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Insider Secrets of the Crystal Palace - Tombstone Tips, Issue #002
May 04, 2017

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May 2017


~ ~ Crystal Palace Historical Secrets

~ ~ April's Events: Insider Update

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Allen Street - 1882 - Crystal Palace on Right


The Crystal Palace Saloon is the most authentic, still in business, eating and drinking service establishment that is in Tombstone today. It is located on the Northwest corner of Allen Street and Fifth Street.

That's been its location from the time it was first open for business as the Golden Eagle Brewery in 1880. The proprietors at the time were Godfrey Tribolet and Bernhardt (Ben) Wehrfritz. Ben stayed connected to the business for a long time. But many others were owners through the years.

Today the owner is Ms. Kimmie - if you stop in, you might be able to even ask her some questions yourself! But she has an excellent staff, who can also detail some of the historical features of this building.

Today's Crystal Palace

We've been working on a Crystal Palace history page for a while (upcoming). It takes a lot of research and investigation to follow up on what has happened on this corner since the late 1800s.

But exclusively for our Tombstone Tips Newsletter subscribers, not to be found on our website - here are clippings from Vintage newspapers documenting events related to the Crystal Palace's history...

Crystal Palace/Golden Eagle entrepreneurs were involved in local town events. Here they were on committees - Ben Wehrfritz & Godfrey Tribolet. From an ad on the front page of The Daily Tombstone of Friday, June 26, 1885.

A small in-text ad highlights the latest beer and the Crystal Palace's unique service fountain. Plus they bring up a local topic of conversation of the time - Geronimo! Published in The Daily Tombstone, Thursday, October 1, 1885 on page 3.


April was a unique, eventful month. Two events which happen then are unlike any other during the year! And they were both on the same weekend - the biggest day was on Saturday, April 8th.

We attended both of them - and have our report here:

Rose Festival

The largest rose bush in the world is located in Tombstone. It's called the Lady Banksia Rose. You can find it in the Guinness Book of World Records. Read About It Here

It blooms in the Spring, and Tombstone has a festival during its blooming days. On the 8th we went downtown to watch the Rose Festival parade. Here's some pics...

Today's Town Marshals are Often on Horseback!

The Rose Queen's Court
Be Sure to Click Our Travel Blog Below to See the Rose Queen Pic

A "Picture Perfect" Rose Float!

Beers 'n' Balls

Take a walk to the Western end of downtown, along Allen Street. At the Southwest corner at Third Street is the Four Deuces Saloon. That's where we went Saturday, the 8th, to sample a unique meal.

Our friend, Kate, was cooking up sliders and meatballs for little batches of spaghetti. The ground meat came from what many refer to as "Rocky Mountain Oysters." Ranchers castrate calves and don't let that meat go to waste. It's ground up and then turned into various meals.

That's what this event was about. We were encouraged by Kate to come over and sample the delicacies she made. We were a bit leery, but decided to give it a try...

Kate Offering Sliders and Spaghetti & Meat-Ball Cups

Bill's Holding the Slider He's Eating!

One time was enough! Although Bill was able to eat most of his sampler meal - I found it more difficult!

Check out a travel blog I put out on occasion, where I detailed our experience trying these different food items. I've got a number of pics there in more detail:

Click For Our Travel Blog Pics


What's happening next month - check out our Events Page:
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