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Crystal Palace - What's Going On There?? Tombstone Tips, Issue #009
December 05, 2017

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December 2017


~ ~ Crystal Palace Saloon Tombstone - What's Going on There??

~ ~ November's Events/Insider Update Review

~ ~ The Latest at Tombstone Travel Tips


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If you've walked down Allen Street, on the NW corner of Fifth, you may have noticed some odd things there. The Crystal Palace Saloon has had some changes slowly coming about. What's the deal?


#1 - It All Began Back in Mid-September

~ ~ As the front sections came down - it exposed some old historic signage of the Crystal Palace from the early part of the 20th Century!

~ ~ When we inquired, we heard there were plans for an upstairs deck or balcony. What is owner Kim Herrig thinking? Hmmm.


#2 - Something Finally Happens

~ ~ After the initial work, nothing much more happened. Then work began on the boardwalk out front. The whole corner was cordoned off, as a construction zone. The Crystal Palace wasn't closed - but many visitors must've thought it was! It was kind of like entering an obstacle course to get in.

~ ~ A whole new boardwalk was put in. Then a new sturdy awning/upper level with secure supports. The remake of the upper level began in mid November.

Inside Re-Do Begins

#3 - What Is It?

~ ~ Inside the front door of the Crystal, they'd just begun something. Someone wondered if they were making one of those fake gallows - to do some of those "posse" hanging reenactments!

~ ~ But no - actually, it seems to be the basics of a stairway to the upper level. The opening will go out through the wall? That's what we heard. So we'll see.

~ ~ The plan is for completion by Christmas? Hmmm - that's what the contractor told us!

Re-do Structure - The Next Week

The stairway will enter from the left of this structure. A landing will send the stairs back the other way. Customers could exit to the outer balcony or take a table on this platform - is the way I think it goes!

Real Rob

#4 - Rob Armus Stopped In

~ ~ While we were at the Crystal Palace, checking out the latest in the construction, Rob Armus stopped by to play some music for the customers. We were all impressed!

~ ~ He volunteered to play - just for tips. Have to recommend you check out some of his music. You can Listen Free - Click!.

Big Iron Under Construction

#5 - Another Rejuvenation

~ ~ The Big Iron Shooting Gallery is getting a complete overhaul! Their poker players are getting antsy!!

Historic Restoration Project

#6 - Old City Hall Restoration

~ ~ Another current restoration project is the Old City Hall. It was originally designed by Frank Walker. He was born in Canada & moved to Tombstone to become the Assistant Superintendent of the Sycamore Water Company.

~ ~ It originally cost $10,000 to build in 1882. It was placed on the National Historic Register in 1972.

~ ~ It had contained the city offices, a fire station & the city's ambulance. The current City Hall is on Allen Street, just East of Sixth.


Article From Tombstone Weekly Epitaph
Saturday, October 7, 1882 - Page 1

Announcement Placed on the Front Page for City Hall Bids

~ ~ We're not sure what brought on all this hustle & bustle right now! We think some are really a good idea!! Not sure about all of them yet. We'll see..

We hope we'll see you in town, checking out these changes, updates & refurbishments. Let us know what you think about them! Just reply to this newsletter for easy input!



Quiet town, as usual on Thanksgiving Day. A few local stores were open - like the Apache Market, 7-11, & Family Dollar. But two of our local saloons opened for their wonderful Thanksgiving Pot Luck.

At Johnny Ringo's Saloon on Tenth Street, just North of Allen Street (behind the Depot Steakhouse), Steve & Addie provide the Turkey & Ham. All their patrons bring in tons of side dishes. What a feast it was!

The Four Deuces also carried on their Thanksgiving Pot Luck tradition. Locals Kate & Dan were there. Kate contributed her delicious mashed potatoes. All enjoyed the meal & seeing their friends.


* * Somebody purchased the mine! Everybody's happy - but anxious to see how it will go. Andre was in town for Helldorado, & did open it up for that weekend.

It was probably also to complete some transaction business. Word got around soon afterwords! The real estate sign was gone. Surveyors were on the property.

And now it's been open pretty regularly. Alright!!

Tell-Tale Surveyor Markings!

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This historic building has been in the Macia family since the pioneering Silver boom days of Tombstone. It's now up for sale. The Rose Tree Inn is a Tombstone legend. Are there any takers out there?

Tombstone is Ready!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!


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