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Crawley Dake Dogs Cow-boys - Tombstone Tips Issue 47
March 11, 2021

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March/April 2021 - Issue #47


~ ~ Crawley Dake - Dogging Tombstone Cow-Boys Situation

~ ~ Insider Updates

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circa June 22, 1878

Crossing by Crawley Dake's Boyhood Home

Crawley Dake

#1 - Intro

~ ~ Crawley Dake was Canadian born Sept. 1836. But his family crossed to the opposite side of the St. Lawrence River, relocating to Ogdensburg New York when he was very young. He grew up there.

Early Photo of Dake - Sometime Pre 1923

Unknown Date

~ ~ At age 19 he moved to Romeo, Michigan, opening a store, running for office, getting married, & having a son. He achieved Officer rank in the 5th Michigan Cavalry during the Civil War. A brutal leg injury led to retirement as a Major in 1864.

Cabinet Card of Crawley Dake
Taken in Edmond, Oklahoma Territory

~ ~ When back home he was appointed Detroit's Chief Deputy Marshal. Likely his government & military service developed his organizational skills. As author Larry D. Ball says he wasn't "...always in the midst of action.... [but] made the plans and chose good men to carry them out." He'd also become a good friend of Senator Zachariah Chandler.

A Reunion of the 5th Michigan Cavalry

Dake Not in This Photo, Though
Unknown Date, from Library of Congress

#2 - An Arizona Appointment Needed

~ ~ Settlers in the Southwest were becoming disturbed by local lawlessness, that became particularly bad in the 1870s. Late that decade & into the 80s, the territory counted at least 36 stage robberies. Often allegedly by Cow-boys in Cochise County & Tombstone. The populous feared the trend would drive away business interests, plus be harmful to citizens.

From Yuma's Arizona Sentinel
Sat., Aug. 24, 1878 - Pg. 3

~ ~ John Hoyt, the Territorial Governor objected when Crawley P. Dake got the assignment as the U.S. Marshal for Arizona Territory June 1878. Oh well! He arrived in Prescott, AZ capital, began his work.

Marshal Crawley P Dake - c1878

#3 - Crawley Dake's Work as U.S. Marshal

~ ~ Dake found it difficult dealing with Washington bureaucracy. He requested funding for tracking these so-called Cow-boy outlaws. Washington was slow in getting Dake his funds.

From Tucson's Arizona Citizen - Fri., July 25, 1879

Front Page Story

~ ~ He appointed his allowed 3 deputies - 1 for each judicial district. One of his hires was Virgil Earp. Precipitating the Earps' move to Tombstone. For more, he needed Attorney General authorization. But what helped was passage of the federal Posse Comitatus Act. Outlawing use of Army personnel in posses for law enforcement, without Congressional authorization. Thus his work-around was to now hire civilians for posses.

~ ~ The Governors of Sonora Mexico & Arizona began cooperative extradition efforts for cross-border criminals. Not popular with everyone. And it didn't always work.

~ ~ Dake took advantage of all the latest technology of the 1800s! Used the telegraph system, & publishing his telegrams in newspapers for transparency. He published Wanted Posters, giving decent rewards that he could muster up &/or find a budget for. Within 2 years, he'd accomplished much with little outside help. Even giving his own $$ for the effort!

Field Telegraph Station

#4 - The OK Corral Gunfight's Effects

~ ~ He had repercussions from appointing Virgil Earp as Deputy U.S. Marshal. When Virgil was at odds with those known as "The Cow Boys" - around half the local population was at odds with Virgil, and his brothers. But as his boss, Crawley Dake had Virgil's back.

~ ~ After the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, retribution was delivered toward Virgil. He was fired upon while walking at the intersection of 5th & Allen Streets. Gunshots came from the upper story of what's now The Longhorn. His left arm/shoulder was hit (forever damaged).

US Marshal Office, Prescott, AZ

-North Cortez St.
May 1877, a Bit Before Dake Arrived

~ ~ Crawley Dake had a decision to make. Wyatt Earp advanced himself for taking over Virgil's job of Deputy U.S. Marshal. Dake agreed, appointing Wyatt. Was this a wise decision? Many didn't think so. Through history, many continued thinking not. Thus his support of the Earps hasn't served Dake's story well with some.

~ ~ About this time of the "Cow Boy" conflict, Harper's Weekly published an engraving with an editorial called "The Cow-boys of Arizona." The Epitaph took major exception to it, with good reason. It had errors (common for those times, too!) with quotes from former AZ Acting Governor Gosper that cowboy numbers were 50 max. And Cochise County was so-named after whitish stone found in area silver mines. [Huh??!]

~ ~ The Epitaph stated "the name of our justly celebrated county - we can forgive the late acting governor for... misrepresentations upon this subject.... the county derived its name from the once famous Apache warrior named Cochise, whose stronghold was in the Dragoon Mountains some twelve miles to the north of this city.... how easy it is for people to be mistaken."

~ ~ The Epitaph concluded, defending Arizona, Cochise County, and Tombstone in this lengthy editorial, & also defending Crawley Dake, as you can see in the following excerpt:

From the Tombstone Epitaph - Mon., March 13, 1882 - Pg. 5

#5 - How He Left

~ ~ Yes, Dake's superiors hoped he'd be solving the "Cow Boy" area conflicts. That remained unsuccessful, culminating in the gunfight, reprisals, & Wyatt's vendetta ride. But was he given the full support needed? Was it all on him?

~ ~ Dake left his U.S. Marshal position July 1882 upon his term's end. He was subsequently accused of misuse of funds while in office. But he was fully cleared.

~ ~ Dake stayed in Prescott AZ, living on Marina St. Occupied himself again in merchandising, & continued dabbling in mining.

~ ~ By autumn 1888 his illness was overtaking him, originating from his war wound. Until Crawley Phillips Dake succumbed April 9, 1890.

From Prescott's Weekly Journal Miner
April 16, 1890

He's buried in Citizens Cemetery, in Prescott.

Citizens Cemetery in Prescott AZ

~ ~ Historical places & events create curiosity for facts about people who roamed the Tombstone area & the Old West. What's the true story? Can we discover the authentic history?

~ ~ And we enjoy sharing what we find with you.

We hope we'll see you in town sometime, (sigh - eventually in the future!) seeing areas where they spent time - back in the 1800s.

Let us know if you'll be going to an upcoming event! Tell us how you liked any of them, or what you visited here! Just reply to this newsletter for easy input! (Let us know if we can use your comments - & how to credit you.)



~ ~ 1ST - Many Event Requests

~ ~ This week Tombstone's City Council met in Schieffelin Hall. On the agenda were discussion and/or Action on many Requests for Permit approvals for upcoming Tombstone events. Some already approved - see below.

~ ~ Others are for Helldorado, Wyatt Earp Days, and Tombstone Forward's presentation of "One Man Play" at Schieffelin Hall & also a Halloween Event & a Wine Celebration.

~ ~ 2ND - Schieffelin Days Scheduled

~ ~ Is on for Sat. & Sun., April 17 & 18. The 2nd time for this new annual event. Sponsored by Lilly's Tombstone Memories and by Tombstone's Goodenough Mine Tour.

~ ~ Fun activities & competitions already planned: Desert Donkey Dash (3/6/13 mi.) & Pie eating contest. Adults Only: Poop Scooper Competition, Rock Drilling Competition. Adults and Kids (kids 10/under free): Rock Mucking Competition (teams of 2), Mini Donkey Races. Kids Only: Donkey Noodle Race (with keepsake).

~ ~ The planning committee is still at work - so even more fun amusements, festivities & games may be on the schedule. Keep an eye out!

~ ~ One good way to keep updated is to see their Facebook Event Info Page by Clicking:

Schieffelin Days 2021

~ ~ 3RD - 6th Annual Vets for Vets

~ ~ On for this Sat., March 13th, 9am-5pm. Sponsored by Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Ch. 32-4, all proceeds to Vets in Need. Public Welcome: at Tombstone American Legion Post 24, 225 E. Allen St.

~ ~ $20 Entry includes Lunch. Entertainment with live music, raffles & much more. Any further details see their website:

Combat Vets Assoc

~ ~ 4TH - Annual Bikers for Boots

~ ~ Sponsored by American Legion Post 24, Tombstone. April 30 - May 2, 2021. Proceeds benefit Warrior Healing Center. Including Dinner - Single: $25; Couple: $35. For additional questions email:


~ ~ 1ST - 1st of the Now Annual Schieffelin Days

~ ~ Originally scheduled about 1 year ago - the Pandemic began, & it had to be rescheduled. It occurred with good success in October 2020. This year they've gone back to the original April month for the yearly event.

~ ~ Many participated with lots of fun events & competitions. Many others came & supported the worthy non-profit organizations. They had a good time watching all the great entertainment!

~ ~ Even better was how much money was raised for all the deserving causes. Because of the turn-out & participation, Schieffelin Days 2020 was able to donate: $1000 to Forever Donkey Home Rescue and Sanctuary, $1000 to Western pack burro Association, $1000 to Tombstone Small Animal Shelter, $500 to Tombstone Restoration Company, & $500 to Junior ROTC. Think this year might be even better?!!

~ ~ 2ND - Vigilante Days

~ ~ Approval was given for it to go forward. People came to town. We drove through, and also checked it out virtually via Facebook. Still not close to the "normal" year attendance. Would guestimate about 20%, to maybe 30% of the total of a usual, good year.


~ ~ Businesses

~ ~ ~ 1st - Update on Tombstone Oil & Vinegar Co., 84 E. Fremont St. (Hwy. 80), on the left just as you enter town. We mentioned them last time, as they'd just moved to this location from Allen Street. Specialize in the best infused balsamic vinegars they've found throughout the world. Plus popular & uniquely flavored infused olive oils. What's new is they've expanded to add a wide assortment of items you'll find interesting.

~ ~ ~ 2nd - Circle K Update. The new building across the street is coming along. You can see the scale of it now, & they're advertising positions available.


~ ~ Have You Checked/Seen Our Cochise County Cow-boys Page?

~ ~ ~ Learn more about who the Tombstone Cow-boys were. How did it relate to Tombstone AZ, & Cochise County. How were they were perceived across the country?

Cowboy Campsite

~ ~ ~ More details on the Posse Comitatus Act with regard to these Cow-boys. And how did the term "Cow-boys" get started anyway - & begin to apply to what was termed outlaws??

~ ~ ~ See all this and more at our website's Cochise County Cowboys page.

Covid Related News

~ ~ Hope is Ahead!

~ ~ ~ The light at the end of the tunnel is finally arriving. Important to still act to prevent spread of these new variants (mutations), 2 of which are spreading here in AZ & are even more contagious. Or to have even more mutations develop - which occurs when the virus continues spreading unchecked. Then vaccines will be less effective & could even get to the point of not working. And we could have this whole thing become worse again!

~ ~ ~ We say this as retired professionals: Respiratory Therapists, who keep up with the medical research & implications of all this. So it's very important, we all do what's best - not only for ourselves, but for our loved ones & our communities. The more people that get vaccinated, quickly as possible, the better chance we'll have of beating this for good. So we hope you're getting yours when you can!

~ ~ ~ Bill & I are very glad we both got our 1st vaccine shot - will have our 2nd by the end of this month! Because so many More Options Available!> for us then. And for you too, when you're vaccinated, until this Pandemic is conquered.

~ ~ ~ We want you - all our visitors to Tombstone to be safe, to stay safe!

~ ~ AZ COVID-19 - Cochise County & Tombstone AZ

~ ~ ~ Arizona COVID-19 Active new case trend still upward

~ ~ ~ Cochise County: 2/7/21 - 1,370 new cases over past 26 days. 2/27/21 - 11,176 total cases = 574 new cases over the last 20 days.
~ ~ ~3/9/21 - 11,348 cases = 172 new cases in last 10 days.

~ ~ ~ Tombstone zip-code maps: Remember these are only the cases discovered by testing - not those untested but are sick with COVID or COVID-asymptomatic.

On Feb. 27, 2021 confirmed 111 total cases in town, meaning 13 new cases over the past 20 days.

March 9 confirms 116 total cases in Tombstone - over the past 10 days that's 5 new cases.

~ ~ ~ Please remember that COVID is a respiratory (airborne) disease. Once contracted, though, may affect many body systems & can have long-lasting effects.

So Please Stay Safe! Keep doing what works is a primary key. Plus now, get vaccinated!

Most effective is wearing a mask & social distancing. That works - it's proven.

And of Course - Wash Your Hands, Before Touching Your Face, Especially


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