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Fun Backroads Tombstone Trip - Tombstone Tips, Issue #016
July 07, 2018

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July 2018


~ ~ Tombstone Area Backroads Travel

~ ~ June Events/Insider Update Review

~ ~ The Latest at Tombstone Travel Tips


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We were invited to preview a soon to-be new back roads travel tour by a local company - Tombstone Adventure Company. Our daughter & her husband were invited to go along with us (it was her birthday, so we kind of made it a birthday surprise for her!).

Have you ever looked at some landmark or remarkable, but inaccessible scene in the distance? And wished you could get a closer look? I know we have. We're not often content to stay put (Example shown below!). We want to get closer - to see more! That's what this trip helped us do - among other things. We'll show you how!

An Alaska Cruise
We Couldn't Just Stay in Skagway

We Had to Take An Adventure Tour Into the Yukon

#1 - Looking Across at the Dragoons

~ ~ We've always been fascinated by the Dragoon Mountains. They have a lot of old West & Native American history in the Arizona Territory. Cochise, an Apache leader, is even buried there - in a secret spot. They have a unique look to them, with all their rocky surfaces.

~ ~ There are good hiking trails & some historic sites if you know where to seek them out. There are also great places to do rock climbing - for those who love that adventure - or want to try it!

~ ~ Living in Tombstone, we can look across the desert North of us & see the Dragoons. What's really notable is one rock formation - called Sheep's Head. To me, it appears like a resting sheep's side view. Bill can never quite make it out - but then his eyesight isn't that great!

~ ~ It always made me curious. I wanted to get closer - see how that formation was made. Did it look the same, close up? Or did it become totally obliterated?

~ ~ I thought maybe we'd get closer one day. But never yet had tried to see how. But recently it changed. We found out about a new business in town. We want to tell you about our outstanding experience that fulfilled my wish!

Can You See It??!!

#2 - Meet Tombstone Adventure Company LLC

~ ~ We met on our Tombstone Facebook Page. The Tombstone Adventure Company entrepreneur is Caprice. She is a versatile & experienced guide.

~ ~ Caprice brought a new business idea to the Tombstone area. Right now she's providing 4 adventure options - all family-friendly, suitable for those aged 8 & up. No experience needed, even for rock climbing! They provide everything you need!

~ ~ All adventures go into Coronado National Forest, Dragoon mountain area. In fact, they're the only local adventure guide & outfitter permitted by the U.S. Forest Service for rappelling, rock climbing & scenic hiking there.

~ ~ Their guides are certified Wilderness First Responders & are Certified Interpretive Guides. That gives you safety + a quality experience. So we were anxious to find out more details - what exactly it was about, for our personal needs. But also get an idea of what anyone may experience, too.

Sheep's Head Rock - Closer Up!

#3 - Our Pre-Inaugural Invite

~ ~ I noted to Caprice that the plans for an upcoming "Scenic Sunset Drive" sounded like something Bill & I would love! And I thought the "Scenic Day Drive" & the "Western Apache Heritage" both sounded like terrific ideas. They are all in the works right now!

~ ~ Caprice replied she'd like to invite Bill & I to go out with them on that Sunset Drive, to scout it out before it was officially released! We were right onto it. She was good with us bringing our daughter Shannon, & her husband, Fred - along too!

~ ~ So we planned it out, set a date. Off we went! We began with enough time to get to an exceptional spot before the sun was setting behind the mountains. Caprice led the way.

~ ~ I rode with Caprice in one 4x4 Jeep. Bill, Shannon & Fred rode with her partner, Joshua in the other 4x4, AC Jeep. Caprice talked of the history, the mountains, the local terrain & pointed out notable locales. We stopped for photo-shots along the way.

~ ~ And finally, I got to see Sheep's Head Rock, closer-up! And how it changed along the way. A first-rate experience!

The Sheep's Head Viewpoint Begins to Change - Up Closer!

Looped Around - Discovered a Hidden Area
Great for a Campsite!

#4 - Traveling to the Sunset Site

~ ~ We traveled about 10 miles. But on this rough backroads travel, taking it slowly - it seemed longer. We really enjoyed the scenery along the way. These great, new views of the Dragoon Mountains!

~ ~ Watched the colors on the rocks change as the sun sank lower. Caprice pointed out how those colors came from the elements & growths on the rocks. Cows with their calves grazing added to that Western ranch feel.

~ ~ We arrived at the Sunset View spot & we all got out. I roamed around & investigated places for prime scenery shots.

~ ~ Joshua explained about the rock climbing available in the area. Caprice told us how she wasn't the expert on that (she's the hiking expert) - but Joshua is an ace on helping even novices feel secure! She's also evaluating various plans for this turn-around at Sunset.

Caprice Explains the Area for Shannon, Fred & Bill

#5 - Arrival for the Sunset

~ ~ I got quite a few beautiful pics there. I loved seeing all these places that I normally wouldn't even get to! That's what's so great about going on a tour like this. Plus a guide adds so much to the experience.

~ ~ We think Tombstone Adventure Company has so much going for it. They're bringing a new option for the community - so guests have choices to make Tombstone more than a day-trip. This also brings an evening selection - other than bar entertainment or ghost tours now available.

~ ~ There are now ways to extend it into a true vacation destination. In town, it really takes more than one day to see all there is to see. But then, when you look at near-by things to do - you, or you & your family can add so much more to your trip. Plus it's a superior value - the best priced tour of it's kind in the area. As are all their adventure picks!

~ ~ That's something we show on our website as we regularly add more & more of what there is to do 'round here! Keep watching, there's plenty more to come.

Bill Walks Toward the Jeeps as Sunset Nears
The Sunset Colors Deepen

#6 - A Beautiful Sunset!

~ ~ It's always a noteworthy sunset here in Arizona. We love them. For this trip preview, the sky was absolutely clear. Actually for a truly exceptional sunset, we'd like some clouds for reflections.

~ ~ There's actually a scientific reason for a superb sunset! If you want to know more of why - Read It Here>.

~ ~ But we so enjoyed the trip. We were glad to get this advance view of Tombstone Adventure Company's Scenic Sunset 4x4 Drive. I'm sure we'll be back for more!

~ ~ Even though they invited us on this pre-inaugural sample - we know it's well worth it. We're not just saying it because they took us along. It's a trip we can recommend, for sure. Their opening date was June 26! So it's ready for you!!

View South at Sunset Site
Tombstone Hills Against Huachuca Mtns Background

~ ~ We hope you enjoyed your virtual trip, coming along with us here. We surely enjoyed this 4x4 backroads ride.

~ ~ We love it when we see new entrepreneurs in town. Creative people coming up with new ideas for the area. It helps keep our town alive providing people with ways to stay here & earn a living. It helps keep the interest in Tombstone going strong, as a great place to visit! And it is!!

We hope we'll see you in town, getting a chance to check out an activity with the Tombstone Adventure Company. Let us know if you'll be going to an upcoming event! Tell us how you liked any of them. Just reply to this newsletter for easy input! (Let us know if we can use your comments - credit with just a first name & last initial; or only initials; or anonymous.)


From Arizona Weekly Citizen
Saturday, January 17, 1880 - Page 3

From the Tombstone Weekly Epitaph
Monday, March 27, 1882 - Page 1

From the Tombstone Weekly Epitaph
Under the Heading: Turquoise District
Saturday, May 20, 1882 - Page 1

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Tombstone 1993 Movie Anniversary Reunion

~ ~ This was the big event for the month - scheduled to begin the last day of the month. But it does go over into July 1st. So we'll hold over commenting on it til next time, since it's on the turn of the month.

~ ~ Plus it's also combining with Buffalo Soldier Days & Freedom Days.

A Unique Opening

~ ~ The China Mary House was for sale for awhile. Recently it was purchased & a very different business opened up. It's called the "Curiosity Shoppe & Museum of the Strange."

~ ~ Their Curiosity Shoppe has unusual collections gathered from around the world - plus related gifts for purchase. Things like mummy artifacts, shrunken heads, fossils, oddities, etc. In the back, the Museum of the Strange is in the vein of "Ripley's Believe It or Not." As you enter - definitely check out their miniature Frog Orchestra. Fun!

~ ~ We'd for-sure recommend stopping by. Something out of the ordinary. They're not done with it all - more is in the works - including historical info on the China Mary aspect. On Allen Street, corner of 3rd - open 10 am to 6 pm.

The Other Trolley: Back On??

~ ~ I went into town on Sunday, June 10th, planning to take a ride. But no-one was there - including the vehicle. Rode by a few times after - still no sign of anything going on. Haven't walked up there to check on it. I'll defer on this for the moment! For this month, in fact.

A New Early A.M. Business

~ ~ Come on down 4th Street, South of Allen just after 8 a.m. & check out the new Coffee Shop.

~ ~ I heard they open at 8 a.m. - but the sign in the window says: "Back at 10 a.m." Hmmm, seems a little late to open for your morning coffee. We'll have to check this out soon to see what the deal is.


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