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Haunted Tombstone for visitors is a place to express your own haunted or ghostly experiences. Or you can read about the experiences others around the world have had!

We're including you here! That's right - we want you to participate...

Our main focus is the Tombstone area - since it's the concentration for our website. There are haunted hotels, and Bed and Breakfasts that are known to be haunted. While you've been in town, have you taken one of Tombstone's thrilling Ghost Tours? And then had something weird happen??

But even lots of areas of town, such as vacant lots have had some eerie occasions! Have you ever hiked out to the ghostly Brunckow Cabin site? Now that's a place, alright!

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With Sign Up - Wyatt Earp in Dodge City Timeline & Tombstone Photo Album for Download

But also, we know there are so many haunted areas around the world! That's fine for this haunted Tombstone Visitors page - because it's for any of our visitors!

If you have an Old West Ghost-Town story, we really want to hear about it! Do you have a photo of some eerie happening? Did you take a picture in a historic building - and some suspicious orbs appeared in that photo? You didn't even realize it, until you looked at that photograph later on!!

Did you hear some odd sounds that made your skin crawl - while you were touring a ghostly, historic building? The creaking, the odd taps! Yikes!!

Haunted ExperiencesWrite Your Own Experience Below

If you had any of those experiences - we hope you'll share them with us here. We'd love to hear your story - just go ahead and tell us about it. Or if you have a photo, can you let us in on it??

Or maybe you've visited a Ghost-Town? It doesn't matter where. Ghost towns have a great vibe about them. So suitable to this subject matter. With our interest in travel - we'd love it if you could share your Ghost Town experiences here.

Not only for us, but for everyone else who loves Ghost Town visits. Did anything strange happen while you were there? Did you capture any odd happening in a photograph? Would you share your experience with us? Would you post and share that eerie pic! 

YES - we really want to hear about any haunted places, and ghost-related experiences! True stories you know or have experienced. Or legends of an area which are scary and spooky!

Brrrr - did you feel that chill??

Is this like a love - hate relationship???

We invite you in...

To Haunted Tombstone for Visitors

Haunted Tombstone VisitorsDo You Have a Ghost Town Photo? Or a Ghostly Photo? We'd Love to See it!!

Tombstone Visitors - Post Your Haunted Tombstone Experiences!

Ghost Town Visitors
Post Your Experiences Here

Photo Posting Help

Remember your photo size - if you need to make it smaller Use This E-Z System> to pre-resize your photo, so you don't have to start your submission all over again!

Share Your Own Haunted Tombstone,
Ghostly Story, Review or Pic

Do you have your own Tombstone Ghost experience or a Wild West Ghost experience you will share with us here? We'd love to hear about it!! We just couldn't bear it if you wouldn't! ;-)

Those scary or hauntingly thrilling experiences that make our hair stand on end! Let us in on yours...

Did you capture any great pictures of a Haunted Tombstone experience? Or what about any haunted place or experience - especially if you think it relates to back around the 1800s or so.

What about a place known to be haunted by ghosts? An excellent photo of a ghost town? A pic with those spooky orbs? Will you share? We're sitting on the edge of our seats - to see and hear what happened!

Have you been to a Tombstone Ghost Tour? Or another old Wild West Ghost Tour? Would you share a review? We'd really like to hear your opinion...

What Other Visitors Have Said

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

Walking to My Car - A Ghost Encounter?? 
When my roommate and I were walking to my car after our semi unsuccessful ghost tour at the Bird Cage, we were crossing the street near the OK corral. …

Ghost In White 
We were in Tombstone Arizona, and because it's a historic town we wanted to take pictures of those kinds of buildings there. We went into those old bars …

Aberration photograph in the hearse  
I took this photo of the hearse behind the stage of the birdcage theater. When I got home and looked at the photo I couldn't help but see this figure of …

Mrs Tracey Donnelly 
I was having a drink at the bar of the Crystal Palace with my husband. There was an empty stool next to me but all others taken. I had a T-shirt on and …

Ghost Orbs Photographed By the O.K. Corral On Allen Street - Tombstone AZ 
My sister, Hayley Dominguez, took this picture outside of the OK Corral in Tombstone. She took it when she was walking on Allen Street there in front of …

Black Moriah! 
Side view of the Black Moriah.

Click here to write your own.

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