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Planning: What's a Must See? - Tombstone Tips, Issue #005
August 02, 2017

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August 2017


~ ~ What is a Must See in Tombstone?

~ ~ July's Events: Insider Update Review

~ ~ The Latest at Tombstone Travel Tips


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It's your first visit to Tombstone! Likely you'll wonder...

What should we see first?

What are definites to do?


Parking Along Here
Or Turn Right on Sixth Street

Click Here For More Parking Details >

Walk along Allen Street to peruse the area. Much of what you'll want to see is there. A parallel road, Toughnut Street, is one block South. Where a few recommendations are located.

Hope you've watched the Tombstone Movie prior to visiting! It will give you a good semi-accurate history of the town. Read More

Westward View Along Allen Street


#1 - Take a Tombstone Tour

~ ~ Get an overview of town history, important events & people. Choose the next sights that match your own interests, using their info. Which to try?

~ ~ Two different stage coach companies on Allen Street. There's also the Trolley Tour, or you can line up a walking tour. Each covers different aspects of the town's history & stories - so not too much overlap.

~ ~ That way if you take another tour sometime, you'll still find it interesting! We'd recommend a stage-coach tour for starters, though. To get more details on all of them, Click Here>

Butterfield Stage Tour - Historic Coach

#2 - Courthouse

~ ~ On Toughnut Street at the Corner of Third, this historic building is now a State Historic Park. It's well worth the visit for the lore you'll view within its walls.

~ ~ As a state park, there's a reasonable entrance fee for those 7 years & older (under 7 FREE!). Children up to 13: $2. For those 14 & older: $7. Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

~ ~ Tombstone was Cochise County's 1st county seat - so the need for the courthouse. Its cornerstone was set on August 11, 1882.

~ ~ When the county seat moved to Bisbee, the courthouse fell into disrepair. It's now restored, including the gallows in the courtyard!

Tombstone Courthouse

#3 - Sights Along Allen Street

~ ~ Just walking this historic street, there are fun things to see! Watch for different street performers. If you're so inclined & like their entertainment - they'll always appreciate a tip. But just a hello, a smile & a kind word of appreciation will also go a long way!

~ ~ Our favorite is "Johnny Bones" - usually found between Fourth & Fifth. He's typical of the historic entertainers found in the 1800s. On Mondays he's accompanied by musicians instead of his usual recorded audios. Get your photo with him!

Johnny Bones (left)
with Monday's Musicians

~ ~ Other free street entertainment happens on the weekends. Catch some gunfights, trials & hangings! Other old West drama! Be there for Tombstone at Twilight - when Allen Street excitement continues into the evening hours. Read More Here>

Touring the Bird Cage Theatre
Tons of 1800s Memories

#4 - The Birdcage Theatre

~ ~ One of the buildings still here & surviving from the 1800s. Take a look at the original bar, just step inside the front door. Take a tour for even more amazing, fantastic historic details.

~ ~ At Allen & Sixth St.

Tombstone Stage Coach Tour Passes the Bird Cage Theatre

Popular Grave in Boothill

#5 - Boothill

~ ~ It's a real city graveyard from the 1800s. If you take the Trolley Tour, they'll bring you over. With more of its history, you'll see why it's a Tombstone Must See!

~ ~ Click for More Boothill!

Pizza for Lunch at the Crystal Palace

#6 - Crystal Palace

~ ~ At some point you'll get hungry! You have lots of choices in town. The Crystal Palace Saloon is a recommendation for their fabulous staff & authentic history!

~ ~ So even if you eat elsewhere - just stop in to the Crystal to view its historical aspect. Crystal Details Here!

#7 - O.K. Corral

~ ~ This location is where the event happened - the gunfight that placed Tombstone on the map! The kids will enjoy the show, it's short & is barely based on fact.

~ ~ To see the accurate shoot-out description - push the button near the life-size action figures where it really did happen. Read More>

THE Spot Where It Happened
Figures Demonstrate the True Story

~ ~ Hope this helps you itemize your Tombstone Must See list! It probably can vary, though - for individual circumstances. But we believe these are starter essentials.

~ ~ One other addition you may want to fit in if you have young kids. It could replace another, such as the Bird Cage or Courthouse - which you could save for another time.

~ ~ To keep them entertained after lunch, when they start getting restless - you may want to consider "Old Tombstone Western Town."

~ ~ Located on Toughnut, at the South end of Fourth - they have gunfight shows, miniature golf, gold-panning, etc. The types of things that kids love. An entry fee covers it all.

We'll look to see you in town, working on your Tombstone Must See list!


The First: Tombstone Freedom Days

The parade started at 11 a.m. Events began on Allen Street - Gunfights, skits, races, all kinds of fun times. Invited guests on hand for presentations.

All in all it was a successful kick-off to this new yearly event.

Tombstone Fourth of July Celebration

The day's activities in the City Park were wonderful for all the kids involved. The only sad thing: the day was very windy! The decision was made to cancel the Fireworks Show because of fire danger. Understandable.

Independence Day Events Were Held at
Tombstone City Park


Doc Holli-Days

In August, Val Kilmer is to visit Tombstone, as was mentioned in last month's newsletter. It's to inaugurate the new event called "Doc Holli-Days" -

Here's some local sponsor details you can take a look at: Read More>

We're still hearing in town that this is not necessarily a done deal! That is - rumor has it! People say - is there a contract? They don't think so! We notice a lot about the event still seems tentative.

No matter - We plan to be there to check it out! I think it will still become a yearly event, anyhow. Doc Holli-Days - they can still come up with lots of stuff to do & create, related to good ole Doc!!

What do you think about it? Go ahead & comment about this new event, and the situation - put it on the Comment Section at our website - We want to hear your thoughts!!
Comment Here>


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