthful trouble with the law. He spent time in Dodge City. He married & then rode with Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders. At war's end Teddy recommended him for AZ Territory U.S. Marshal. Lasting a month, officials discovered his lawless past. So he resigned in Feb. 1902. He took a position as Yuma Prison Superintendent. 3 years later, Teddy tried to name Ben as Marshal again. This time Daniels lasted until 1909, when Roosevelt's Presidency term ended.

#3 - Renowned Old/Wild West Frontier Deputy U.S. Marshals

~ ~ Wild Bill Hickock served for 2 years from 1867 at Fort Riley in Kansas.

~ ~ William Matthew "Bill" Tilghman Jr. gained fame when he teamed up with 2 others to capture the Wild Bunch's infamous Bill Doolin. In Dodge City he was friends with Wyatt Earp & Bat Masterson. His Deputy U.S. Marshal assignment came in May 1892 to help secure Oklahoma.

~ ~ Phoebe Couzins, a lawyer, was the 1st woman Deputy. Appointed by her U.S. Marshal father in 1884 for E.Missouri. When her father died in 1887, President Cleveland made her the Interim U.S. Marshal. She was replaced by a man in 2 months, ending that career.

~ ~ Bat Masterson served in his later years for the So. District of N.Y. President Roosevelt befriended Bat & gave him the appointment in 1905. The next president terminated him in mid 1909.

~ ~ Bass Reeves, famed as the 1st black Deputy U.S. Marshal in the West. From 1875 to 1907 he was valued in "Indian Territory," TX & OK. Read More>

~ ~ Frank Dalton was a family novelty. His 2 younger brothers were outlaws & he was related to Jesse James. Frank only served 3 years in OK Territory. He was assigned to Judge Isaac Parker (nicknamed "the hangin' judge" - not quite accurate, he was actually a man ahead of his time!). Frank was killed in a shootout in late 1887, cutting short his service.

Frank Dalton, Deputy U.S. Marshal

#4 - The Earps & Holliday

~ ~ Virgil Earp was named Deputy U.S. Marshal on Nov. 27, 1879 by Crawley P. Dake. He actively served until he was shot at the corner of 5th & Allen on Dec. 29, 1881. But offered his resignation on Feb. 2, 1882.

~ ~ When Virgil needed aid with his federal duties, on occasion he deputized his brother Wyatt. Oct. 26, 1881 trouble with the Clanton & McLaury brothers was expected. Wyatt was Deputized. But when Virgil was injured to the point of being unable to fulfill his duties, Dake appointed Wyatt to take his place on Dec. 31st.

~ ~ Morgan Earp was murdered on March 18, 1882 - Cowboys immediately suspected by Wyatt. Wyatt subsequently gathered 2 deputized posses to take revenge via federal warrants. Those men riding with him were his brother Warren, & Doc Holliday.

Marshal's Badge c. 1880s
Like Crawley Dake probably wore when hiring Virgil
photo courtesy:

Deputy U.S. Marshal's Badge c. 1890s
photo courtesy:

#5 - Today's Marshal Service

~ ~ The current system was updated in 1969. It's an Executive Branch agency, reporting to the U.S. Attorney General. Still the enforcement for the U.S. federal courts, ensuring adherence to the constitution.

~ ~ 94 Judicial districts are each headed by a U.S. Marshal. About 3,571 Deputy U.S. Marshals & Criminal Investigators serve under them.

~ ~ Their responsibilities are: Judicial security throughout the entire process; Fugitive operations with wide-spread arrest authority, including working with international operatives; Criminal asset forfeiture management; Federal prisoner operations & transportation management; & Witness security, operation of the Program known as the Witness Protection Program.

~ ~ Career Opportunities include Administrative Positions, Detention/Aviation Enforcement Positions & Deputy U.S. Marshal Positions. [Air Marshals are managed through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)].

~ ~ Deputy U.S. Marshals have rigorous qualifications. To apply you must be a U.S. citizen, age 21 to 36; have a bachelor’s degree; 3 yrs of qualifying experience, or a combination of education & experience; have a valid, good-standing driver’s license; & be in excellent physical condition.

~ ~ Then you must successfully complete a structured interview & assessments, successfully complete a background investigation, meet medical qualifications.

~ ~ Then you must take a rigorous 21½ wk basic training program at the U.S. Marshals Service Training Academy in Glynco, GA

U. S. Marshals Service Seal

U.S. Marshal Multi-Agency Team Knock & Announce
During Operation FALCON II
A fugitive dragnet the week of April 17-23, 2006

#6 - In Memorium

~ ~ As is probably understood, being a Deputy U.S. Marshal is a serious & necessary job, yet can be a dangerous job. What brought this subject to mind - is a terrible incident that recently occurred nearby to Tombstone, AZ.

~ ~ Local hearts went out to a Deputy U.S. Marshal serving in Tucson, AZ who lost his life. Deputy U.S. Marshal Chase White was shot & killed on Nov. 29, 2018. He was with a team of Marshals serving a felony warrant for a fugitive wanted for stalking police officers.

~ ~ The perpetrator gave himself up & has been indicted. 1 count of 1st-degree murder of a federal officer, 3 counts of attempted murder of a federal officer, 4 counts of assault on a federal officer with a deadly weapon, & 5 counts of discharging a weapon while committing a crime.

~ ~ Chase White was the 1st Deputy U.S. Marshal killed in the line of duty in Tucson in 66 years. He worked with the Marshal Service since 2016 & was with the Air Force Reserve. He was married & a father to 4 children, aged 7 to 14.

~ ~ Sometimes there's a current event that gives rise to seeking a history that relates to the people who had a life in Tombstone & surrounding areas, seeking fortunes & their destiny. Who were they, what motivated them?

~ ~ And we enjoy sharing what we find with you.

We hope we'll see you in town sometime, seeing the environment they spent time in - back in the 1800s.

Let us know if you'll be going to an upcoming event! Tell us how you liked any of them, or what you visited here! Just reply to this newsletter for easy input! (Let us know if we can use your comments - credit with just a first name & last initial; or only initials; or anonymous.)



~ ~ It thinned out in town over Christmas week. Except for some intermittent days - those were pretty packed!

~ ~ On Christmas Day - Four Deuces did have a bit of a pot-luck/drop-in spread for patrons. But it wasn't too large. Good, but small is what some friends told us. We weren't there.

~ ~ Johnny Ringo's, though, had a feast! Lots of people, lots of pot-luck contributions! Wow! A wide assortment of dishes. Scandinavian fruit soup?? 1st we'd ever had. Hmmm - lots of people loved it. Very rich, we thought. Just had a little!!

~ ~ We brought a Pumpkin Roll that our daughter contributed. It went pretty fast. Of course Steve, the owner, made his fully-loved Egg-Nog!! It ran out, & he hustled up another batch!

Snow Falling on the Back Window of our Car!


~ ~ Yes, it does happen here, sometimes. The trend really started to dig in between Christmas & New Years. Woke up to snow on the ground on Friday morning, 12/28! The high was in the 40s for the day! Now that is rare!

~ ~ But then again the next morning! Couldn't believe an inch collected in our yard. By early afternoon that melted. Momentarily, it stopped snowing, but then continued into later in the afternoon & evening. Whoa!

~ ~ Posted some photos about that on our Facebook Page. A lot of people around Tombstone - in fact, other AZ areas did also! If you haven't seen our FB snow video - Check It Out Here>

~ ~ When we went to Saturday night karaoke at the Crystal Palace - Debbie & Cruz told us how much snow they had at their place in nearby Sierra Vista. Wow! About a foot!! When we left the Crystal, our car was coated with snow.


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~ ~ We send Sincere Best Wishes for a Safe, Happy & Healthy 2019 to All of our Subscribers & their Family and Friends.


~ ~ Brad Paisley: “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”

~ ~ Edith Lovejoy Pierce: “The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day.”

~ ~ Hal Borland: “Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can install in us.”

~ ~ Les Brown: "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."


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